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Welcome to Ms.

Terpstras Class
Where fun and learning
come together!
Carthage Elementary School * 3! "oc#ingham St. Carthage$ %C
!&3' * ().(*+.!+&* nterpstra,
Ta-le of Contents
Welcome .etter ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3
Classroom 0olicies /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// '
1aily Schedule ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// )
Specials ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Curriculum 23er3ie4 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// *
5ssessments //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// &
Communication ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// !)
1ear 6irst 7raders and 6amilies$
Welcome to 6irst 7rade! We are 3ery e8cited to start a ne4 year at
Carthage Elementary. We are going to ha3e a 922T this year. :ou 4ill
meet many ne4 ;rst grade friends this year. We 4ill read$ sing$ dance$
4rite$ play$ laugh$ paint$ and learn many ne4 s#ills together! We 4ill go
on many ;eld trips to learn a-out the community 4e li3e in. This 4ill -e
a fun and e8citing year in 4hich 4e learn a-out each other.
<efore you step into ;rst grade = 4ould li#e to tell you a little more
a-out our classroom and myself.
Who am I?
My name is Miss %icole Terpstra. = am from 7rand "apids$ Michigan and
mo3ed to %orth Carolina in !))). = li3ed in 6lorida one year prior to
mo3ing to %orth Carolina. = ha3e an older -rother 4ho teaches math at
the >ni3ersity of 2hio$ my mom li3es in Michigan and 4or#s in
insurance$ and my dad li3es in 6lorida and is self/employed.
Why I choose teaching
= ha3e al4ays 4anted to -e a teacher. When = 4as little 4e had a
classroom chal#-oard in my -asement! = 4ould come home from
school and reteach e3erything my teacher taught me to my stu?ed
animals. There is honestly no other @o- for me. Teaching is part of 4ho =
am and ;rst grade is my heart. Watching children learn and gro4
e3eryday is the greatest @oy. = say than# you to all parents to trusting
their children in my care and allo4ing me to teach them.
My road to North Carolina
= graduated from 7rand Aalley State >ni3ersity in 5llendale$ Michigan in
!))( 4ith my <achelors of Science degree and my Michigan teaching
certi;cate in elementary education and social studies. 5fter
graduating$ = mo3ed to 6lorida for a year and 3olunteered in
#indergarten and ;rst grade classrooms. = attended the Moore County
Bo- 6air in March !)). = mo3ed to Moore County in the summer of
!)) and taught fourth grade for t4o years and this 4ill -e my second
year teaching ;rst grade at Carthage!
How I spend my time
When = am not at school = li#e to tra3el. = usually go -ac# to Michigan 3/
* times a year. = also li#e 3isiting friends in Washington$ 1.C. and
Charleston$ South Carolina. = 4ould li#e to tra3el a-road during the
summers. = lo3e ;nding a good -oo#. >sually 4hen = ;nd a ne4 and
e8citing -oo# = cant put it do4n until = ;nish it. = lo3e spending time
4ith %orth Carolina friends and S#yping or tal#ing to Michigan friends. =
lo3e teaching and = lo3e learning. = am currently 4or#ing on my
Masters of Education focusing on early childhood education online
through 7rand Aalley.
Favorite Things
6ood/ Mashed 0otatoes * 1rin#/ Mt. 1e4 * Color/ 0urple * 7ame/
Monopoly * Music/ all #ids * 5uthor/ Christopher 0aul Curtis * Mo3ie/
The WiCard of 2C *9o--y/ tra3eling$ reading$ shopping * 0lace/ %e4
Looking at the Year head
This 4ill -e a 4onderful year 4ith e8citing challenges that 4ill reDuire
our -est 4or# and to colla-orate 4ith our classmates and other
= am 3ery e8cited to meet each one of you and = cant 4ait for our
e8citing year to ta#e o?! = am al4ays here for you. 0lease feel free to
email$ call$ or stop -y if you need to tal#. We 4ill 4or# together to
ma#e this year a success!
%icole Terpstra
6irst graders 4ill learn to 4or# colla-orati3ely and independently.
