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Creating a Transaction Code for Web Dynpro for ABAP

To Create a Transaction code for a Web Dynpro application, use Transaction SE93 (Transaction
1. On the dialog screen, enter the transaction code (up to 20 characters) then click on Create button.
2. A dialog pop up screen appears, enter meaningful description of the transaction in the Short Text

3. Choose the option Transaction with parameters (Parameter transaction).
4. Choose Continue. The Create Parameter Transaction screen appears.
5. In the Transaction field, enter WDYID and select the checkbox Skip initial screen. There is no need
to make changes in the Classification group box.
6. Add the necessary entries to the Default Values table by using the F4 help. The values are
automatically available after you enter WDYID in the Transaction field.

You have the following options:
Name of screen field Value
APPLICATION Name of the Web Dynpro
HTTPS x or leave empty Optional
STARTMODE GUI (default) or BROWSER Optional
WDCONFIGURATIONID ID of the configuration Optional
Execute the transaction to test.