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(1) the common carrier holds himself out in common, that is, to all persons who choose to em-

ploy him,
as ready to carry for hire; no one can be a commoncarrier unless he has held himself out to the public as
a carrier in such a manner as to render him liable to an action if he should refuse to carry for anyone
who wished to employ him
(2) a common carrier is bound to(carry all who offer such goods as,it is accustomed to carry and tender
reasonable compensation so for carrying them
(3) a common carrier i s a public service and is therefore subject to regulation

(1) the private carrier agrees in some special case with some private individual to carry for hire
(2) a private carrier is not bound to carry for any reason unless it enter into a special agreement to do
(3) a private carrier does not hold itself out as engaged in the business for the public and is therefore not
subject to regulation as common carrier