Students 4ill learn to preser3er through all challenges. The classroom
is arranged in areas that allo4 students full access to all classroom
materials. We are a community in 4hich all mem-ers are 3alued.
Students 4ill -e gi3en opportunities to teach others and share ideas.
We 4ill also -e using a Whole <rain Teaching style that is fun and
engaging. Whole <rain teaching allo4s students to learn in the 4ay
their -rain learns -est. Students 4ill help ma#e the classroom
community a fun and energiCing place to learn. When you 4al# into our
classroom you 4ill see students spea#ing and using gestures to go
along 4ith their learning!
Classroom "ules
. "aise your hand for
permission to spea#
!. "aise your hand for
permission to lea3e your seat
3. 6ollo4 directions Duic#ly
*. Ma#e smart choices
'. Ma#e your dear teacher
0arent 0articipationEAolunteers
0arentEfamily 3olunteers are 3alued mem-ers of our school! There are
many 4ays to help out in the school and your childFs classroom. =f you
4ould li#e to @oint CarthageFs 0T2 please contact 1e--ie 7er-ert at
dger-ert3, or call the front oGce.
=f you 4ould li#e to 3olunteer in our classroom please let me #no4 in
4hich 4ay you 4ould li#e to help. Some 4ays to 3olunteer includeH
!. 0lanning the 9allo4een$ Christmas$ and Aalentines parties
3. 9elping 4ee#ly in the classroom
*. Chaperoning on ;eld trips
'. Sending in supplies
I. 9elping 4ith classroom materials at home
+. 9elping 4ith special acti3ities
0lease -e sure to sign in at the front oGce -efore coming to our
0arent Teacher Conferences
Moore County Schools schedules one 0arent Teacher Conference during
the ;rst si8 4ee#s of school. We 4ill go o3er your childFs -eginning
year reading assessment scores during this conference. = am more
than 4illing to meet 4ith you throughout the year to discuss your
childFs progress$ -eha3ior$ or any concerns you may -e ha3ing. = can
meet 4ith you -efore or after school in person or o3er the phone. =f you
4ould li#e to set up a conference you can email me at
nterpstra,$ 4rite a note in your childFs agenda$ or call the
J7aCoontite! 7o sanitiCe.J =s a phrase your ;rst grader 4ill
learn this year. We 4ill ma#e e3ery e?ort to minimiCe the
spread of germs in room I! Ta-les$ countertops$ door handles$
and other freDuently used materials 4ill -e 4ashed e3ery day.
Students 4ill learn to 4ash their hands or sanitiCe after
sneeCing$ coughing$ -lo4ing their nose$ using the restroom$ and -efore
and after handling food. =f your ;rst grader -ecomes ill at school 4e
4ill ta#e them to the nurses oGce to lay do4n and call the num-ers on
your contact sheet ;lled out at <ac# to School %ight. Children must -e
fe3er free for t4enty/four hours 4ithout medication -efore they may
return to school.
=f your child needs to stay home please send a note e8plaining the
illness so = can e8cuse the a-sence. =f you ha3e any Duestions a-out
sending your child to school please call the front oGce.
9ome4or# is a fantastic 4ay for you to see your childFs progress and
encourage himEher. This is a great 4ay to esta-lish routines 4ith your
child and -e acti3ely in3ol3ed 4ith the learning process. =t is essential
to ha3e a schoolEhome connection. 0lease insist that your child do their
neatest 4or#. = hope this can -e an en@oya-le time for -oth you and
your ;rst grader!
Each Monday your child 4ill -ring home a green home4or# folder$
containing spelling and math home4or#. The spelling 4ill include a list
of 4ords to practice for the 4ee# and sometimes an acti3ity. The math
acti3ities support concepts 4e are learning in class. Each Monday your
child 4ill also -ring home a -oo# -ag 4ith four le3eled -oo#s. "eading
for at least ten minutes a day 4ith your child 4ill greatly increase your
;rst graderFs success! 0lease return the home4or# folder$ along 4ith
;nished 4or# inside$ and the -oo# -ag on 6riday. 0erhaps as# your
child each 4ee# if heEshe put the home4or# in the home4or# -as#etK
The students 4ill de3elop a respect for the importance of school4or#
and learn responsi-ility in this 4ee#ly tas#$ 4ith your support.
