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Northern Virginia Community College



1) Please submit a hard copy of your Final Project on 12/17/09 by 11:30am.

Any late submissions will not be encouraged and grade 0 will be awarded.
2) Please answer all the questions to its entirety to score the maximum
3) This is an Open Book and Open Notes project. Points will be awarded
based on clear answers along with appropriate example code for a
particular question.
4) Please put your name along with your ID on the hard copy you will be
5) Students are encouraged to start working on the project early. All
questions regarding the project should be directed to the professor.

Question 1 30 Points

We have simulated the Car Reservation system in homework 2 and homework 3. For
Homework 1 we have used ‘arrays’ to store the car names and reserved the appropriate
car. Homework 3, we have simulated the usage of Java Classes for reserving a car and
placed conditions on the user of the system depending on whether he/she is a ‘Preferred’
or a ‘Normal’ customer.
Please give a detailed explanation of both the approaches to the problem. What are the
advantages of using an Object-Oriented approach to resolving this problem?

Question 2 20 Points

Explain in detail with an example pseudo code ‘Method Overloading’ in Java.

Question 3 20 Points

Explain Object-Oriented Programming and Encapsulation in Java with example.

Question 4 30 Points

Write a Pseudo code for operations ‘push’ and ‘pop’ on the data structure - Stacks.

Question 5

The programming question below will count for 10% of your final project score.

This program simulates a simple Queue data structure using Java. A Queue is a FIFO
(First-In-First-out) data structure. Write a Java program to perform the following
operations on a queue: 1) Add elements to the Queue 2) Remove elements from the
Queue 3) Display the elements of the Queue 4) Exit from your program. Your program
should keep asking the user to enter options to operate on your queue until he chooses
option 4 to exit from the Queue.

Break down of Points for your Final Project.

Programming Question: Queues (Refer to this document Question – 5): 15%

Theory Questions (Refer to this document Question 1-4): 10%