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Discovering Geography

In 4 stops
What Southern
C.A. has to Offer

As we take this trip we will make

4 stops. In these 4 stops we will
discover what southern California
has to offer. There is so much to
learn. We can learn about
lithosphere, atmosphere,
biosphere, and hydrosphere.
There are lots of places you can
go to all across the world to learn
about this. Here I have chosen 4
stops: Echo Mountain
(atmosphere), Mt. Baldy
(lithosphere), Santa Fe Dam
(hydrosphere), & Frank G. Bonelli
Park (biosphere).

Bon voyage!

Stephanie Matus

Ut ac dui ut Fnield
Trip porta.

To discover lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere,

and hydrosphere.

SANTE FE DAM is my first stop; this is where we discover
biosphere. Santa Fe Dam is nestled among the gravel
quarries in the area. It is the main focus of plant life and wild
life of the alluvial fan of the San Gabriel River.
FRANK G. BONELLI PARK is my second stop. It offers a way
of learning hydrosphere; it is a large body of saline water
that composes a large part of the planets hydrosphere. It is a
recreational park as well where you can swim fish or Jet Ski.
MOUNT BALDY aka MOUNT SAN ANTONIO is my third stop.
It is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains and the
highest outer point in the Los Angeles County. With
lithosphere the rigid outer most shell of a rocky planet
defined on mechanical properties. This is pretty cool to be
able to stand here and know you are on a geographical
ECHO MOUNTAIN is my fourth stop. Echo Mountain was
shaped from an alluvial fan between the Rubio and Las
Flores Canyons. An alluvial fan is a fan or cone shaped
deposits of sediment crossed and build up by streams. It has
an elevation of 3,210 ft.

Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere,

and Hydrosphere.
While studying these terms I have learned that I have been to
multiple places that offer these terms. Atmosphere defined is the
envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet.
Everywhere you go has the ability to offer different atmospheres.
Lithosphere defined is the rigid out part of the earth, consisting of
the crust and upper mantle. Not everywhere you go with you be
on the most out part of the earth but its fascinating to know you
have the ability to be on the out most part. Biosphere defined as
the region of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the
earth occupied by living organisms. There are many places that
offer the chance to take all this is as well. Hydrosphere defined as
all the waters on the earths surface, such as lakes and seas, and
sometimes including water over the earths surface such as clouds.