<oo# 2rders
The ;rst Monday of each month = 4ill send home a
Scholastic <oo# 2rder. 5ll orders 4ill -e due the
follo4ing Monday. = 4ill place orders the 6riday
after the due date. 2rders arri3e in one to t4o
There are a couple 4ays to orderH
. "eturn order forms 4ith payment chec#s Lpaya-le to
Scholastic <oo# Clu-sM or cash.
!. 2rder online 4ith a credit card.
2rdering online is a great 4ay to help our class earn free -oo#s!
To order onlineH
1.register at
2.Enter our class code 99B39
3.Select the -oo#s you 4ould li#e to order
4.Send the order to me -y the second Monday of the month
:our childFs -oo#s 4ill -e sent to the school and = 4ill send them home
as soon as the order comes in.
Scholastic <oo# Clu- is a great 4ay to ;nd engaging -oo#s at a great
Student of the Wee#
Each 4ee# a student 4ill -e chosen as the Student of the Wee#. This
student 4ill -ring home an J5-out MeJ page on 6riday and return it the
follo4ing Monday to share 4ith the class. The Student of the Wee# 4ill
sit in a special chair all 4ee# and ha3e lunch 4ith me on 6riday.
Mystery <o8
Each day$ one student from our class 4ill -ring home the JMystery
<o8J LyouFll #no4 it 4hen you see it!M When itFs your childFs turn$ please
help himEher select a fun item to -ring to school. 0lease include four
JcluesJ on a piece of paper that descri-e the item. 5s soon as your
child is a-le$ encourage him to 4rite his o4n clues. 0lease read the
clues 4ith your child so he #no4s 4hat they say and can read them to
the class. = 4ill help 4ith this at school. The other students 4ill guess
4hat the item is$ and the correct guesser 4ill get a small treat. Mystery
<o8 is a fun 4ay for #ids to share possessions from home and spea# in
front of the class.
Snac# Time
Nids tend to 4or# -est 4ith some food in
their tummies! E3ery afternoon 4e 4ill ta#e
a snac# -rea#. 0lease send a healthy$ non/messy snac# for your child
to en@oy. Some great choices 4ould -e yogurt$ fruit$ 3egeta-les$
crac#ers$ dry cereal$ or pretCels. When #ids forget their snac#s$ it is
nice to ha3e some e8tra food on hand. =f you 4ould li#e to donate
some snac#s to our class$ please send them in at any time. Than# you!
>n;nished 6older
Students 4ho do not ;nish an assignment in the time allo4ed for the
assignment 4ill place the assignment in their un;nished folder.
Students can 4or# on their un;nished 4or# 4hen they ;nish an
assignment early or during snac# time. 2nce a 4ee# Mrs. <unnell 4ill
ta#e students to the computer la- to go on some engaging educational
4e-sites. 5nyone 4ho has 4or# in their
un;nished folder 4ill stay in the classroom
4ith me and complete any un;nished
<irthday Time
<irthdays are al4ays special to share at school. 2n your childFs
-irthday$ 4e 4ill cele-rate 4ith a treat if you 4ould li#e to send one in.
0lease #eep treats simple. =f your childFs -irthday is in the summer$ 4e
can cele-rate at any time that is con3enient for you. 0lease notify me
in ad3ance -efore you send a treat to school. 5lso$ if your child is
ha3ing a -irthday party and not in3iting the 4hole class or all the
J-oysJ or Jgirls$J please do not hand out in3itations at school. =f you
do need help distri-uting in3itations$ @ust let me #no4$ and = 4ill
discretely put them in the mail-o8es.
6ield Trips
This year ;rst graders 4ill -e 4al#ing to the Moore County .i-rary the
;rst 6riday of e3ery month! 2n our ;rst trip$ ;rst graders 4ho do not
ha3e a li-rary card 4ill -e a-le to get their li-rary cards. Each student
4ill -e allo4ed to chec# out t4o -oo#s. The -oo#s must stay at school.
