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Priyanka Gaggar

Applying for MS in Electrical Engineering

Fall 2010
Statement of Purpose

We are in an era of the ‘Information Revolution’ driven by telecommunication.

Communication has evolved from analog telephones to 3G wireless cell-phones in
the past decade. This growth has revolutionized the world in the way we work,
think and interact. With the developments in wireless networking, the freedom to
access information ‘anytime, anywhere’ is in the offing, thereby redefining the
concept of connectivity. Hence, the future belongs to an ‘IP everywhere and over
everything era’, packed with wireless interfaces and intensive networking.
However, there are many challenges that arise in this interconnected world like
maintaining security, routing, enhancing multimedia networking, etc. Extensive
research is required to tackle them. It will be an exciting time in the academies to
learn and participate in this campaign. I would like to do my masters in EE
majoring in wireless communication and networking.

I have been brought up in a family with good academic background. Listening to
my father discussing about the engineering giant Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) that
he is working for and stories of successful scientists and leaders etc. shaped my
character. I enjoyed physics and mathematics in school for its preciseness and
logic base. After completing SSC, I decided to take up Diploma in Engineering as I
wanted to develop the basic concepts of engineering before entering Bachelors
degree. I completed my Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
from Larsen & Toubro Institute of Technology. Diploma course was of 4 yrs
Industry Integrated which included 1 year Inplant training in 2 companies. I
undertook my first 6 months training at Larsen & Toubro’s (L&T’s) Heavy
Engineering Department (HED). I undertook the next 6 months of industrial training
at L&T Infotech, Network Operation Center. Here I got an opportunity to do
something different besides the electronics stream. My job here was to design
learning website for L&T Infotech and develop various software. I got an
opportunity to learn different software related programming. I secured 1st position
in diploma with 81%. I have been felicitated by Chairman & Managing Director of
Larsen & Toubro Group of Companies & by the President (Electrical &
Electronics), Board member of Larsen & Toubro Group of Companies, Mumbai for
academic excellence. Having performed exceptionally well, I was offered an entry
into sophomore year of undergraduate engineering degree in Mumbai University.

I attended an online seminar by the telecom guru-‘Sam Pitroda’ in my sophomore

year. His views on the ‘telecom boom’ and its importance for economic growth
inspired me. My mind dwelt on his innovative ideas and I considered
telecommunication was rightly the subject of my preference. I also began enjoying
the core subjects such as signal processing, wave propagation and mobile
communication systems. My participation in college level networking contests also
brought interest in computer and wireless networking. I was particularly fascinated
about wireless sensor networks, about devices communicating multimedia
amongst them. With the help of my professors, I went ahead to undertake a
detailed study about the different networking protocols. I learnt a good deal about
Personal Area Networks, something which appealed to me. I was keen to learn
about the entire process of authentication and confidentiality of data in a multi
network environment.
Priyanka Gaggar
Applying for MS in Electrical Engineering
Fall 2010

Project Experience:

1. Electronic Telephone Demonstrator (Diploma- Engineering)

My interest in communication has been instrumental in conceptualizing my final

year project in Diploma “Electronic Telephone Demonstrator”.
Electromechanical or rotary dial telephones have been in use for nearly a century.
The working of these telephones could be easily demonstrated and understood as
mechanical movements such as making & breaking of the contacts by rotary
dialers, which are visible & hence quite easy to assimilate. Unlike its mechanical
counterpart, the electronic telephone does not have visible movements and
therefore it needs a different demonstration model and some electronic test
equipment for observing its operation.
The telephone demonstrator that we developed was designed on modular basis to
demonstrate the functions & facilities of the following units:
• Hook switch
• Polarity Guard
• Electronic Switch
• Speech Processor
• Ring Detector
• Current Limiter
• Dialer
• Loop Simulator
• Anti-sidetone circuit
• Music on hold

2. Coil Drives (On going B.E project)

In the final year of B.E we are building a project for Larsen & Toubro Ltd. I am
currently working on a project called “Coil Drive”. Coil Drives are a type of
contactors. Coil Drives are designed in such a way that it can be directly connected
to high-current load devices. It is used to switch a large amount of electrical power
through its contacts. In industries high power motors are being used and so very
high voltage is required to run them. Heat losses are at a greater extent. No device
can work above a pre determined temperature value. Power saving is a very
important aspect that should be considered. Hence Coil Drives are used in devices
to switch more than fifteen amperes of current or in circuits which are rated more
than a few kilowatts. Coil Drives take only required amount of voltage and hence
reduces losses. It is being controlled by a microcontroller. It is mostly used for
devices consuming more power. It saves substantial amount of power and hence
allows the coil to stay cooler. This device is designed with features to control and
suppress the arc. Working in the project has taught me to divide responsibilities
amongst the fellow team members, and work as a unit for the completion of the
Priyanka Gaggar
Applying for MS in Electrical Engineering
Fall 2010

Area of Interest:
With a more comprehensive reading and brainstorming, I have realized that my
interest deals precisely with WLANS, network routing, wireless networking
protocols and network security. Most of these courses are offered at your
university. What I found most appealing in your university is the research going on
networking dealing with real media signals. With my knowledge on image
compression techniques, I believe I can be a part of this research. I will be looking
forward to avail the experience of the professors and the labs to the best of my
abilities and enhance my knowledge.

Extra and Co-Curricular:

During the school days, I completed my training with Indian Navy as a Cadet for
five years. These 5 years of Navy training helped me develop physical strength. I
learned the principles of discipline & punctuality which is very necessary to lead life
in a systematic way. I was trained in various activities like Sea sailing, karate,
horse riding, parade etc. Also, my course of Diploma in Engineering allowed me to
complete two terms of 6 months each in an industrial environment. This helped me
develop my work ethics and interpersonal skills substantially. I have been a
member of IEEE-the student body in our college. It was under this capacity, where
I got an opportunity to volunteer Robot Wrestling competitions where various
colleges participated.

My long term goal is to be a part of the global development of improved
connectivity to the remotest locations. I have taken a keen liking to being a part of
an international culture and develop my credentials in a more comprehensive
manner to be a part of the transformation. I expect opportunities aplenty right now
and in all future to come for the professionals with the right mind and proper
perspective. Application of the technology to wider fields with great ramifications
will be verily true and the opportunities to contribute one’s mite will be ever
appreciated. It is my mission to be there right in the middle and feel the fulfillment
of what I have been.

I am confident that Penn State University is the right place where I could see
fruition of my budding ambitions. I look at getting admission into the institute, as a
major step forward and a personal landmark achievement. I am sure with
persistent efforts, I shall be able to develop my engineering skills to the standards
set by the institute and be a worthy alumnus. It will provide me a good opportunity
to be a part of this global village culture and work with students from different