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Dear all,

On the date of 29.08.2013 Mr. Arch. Dany Besnosoff informed us about the fact that he
ants the structural solution modified . !n addition, in order to obtain the en"ironmental
#ermit, e ha"e been obli$ed to chan$e it, as 20% of the land must be $reen area here trees
ill be #lanted. Also, folloin$ the discussions ith our consultants for obtainin$ the
circulation #ermit, the basement has been chan$ed by eliminatin$ the &laus ty#e #ar'in$, and
thus e ha"e obtained a chea#er and more efficient solution.
(onsiderin$ all those mentioned abo"e, in the "ery ne)t days e ill send you the drain$s
related to the structural solution and to the ne #artitions.

A*(O (O+*,-.(,!!