We 4ill return the -oo#s and chec# out t4o ne4 -oo#s during our ne8t
3isit. =f 4e are una-le to 4al# to the li-rary due to 4eather$ the
<oo#mo-ile 4ill come to the school! This is a 4onderful free ;eld trip
that allo4s us to 3isit an important place in our community.
2ther ;eld trips 4ill includeH The 0ump#in 0atch$ Moore County 6ood
<an#$ and the Teddy <ear 6air at Moore "egional 9ospital to help
familiariCe students 4ith some hospital procedures. 0arent 3olunteers
are 4elcomed and needed for all of our ;eld trips!
!aily "ched#le
Ms. Terpstra 6irst 7rade Class
+H'/+H3) <us 5rri3al and 0arent 1rop 2?
+H3)/&H)) Morning Meeting
&H))/&H3) Whole 7roup .iteracy
&H3)/(H3) Small 7roup .iteracy 5cti3ities and 7uided
"eading 7roups 4ith Ms. Terpstra
(H3)/)H) Writing
)H'/)H*' .unch
)H*'/H*' Math
H*'/!H' "ecess
!H'/H' ScienceESocial Studies
H'/H') Specials
Monday/ 5rt
Tuesday/ .i-rary
Wednesday/ Music
Thursday/ 7uidance
6riday/ 0.E.
H')/!H!) Enrichment
!H!)/!H3) 1ismissal
Ms$ Nancy and
Starting in Septem-er Mrs. %ancy and her golden retrie3er :an#ee 4ill
come to our classroom and three students 4ill read to them e3ery
Wednesday. :an#ee really en@oys hearing ne4 -oo#s! :an#ee is a
trained reading dog$ ho4e3er if your child does not 4ant to read to
:an#ee heEshe does not ha3e to. = in3ite Mrs. %ancy and :an#ee to our
classroom -ecause children are li#ely to feel more comforta-le
reading out loud$ attempting diGcult 4ords and -oo#s 4hen
reading to :an#ee. This 4ill help them -ecome -etter readers
ho4 learn to lo3e to read. Students in the past ha3e really
loo#ed for4ard to their turn to read to :an#ee!
i%ad "chool
=n the 4inter of !)3 Carthage Elementary -ecame a one to one i0ad
school. Students ha3e -een assigned an i0ad that stays in their
classroom. Students may ta#e their i0ads to special classes if the
specials teacher reDuest students to -ring their i0ads. The i0ads 4ill
not go home. Students 4ill learn ho4 to use and ta#e care of their
i0ads. The i0ads 4ill -e used to create engaging lessons to help
students -etter understand the concepts 4e are learning. Some of the
apps used in ;rst grade includeH <its-oard$ Mon#ey Math$ Screen
Chomp$ Word WiCCard$ Tellagami$ %earpod$ Socarti3e$ and .etter
School. We 4ill -e using paid apps and free apps. The students 4ill not
need to pay for the i0ad or any apps 4e use in the classroom. We do
as# that you send in ear -uds or headphones for your child to lea3e at
school for the year. = suggest headphones -ecause ;rst graders tend
to struggle putting the ear -uds in their ears.
2n Mondays$ our class 4ill attend 5rt 4ith Ms. Mattison. She
4ill teach them to identify art tools$ 4hen to use them$ and
ho4 to use them. Ms. MattisonFs 4ill 4or# 4ith students to
impro3e their ;ne motor s#ills 4ith clay$ manipulation$ 4ea3ing 4ith
thread$ and 4or#ing 4ith 4ire. The students 4ill learn to identify
di?erent art categories$ patterns$ colors$ te8ture$ and space. The
students 4ill also learn a-out di?erent cultures and ho4 they create
2n Tuesdays$ our class 4ill 3isit the li-rary. 6irst graders 4ill -e allo4ed
to chec# out t4o -oo#s each 4ee#. Mrs. 1rummond 4ill teach the
students ho4 to treat -oo#s$ locate -oo#s in the li-rary$ and ho4 to
pic# a good ;t -oo#. Mrs. 1rummond 4ill also read aloud t4o stories to
encourage the lo3e of reading. Each month Mrs. 1rummond 4ill focus

on a reading concept to 4or# 4ith the children on 4hile she is

reading aloud the second -oo#.

