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Bring your energy online and lower costs up to 40%

by adding EnergySTEP@Work
Introducing a new way to
save money in your buildings
2 EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric 3
Why every watt
of energy matters
A computer monitor sits on all weekend. A desk
lamp and fan continue to run after the user has
gone to a long meeting. A printer idles for hours.
Individually, they may not seem like much. Five
watts of energy here, 10 there. But when you add
them up suddenly they make 20-to-40 per
cent of your total energy bill. And all told, these
distributed, network-connected IT devices and
plug loads cost businesses about 69B per year in
energy. Most assume that there is no way to control
these costs for buildings. Until now. Introducing
a new solution that brings
IT devices and plug loads online and makes their
energy visible and controllable.
Now a new solution extends your ability to measure
and manage previously uncontrolled energy costs
Small savings add up to a bigger bottom line
Traditional energy management goes after energy
hogs such as HVAC and lighting, which make up
60-to-80 per cent of energy costs in a building.
Schneider Electric

offers solutions for these areas

that cut energy costs by up to 30 per cent.
For the rest of the buildings energy, we have now
developed a technically advanced solution that
measures, reports, controls, and optimizes the
energy used by distributed, network-controlled
IT devices and plug loads.
EnergySTEP@Work allows you to tackle the large
number of small plug loads found in personal
workspaces that waste energy when not in use.
Examples include personal productivity devices
like PCs, laptops, IP phones, and printers, as well
as task lighting, fans, and other items plugged
into surge protectors. These items constitute a
signifcant amount of your energy spend because
an increasing number of network-connected
devices are being deployed and need to be
managed (Internet of Everything). In addition,
upwards of 35 per cent of employees are bringing
their own devices (BYOD) to work.
With EnergySTEP@Work, you gain full visibility into
this energy consumption, right down to individual
devices if you choose then manage them easily
using your own building management system (BMS).
From HVAC to security to PCs, you can better
understand how energy is spent through one
easy-to-use dashboard view and integrated reports.
The fnancial result is that energy consumption and
costs can be cut by up to 25 per cent for devices
and plug loads. This translates into an additional
overall net energy savings of up to 10 per cent off
your total current energy bill. Add this to the up to
30 per cent savings achieved with energy effciency
in the rest of your building, and you have the potential
to save up to 40 per cent off your total energy spend.
What do distributed, network-connected IT devices
and plug loads really cost your business?
Number of hours
that work place
devices are turned
on annually.
25 - 50%
The per cent of
time that work place
devices are actually
being used.
re and R

i z
C o
i n
decrease in
total energy bill
Reduce CapEx and OpEx
> Obtain CapEx return on investment (ROI)
in less than one year.
> Create energy budgets based on hard data,
reduce consumption, and lower OpEx.
> Lower second-order energy costs such as
air conditioning.
Increase effciency and fexibility
> Investigate and remedy energy issues
for continuous improvement.
> Evolve your building as necessary
without concern for energy zones.
> Anticipate energy use trends bring your own
device (BYOD) and the Internet of Everything (IoE).
Improve environmental and
corporate responsibility
> Comply easily with current and future
environmental regulations.
> Lower CO2 emissions and enhance corporate
image, including achieving certications.
> Engage employees in energy conservation
and lowering costs.
Average energy cost
per PC per year.
Average annual
energy cost for
a business with
100 000 PCs.
Up to
Potential savings
in annual PC
energy costs with
Breakdown of typical energy
consumption in a building
ENERGY STAR: Fast Facts on Energy Use
Gartner Dataquest: Forecast of IT hardware
energy consumption, worldwide, 2005 2012
PCs, laptops, 21B 31%
Network 14B 20%
Servers 11B 16%
Printers 10B 15%
Telecom 12B 18%
Total =275B
HVAC: 160B
IT: 69B
Lighting: 31B (11%)
Other: 14B
What could you achieve if you controlled energy for distributed
IT devices and plug loads?
4 EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric 5
EnergySTEP@Work is easy to install and compatible
with all Schneider Electric building management
systems, including StruxureWare. Each device is
discovered on the network for rapid commissioning.
You monitor and manage IT devices and plug
loads using the same scheduling and event-driven
methods used to manage big loads such as HVAC.
IT devices and plug loads are identifed and
prioritized by name, function, type, location,
importance, or keyword. Any combination of these
attributes can be used to query and command
devices in groups or individually. Network port-level
and plug-level sub metering and control allow you
to read, measure, analyze, and control energy use
and costs which had previously gone unmeasured
and uncontrolled.
To reduce energy waste and save money, you
control the endpoints energy loads through their
operating power states. Power consumption
changes can be based on occupancy (when the
space is in use for instance, when an access
card is swiped) and/or scheduled events such as
turning equipment off on weekends.
To protect your business, extensive network
security protections are included integrated
frewall, IP address flter, password-protected
confguration, and role-based login. Overall
security is also increased because networked
devices are powered down when not in use.
You already manage big energy loads.
Now reduce waste from the small ones.
Bring your energy online to gain full visibility
and control of IT devices and plug loads 100%
The amount of
your buildings
energy you can
now control.
EnergySTEP@Work is an easy-to-use and powerful solution that allows you to manage hundreds,
or even thousands, of IT devices and plug loads. Aggregating a large number of small energy users
to control energy consumption and waste creates big savings.
Is your energy plan ready for the future?
New challenges and opportunities come with
the rapid increase in network-connected devices
Up to
The savings
off your total
energy bill you
can now achieve.
Todays work place is changing quickly. Among
the trends affecting how we work is bring your
own device (BYOD), which refects the increasing
number of employee-owned tablets, smart phones,
and notebooks now commonly used in the offce.
By 2014, each knowledge worker will own an
average of three personal technology devices.
This increase in the consumerism of IT requires
creative solutions for maintaining security as well
as managing the additional energy used by these
personal devices.
At the same time, we are experiencing an Internet
of Everything (IoE) phenomenon, the intelligent
connection of people, process, data, and things
on the network. It is estimated that approximately
15 billion devices will be connected to the Internet
by 2015 and around 40 billion by 2020 and this is
still less than one per cent of objects that may one
day be connected.
EnergySTEP@Work helps work places manage
the increased energy use and security needs of
BYOD. This solution also digitizes energy and brings
it online as part of the IoE, giving you an enhanced
ability to see, control, and optimize energy consumed
by IT devices and plug loads that was not previously
visible or manageable.
Empower employees for energy savings
For employees, EnergySTEP@Work can be a game
changer. Most people want to be more energy-
effcient and care about the planet. This solution
can allow employees to see their own energy use
and take responsibility for it. Daily behavioural
changes will improve costs and boost moral as
employees (or building occupants) gain satisfaction
from being empowered to assist in energy effciency.
Increased effciency results in increased productivity
and asset value in buildings.
Not always on, but always available
Easily track IT devices
and plug loads in
workspaces including:
> PCs andmonitors
> Laptops
> Printers
> Computer tablets
> Surge protectors
> IPphones
> Mobile phones
> Phone headsets
> Personal fans
> Personal heaters
> Desk lamps
> Hotplates
Easily track energy for
assets throughout a
building including:
> Network routers
> Wireless access
points (WAPs)
> Servers
> Network closets,
small ITspaces
> IPsecurity cameras
6 EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric EnergySTEP@Work Schneider Electric 7
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Before solution After solution
Energy consumption patterns
for a typical week
PCs........................ 203
IP Phones................ 41
WAPs....................... 57
IP Cameras............... 2
Switches.................. 15
Total....................... 318
Switches WAPs IPPhones PCs IPCameras Total
-1.1% -22.2% -20.9% -32.0% 2.3% -26.1%
-12.2 107.5 -33.0 -1288.1 0.1 -1440.0
EnergySTEP@Work reducedthe total energy bill by 8 10%.
Savings by type of equipment (one month)
Energy consumption
of each asset type
Number of assets
Case Study: The value of EnergySTEP@Work
Urban areas are responsible for a signifcant
portion of CO2 emissions, so Connected Urban
Development (CUD) was formed as a partnership
with leading cities to help them reduce carbon
emissions while enhancing quality of life.
Three Lisbon, Portugal, high schools were the frst
selected for a pilot project under CUDs Smart
UrbanEnergy for Schools. This project created unifed
energy management, allowing for real-time energy
monitoring and management across 10 buildings at
the three schools which serve 3,600 students.
This pilot, which uses EnergySTEP@Work, took
a people-centric approach to energy effciency
that promoted active involvement of each schools
population (students, teachers, families) and
community in all stages of the programme, and
made the pilots results available as a source of
educational material.
This solution integrates Cisco EnergyWise

