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Lesson Subject: Topic:

Life Science: Habitats: The Desert
Lesson Overview &
Learning Environment:
Students have an understanding of how a habitat
helps living things survive. Today students will learn
about the desert habitat, animals that in live it.
Students will be in the computer lab to complete the
45 minute module. Teacher and teacher assistant will
circulate to assist students.
NC Essential Standards: 1.L1:Understand characteristics of various
environments and behaviors of humans that enable
plants and animals to survive

Essential Question: What is a desert?
Learning Targets/ I
Can Statements

I can describe a desert habitat
I can identify animals that live in the desert
I can tell how a desert is different from where
I live
Technology & Related
Internet: Designated Websites and Media
Brain POP Jr
Our Desert Habitat
Do I Belong In The Desert?
Pedagogical Approach Universal Design Learning (UDL)- Students will gain
understanding through visual and audio
representations of content.
Tasks to Meet Learning
Student will watch a video about the desert
region and take notes in their science journal
(writing as many details as possible)
Students will answer yes or no to tell

3 2 1
Had 4 or more details to
compare and contrast a
desert region with NC
Had 2-4 details to
compare and contrast a
desert region with NC
Had 2 or less details to
compare and contrast a
desert region with NC

whether an animal belongs in the desert or not
Assessments Teachers will use observation to informally
assess who understands the characteristics of
a desert region and the animals that live in it
Student will use Brain POP Jr to compare and
contrast a desert region with their town
(Spring Lake, NC)
Follow-Up: Students will use their knowledge of how a
habitat provides living things with what they
need to complete the final project

Audio and visuals accompany text of
presentation and story