2n Wednesdays$ our class 4ill attend Music 4ith Ms. Ta-olt. Ms. Ta-let
4ill 4or# 4ith the students on rhythm$ melody$ singing s#ills$
impro3isation$ and musical response. The students 4ill also spend a
semester learning a-out di?erent instruments and ho4 to use the
instruments. =n spring$ the ;rst graders 4ill preform a musical 4ith the
#indergarteners that they practice at school. More information
regarding the musical 4ill -e pro3ided at a later date.
2n Thursdays Mrs. Morgan/Shoema#er 4ill 3isit or classroom. She 4ill
-e 4or#ing 4ith ;rst graders on our schools <5"N rules L<e
"esponsi-le$ 54esome 5ttitude$ <e "espectful$ and <e NindM. She 4ill
re3ie4 4hat each letter stands for and 4hat they mean. Mrs. Morgan/
Shoema#er 4ill also 4or# 4ith ;rst graders on -us safety$ -ullying$ and
%hysical (d#cation
2n 6ridays$ our class 4ill ha3e 0hysical Education 4ith Mrs. Stennett.
0lease remem-er to ha3e your child 4ear tennis shoes on 6ridays or
you may choose to ha3e your child lea3e a pair of tennis shoes at
school. Ms. Setennett 4ill 4or# 4ith students on many ;ne motor and
gross motor s#ills. Students 4ill learn a-out special a4areness$ ;tness
and health$ o3er hand thro4$ di?erent cultural dances$ and many other
acti3ities. Ms$ Stennett 4ill -e loo#ing for 3olunteers later this year to
help 4ith our spring ;eld day.
Curriculum 23er3ie4
Carthage Elementary has created a 0arent Curriculum 7uide you can
;nd at httpHEE444.ncmcs.orgEpageE!((. %orth Carolina has adapted
ne4 Common Core Standards in !)!. :ou can also 3ie4 the Common
Core Standards at %orth Carolinas 1epartment of 0u-lic =nstruction
4e-site 5ll
lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards and dri3e our
instruction. Students 4ill recei3e instruction in .iteracy$ Writing$ Math$
Science$ Social Studies$ and Science. Students at Carthage Elementary
4ill also recei3e instruction from specials teacher in 0hysical
EducationE9ealth$ Music$ and 5rt. <elo4 you 4ill ;nd an o3er3ie4 of
concepts that 4ill -e taught in 6irst 7rade this year.
Fo#ndational "kills
1emonstrates understanding of organiCation and -asic features
of print
1emonstrates phonemic a4areness/ understanding of a spo#en
4ord sylla-les and sounds
5pply grade/le3el phonics and 4ord analysis s#ills to decode
"ead 4ith accuracy and Ouency to support comprehension
5s# and ans4er Duestions a-out #ey details in te8t
"etell stories$ including #ey details and an understanding of the
central message
1escri-e characters$ setting$ and ma@or e3ents in a story using
illustrations and details
=dentify 4ords or phrases in stories or poems that suggest
E8plain ma@or di?erences -et4een informational te8t and -oo#s
that tell stories
=dentify 4ho is telling a story
Compare and contrast e3ents and stories
In*ormational Te+t
=dentify the main topic and #ey details
Nno4 and use 3arious te8t features
.ocate #ey facts or information in te8t
=dentify -asic similarities and di?erences -et4een t4o te8ts on
the same topic
1emonstrate command of the con3entions of standard English
grammar and usage 4hen 4riting and spea#ing
1emonstrate command of the con3entions of standard English
capitaliCation$ punctuation$ and spelling 4hen 4riting
1etermine or clarify the meaning of un#no4n and multiple/
meaning 4ords and phases
1emonstrate understanding of ;gurati3e language$ 4ord
relationships$ and nuances in 4ord meaning L4ith guidanceM
>se 4ords and phrase acDuired through con3ersations$ reading
and -e reading to$ and responding to te8ts
Write opinion pieces
Write informati3eEe8planatory te8ts
Write narrati3e pieces
>se a 3ariety of digital tools to produce and pu-lish 4riting
0articipate in shared research and 4riting pro@ects
5ll ;rst grade classes at Carthage Elementary co3er the ' 1omains of
"eading L0honemic 54areness$ 0honics$ 6luency$ Aoca-ulary$ and
Comprehension. Teachers teach the ' 1omains in 4hole group$ literacy
acti3ities$ and in guided reading groups. 2ur reading and 4riting -loc#
is ! and a half hours. When students ;nish their ' 1omains acti3ity
sheet they start our 1aily ' rotation. 1aily ' rotations include "ead to
Self$ "ead to Someone$ .isten to "eading$ Word Wor#$ and Wor# on
Writing. Students mo3e at their o4n pace through the rotations and get
to choose the order in the 1aily ' rotations. 5s students 4or# on their '
1omain 4or#sheet and the 1aily ' rotations = 4ill pull students for a
small reading group or one on one.