technology with Schneider Electric EcoStruxure

architecture and includes management of
distributed devices/plug loads as well as lighting,
heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Partner software provides a single control interface.
The result is a 25 per cent energy reduction in
distributed devices and plug loads which include
PCs, IP phones, WAPs, IP video cameras, and
network switches. HVAC and lighting systems
also saw a cost reduction.
Portugal high schools cut energy use by 25%
Buildings improved.
Students served.
Energy reduction.
Spend less on energy and more on business
Controlling energy that has always been uncontrolled
means savings will last long after the payback period
Aworldwide presence with local reach
to fully support you
Schneider Electric has the expertise, experience,
and methodology to serve small businesses as
well as global businesses with hundreds of
locations. We provide you with consistent
products and customer service, lowering your
project risk and addressing even the most
wide-reaching needs.
Two powerful technology companies dedicated to you
Schneider Electric is the global leader in energy management. Cisco

is the global leader

in IT networks. Together, we leverage our complementary expertise to improve your
business performance with state-of-the-art information and communication technology
combined with effcient building and energy management. EnergySTEP@Work is
enhanced by Cisco EnergyWise technology.
Countries with a
Schneider Electric
The results:
Portugal high school benefts with EnergySTEP@Work
Employees ready
to support you.
Once an EnergySTEP@Work project is paid back by savings, usually in less than a year, cost reductions
become a source of capital that can be invested in other areas of your business. With volatile energy
prices and increasing environmental regulations, the system can regularly make improvements in your
buildings energy effciency.
Benefts available for any building
Schneider Electric can include EnergySTEP@Work
as part of an overall energy management project
for new construction or a building renovation.
This solution can be completed as a stand-alone
installation or as part of a comprehensive building
management project. When our solutions are
combined to manage 100 per cent of your buildings
energy, you can capitalize on additional savings
not previously available.
Three Portugal high schools use EnergySTEP@Work. Below are one schools monthly statistics,
which detail the lower energy consumption and costs achieved for distributed, network-controlled
IT devices and plug loads.
[EnergySTEP@Work] delivers greater energy efciency and
important cost savings for our schools. At the same time, it fosters
green individual behaviours and organizational policies that help
increase the momentum for sustainability on a global scale.

- Joo Fernandes
CEO, Parque Escolar, Portugal
If your business uses many network-connected
devices and plug loads, then EnergySTEP@Work is for you
Make the most of your energy
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Did you know?
Common methods such as putting monitors to sleep or using
screen savers do not signifcantly reduce energy consumption
because the PC is still consuming power. Thats why you need
EnergySTEP@Work, a solution that does the job of lowering
energy consumption and costs for you.
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