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West Prep

Spanish for Spanish Speakers II


I. Course Description

This one-year course is designed to provide Spanish speakers with the opportunity to
develop proficiency in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. The
focus is on oral and written communication, incorporating an understanding of diverse
Hispanic cultures, connections to other disciplines, comparing English to Spanish, and
participating in multicultural communities. Knowledge of linguistic structures and
vocabulary will be reviewed and expanded to allow students to communicate at the
intermediate level in real-life situations. Instructional practices will incorporate
integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their
important contributions to our society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral
part of this course. This course fulfills one elective credit required for high school

II. Course Objectives

1. To expand and refine the ability to converse in Spanish.
2. To further develop vocabulary acquisition.
3. To interpret selected authentic listening and reading materials.
4. To present information to an audience.
5. To continue to refine reading strategies and skills.
6. To further develop writing strategies and skills.
7. To explain the relationships among the practices, products, and perspectives of
diverse Hispanic cultures.
8. To connect knowledge of Spanish with other disciplines.
9. To compare the Spanish and English languages.
10. To compare the practices, products, and perspectives of Hispanic cultures to the
students own cultural practices, products, and perspectives.
Mr. Urry
(702) 799-
ext: 3812
11. To utilize technology in the study of language of culture.
12. To extend the use of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultural knowledge both
within and beyond the school setting.
13. To value the study of Spanish and Hispanic cultures for personal enjoyment and
III. Classroom Rules
1. Theres one rule in my class. RESPECT. Respect for teacher, others, school property,
and yourself. What does that mean?
- Respect for teacher: I put a lot of time and effort into each lesson to make it worth
your time. please show me respect by coming to class ready to learn and participate.
Listen when Im speaking and answer questions when I ask them.
- Respect for others: No swearing, name-calling or making fun of others. Were all
here to promote a positive learning environment and build one another up, not tear
each other down. Listen when others are answering questions, and be a good team
player when working in groups. And dont distract others from learning.
- Respect for school property: Because of the mess/stains it causes, no food or
drink (other than water) in class, unless for teacher approved class activities.
Desks/other class property stay in the class at all times and must not be damaged.
- Respect for self: Knowing Spanish is one of the most useful tools you can take
from your high school education. It opens doors in the world for employment and
other opportunities. Respect yourself and your future by actively participating and
doing the work yourself (no cheating) so that you can take this tool with you when
you graduate.
- The rule of respect goes both ways. I will do my best to show you the respect you
deserve as a young adult and student in my class. If you ever feel I disrespect you in
anyway, please approach me and let me know!

IV. Class Participation

Participation is an essential element of success in the Spanish classroom. You cant learn to
communicate in a foreign language unless you listen to it, speak it, and pay attention! Due
to the importance of participation in daily class, you are given a participation grade out of
100 points per semester. If you pay attention and actively participate, youll get the full 100
points. If youre not paying attention or participating then you may lose some of those
V. Absence and Tardy Policy
Tardies: You are considered tardy if you are not in class when the bell rings. I understand
that you and a teacher/administrator may need to discuss something after a class, which
may cause you to be late to my class. If thats the case, have that teacher/administrator sign
a note stating thats the case and you wont be considered late. Otherwise, it will be
considered unexcused.
Absences: Students who are at least 30 minutes tardy will be considered absent. It is the
students responsibility to approach the teacher to learn what they missed when they were
absent. The student/guardian may look online on the Mr Urrys classroom website
( to see what assignments have been given and when tests/quizzes will
be approaching, as well as other important class announcements.
VI. Homework
1. Students will need to complete 30 min of language practice activities outside of school
each week. They will turn in a half sheet at the end of the week explaining what they did
and the vocabulary they practiced/learned. Appropriate language practice activities may
consist of listening to the radio, watching T.V., or watching a movie in Spanish, language
practice activities online, reading in Spanish, etc. Studying your vocab list from class will
not count!
2. Students will work on various written activities/projects in class that may need to be
completed at home and turned in the next day if not finished during class time.
VII. Class Materials
1. Notebook/Binder with lined paper (Notebooks will be graded at the end of each quarter.
Keep pages and activities dated and in order)
2. Pencil and/or pen
3. Other materials will be provided in class
4. If the use of a textbook is needed outside of school hours, the student must come
before/after school to use it. Textbooks will not be eligible for checkout.

VIII. Grading Policy
Tests/Quizzes: 50% (Tests/Quizzes may not be re-taken)
Proficiency Evaluations (Presentations, Research Projects, etc): 25%
Classroom Assignments/Homework: 15%
Participation: 10%

A+: 97-100% B+: 87-89% C+: 77-79% D+: 67-69% F: 0-59%
A: 93-96% B: 83-86% C: 73-76% D: 63-66%
A-: 90-92% B-: 80-82% C-: 70-72% D-: 60-62%

I have read the Course Expectations and understand what is expected of my child.
Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________Date _________________________

I have read the Course Expectations and understand what is expected of me.
Student Signature __________________________________Date _________________________