,perations and lge&raic Thinking
"epresent and sol3e pro-lems in3ol3ing addition and su-traction
>nderstand and apply properties of operations and the
relationship -et4een addition and su-traction
5dd and Su-tract 4ithin !)
Wor# 4ith addition and su-traction eDuations
N#m&er and ,perations in -ase Ten
E8tend the counting seDuence
>nderstand place 3alue
>se place 3alue understanding and properties of operation to
add and su-tract
Meas#re and !ata
Measure lengths indirectly and -y using iterating length units
Tell and 4rite time
"epresent and interpret data
1istinguish -et4een de;ning attri-utes
Compose t4o/dimensional shapes
0artition circles and rectangles into t4o and four eDual shares
2ur math curriculum is -ased on the Common Core Standards and 4e
use the =n3estigations program to create hands/on acti3ities and a
students/centered instructional approach. Throughout the year
students 4ill -e introduced to a 3ariety of manipulati3es to help them
4ith pro-lem sol3ing s#ills. We ta#e our time teaching each unit to
insure students de3elop a complete understanding of the concept so
they can apply the s#ills.
%hysical "cience
6orces and Motion
(arth "cience
Earth in the >ni3erse
o "ecogniCe the features and patterns of the earth$ moon$
and sun
Earth Systems$ Structures$ and 0rocesses
o >nderstand the physical properties of earth materials and
ma#e them useful
Li*e "cience
Molecular <iology
"ocial "t#dies
>nderstand that history tells a story of ho4 people and e3ents
changed society o3er time
'eography and (nvironmental Literacy
>se geographic representations$ terms$ and technologies to
process information from a spatial perspecti3es
>nderstand ho4 humans and the en3ironment interact 4ithin the
local community
(conomics and Financial Literacy
>nderstand -asic economic concepts
Civics and 'overnance
>nderstand the importance of rules
>nderstand the di3ersity of people in the local community
We do not use a speci;c Science or Social Studies program. We follo4
the Common Core standards and create hands on acti3ities and in3ite
guest spea#ers to engage the students in the concepts -eing taught.
We also integrate Science and Social Studies into our literacy lessons
to help students connect to the concepts.
Carthage Elementary uses county and state assessments throughout
the school year. The formal assessments 4ill -e used to help dri3e
instruction. Teachers 4ill use the assessments to determine 4hat
concepts ha3e -een mastered and 4hich concepts students need a
little more understanding of.
State assessments for reading and math start in third grade. 9o4e3er$
Moore County Schools start county4ide assessments in reading and
math in #indergarten. These assessments 4ill help prepare students
for state and national assessments in upper elementary.
=n literacy #indergarten$ ;rst$ second$ and third grade students 4ill
ta#e three -enchmar#s$ in Septem-er$ Banuary$ and May. The students
4ill -e assessed using 1ynamic =ndicators of <asic Early .iteracy S#ills
L1=<E.SM. 1=<E.S is a set of procedures and measures used to assess
early literacy s#ills. The -eginning year assessments 4ill includeH
.etter %aming 6luency L.%6M Students 4ill ha3e one minute to
name as many upper and lo4er case letters as they can
0honeme Segment 6luency L0S6M students 4ill -e as#ed to
segment 4ords into their indi3idual phoneme Le8ample fan fEaEnM
%onsense Word 6luency L%W6M students 4ill -e as#ed to produce
the indi3idual sounds of the nonsense 4ord or produce the
nonsense 4ord Le8ample #i3M
Te8t "eading Comprehension LT"CM students 4ill read a le3eled
te8t and -e as#ed to oral comprehension Duestions. .ater in the
year students 4ill also -e as#ed to ans4er 4riting
comprehension Duestions.
