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My favorite person.

A great example .My favorite person is the doctor Ruben Argero Snchez. He
was born on March 29, 1935 in Mexico, DF. He studied a Specialization Master
Cardiothoracic Surgery and Medical Sciences at the UNAM. He continued his
postgraduate studies at university of Alabama and Stanford in the United States.
He was the first doctor in Latin America to perform a heart transplant. He belonging
to Academia National de Medicine, European Academy of science and arts, the
Society of Thoracic Surgeons, la legion del honor de Mxico and the International
Institute for microcirculation.
I chose it because it is Mexican and that was not an obstacle to success.
In 1988 he performed the first successful heart transplant in Mexico in the Hospital
la raza. He is a great doctor using new techniques, for example the
implementation of mother cells.
I admire him because despite the lack of support given to the medicine in Mexico
has put in the high the name of Mexico high and teaching new generations to be
do it.
For me it is a great person who has succeeded and who has achieved everything
apart this doctor gave my dad kinds of medicine at cardiologic. Is Mexican is one
that seeks to fulfill his dreams and is a great degree is a great doctor.
It is my role model because he is a great doctor has gone ahead despite
Has many titles has worked many graduate and I would like to be my teacher is a
person who is not saved your knowledge if you share with others.