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3 Project Plan

3.1 Approach and Methodology

Preparing the project timeline.
Planning for developing Human Resource (Profiling and
Analyzing all the possible problems or risk in their existing
Analyzing how to create a useful system to give a solution to their
problems and to give a unique system.
Consultations of project adviser to assist our group in creating a
project proposal or a solution to their problems. This may occur at
anytime in the project and service life cycle in advancing the
preparing of project proposal.
Applying what they said of our project adviser to solve the possible
problems of their existing system.
Keywords HR (profiling and recruitment) and Research Paper.
3.2 Project Timeline
Using this table or in a template this is the timeline that indicate the tasks
of what proponent will do in the system. Indicate the planning the tasks of
1 Conducting Interview
in Maynilad
July 15,2014
July 15,2014
2 Project
documents )
July 18,2014
July 20,2014
3 Chapter 1
July 22, 2014 July 23,2014

3.3 Success Criteria
Conducting a interview
Know the project problems and possible solution
Establish a quality and useful system.
One administrator in this system.
System maintenance, user friendly.
Employees involvement in the business process.
Implementation of an appropriate training plan in their
corresponding employees and staff.
Meet the propose time duration.
3.4 Issues and Policy Implications.
Lack of cooperation of group members that may affected to
development of a project.
If one of the members did not continue his/ her study, it may affect
in the project.
Unwanted cases problems about resources & gadgets that the
proponents may use.
Misunderstanding against the member of the proponents
Lack of idea about the project.
3.5 Risk Management Plan
This is outline plan for managing the risks that will include the risk
minimization measures and also contingency plans for recovery and
damage limitation.
Risk Factor Probability
Risk Management Action
Financial Risk L M Prepare a budget every
Strategic Risk M H Give a formal communication
for the absent in meeting.
Technology Risk L L Always prepare a back-up in
each project chapter

3.6 Service Transition (Optional)
If this system will change the impact of the system SETTINGS will
also change because if the company request to proponent to add
some transaction to their system process especially in Human
Resource (Profiling and Recruitment).
The proponent supports project proposal for the development or
changes of the system or to project proposal.
The impact of changes in project proposal is high, because of the
support proponent that to explain how to use this system and also
proponent distribute the system to administrator who can handle
this or manage this system.
The proponent gives a weekly or twice a month visiting or checking
of system to know the performance their business process.
The proponent will be based on their idea to change the system if
their idea is helpful & appropriate.

3.7 Options Analysis
This option analysis may include the project process and also for
the business that what will happened? The optional process it will be
describe an alternative for the system proposed or in a project process.
This are included to this:
On the process flow of the system or in document the proponent
will be individual task of their what were doing also proponent
need a backup or else at least to use a cloud storage using
In the process of information system also need to save after the
task or else what were doing for assurance of having a losing
current electricity so that the system will remain stable and also
for risk of corrupting program.
For the users, if the system is stable so that user or who can
handle the system HR (profiling & recruitment) knows what are
doing in the system. So that if the HR are getting information is
right will save for the risk unquestionable of an employee or else
in users.