Word "ecognition LW"M students 4ill read a list of 1olch sight
The middle of year assessment 4ill include 4ord 0S6$ %W6$ T"C$ W"
and 1=<E.S oral reading Ouency L12"6M. 1uring 12"6 students 4ill
orally read a passage and -e assessed on accuracy and Ouency.
Students 4ill also -e assessed on their a-ility to retell the passage.
2ur end of year reading assessment 4ill include %W6$ 12"6$ T"C$ and
5fter each -enchmar# = 4ill send home a report 4ith your childFs scores
in all areas. = 4ill -e a3aila-le to meet 4ith you if you ha3e any
Duestions regarding your childFs scores.
5t the -eginning$ middle$ and end of year students 4ill complete a
spelling in3entory. The spelling in3entory consists of ' 4ords to
assess students understanding of -eginning and ;nal consonants$
short and long 3o4els$ dipthongs$ digraphs$ -lends$ and inOected
endings. This is not a test that students 4ill study for. This is an
assessment that helps teachers assess students #no4ledge of ho4
4ords 4or#.
Throughout the year students 4ill 4or# on three di?erent types of
4ritingH opinion pieces$ narrati3e te8ts$ and informati3eEe8planatory
te8t. Writing 4ill -e assessed mid year and at the end of the year.
Students 4ill complete a narrati3e 4riting -ased on a prompt. 5ll * ;rst
grade teachers 4ill score the 4riting. Scores 4ill -e -ased on the
county 4riting ru-ric. The ru-ric is -ased on the di?erent 4riting
stages. Throughout the year students 4ill 4or# on three di?erent types
of 4ritingH opinion pieces$ narrati3e te8ts$ and informati3eEe8planatory
This year ;rst graders 4ill ta#e four math -enchmar#s. 2ne -enchmar#
4ill -e gi3en each Duarter. These -enchmar#s 4ill assess students
#no4ledge on math concepts taught that Duarter. =n ;rst grade
students 4ill complete the -enchmar# throughout a 4ee#. 0arts of the
assessment 4ill -e completed as a 4hole group 4ith me reading the
Duestions aloud. 2ther parts of the assessment 4ill -e completed in
small groups. = 4ill still read the Duestions aloud and students 4ill -e
allo4ed to use any manipulati3es used throughout the Duarter.
=n addition to the county 4ide assessments$ students 4ill -e progress
monitored -ased on their 1=<E.S scores$ ta#e 4ee#ly spelling test
focusing on a speci;c spelling pattern$ and ta#e Duic# L' DuestionsM
4ee#ly math assessments to assess students #no4ledge of the math
concept taught that 4ee#. The follo4ing 4ee#s instruction 4ill -e
-ased on the 4ee#ly spelling and math assessments. =f students
reDuire more instruction on a speci;c concept inter3entions 4ill -e
planned for the follo4ing 4ee#.
* = 4ill send a ne4sletter home 4ee#ly in the studentsP
9ome4or# 6olders. =t is handy to stic# on the fridge for
references throughout the 4ee#.
* =f your child normally rides the -us and you are going to
pic# himEher up one day$ please send a note$ or heEshe 4ill
-e put on the -us.
* 0lease let me #no4 if anything is going on 4ith your child
that might a?ect hisEher learning at school.
* 6eel free to send a note to school if you e3er ha3e a
Duestion. Email is a great 4ay to communicate/ fast and
e?ecti3e! = chec# email daily. Lnterpstra,ncmcs.orgM
* =f your child is going to -e a-sent or youd li#e to tal#$ you
can reach me at schoolH ().(*+.!+&. My cell phone
num-er for emergencies is II.&I!.&'()
* "eport cards 4ill go home si8 times a year and conferences
4ill -e held once.
* 0.E5SE S5AE T9=S 05CNET 62" 6>T>"E
We are going to have a terri.c year/