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The rising of the first rays of a beautiful day

Is nothing compared to the day that Ill see

Your glowing eyes as you wake up to greet me
A wonderful morning with a smile
The sweet chirpings..
The whistle of the breeze..
The symphony of nature..
Is less musical compared to
Your voice, as you call my name
Beckons me with a lullaby that
Only your voice could sing
As the sun begins to set and end a glorious day..
The scorching pyre that
Keeps me warm at night is cold
Compared to how I long to touch the hand
Of the one that keeps my soul and heart..
Burning..with passion and strength to
Overcome my trials..
With desire to continue and never give up..
With love that never ceases,
Promising an everlasting warmth..
Making me realize that Gods most
Beautiful creation for me..
His most precious Gift to me
Is my side.

-None to Compare-
-slayer- mula sa panulat ni: IMBAS (Impong Mananabas)