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Genna Gorte

7383 Scotchwood Lane

Grawn, MI 49637
(989 !33"!948
Objective Moti#ated, organi$ed, and de%enda&'e indi#idua' see(ing e)%'o*)ent as a
+egistered ,urse, a%%'*ing )* (now'edge, s(i''s, critica' thin(ing, and
co)%assion whi'e %ro#iding high -ua'it* %atient care.
Ferris State University
.ache'ors of Science in ,ursing
Graduation/ 0ugust !124
3eans List/ 4a'' !119, Su))er !123 and 4a'' !123
Intensive Care Unit: S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI Su))er !124
Cardiac Unit/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI Su))er !124
Neurology Unit/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI S%ring !124
Orthopedic Trauma Unit/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI S%ring !124
sychiatric !ental "ealth/ 6ine +est, Grand +a%ids, MI S%ring !124
!edical# Surgical/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI, 4a'' !123
"ome "ealth/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, .ig +a%ids, MI, Su))er !123
Community "ealth/ 7sceo'a 8ount*, +eed 8it*, MI Su))er !123
ediatrics$Obstetrics/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, Grand +a%ids, MI, Su))er !123
!edical# Surgical/ S%ectru) 5ea'th, .ig +a%ids, MI 4a'' !12!
19923" 3924 Nursing Technician/ 7nco'og* :nit
Spectrum "ealth System
Grand +a%ids, MI 49;13
<or(ed under the direct su%er#ision of a +egistered ,urse whi'e
)onitoring #ita' signs, inta(e and out%uts, and &'ood g'ucose 'e#e's.
I a'so assisted with %ersona' h*giene, docu)ented %atient records
accurate'*, and %ro#ided -ua'it* custo)er ser#ice.
12921" 8923 'eans Secretary (ssistant
College o) Engineering Technology Ferris State University
.ig +a%ids, MI 49317
<or(ed under the su%er#ision of the 3ean and education counse'ors whi'e
assisting with de'egated tas(s. I a'so he'%ed students, wor( on transfer
credits, and he'% %re%are for orientation.
6922"9922 O))ice (ssistant
(ssociated *etinal Consultants
,o#i, MI 4837;
<or(ed under the su%er#ision of )u'ti%'e o%to)etrists and other retina' staff.
M* duties we to di'ate and refract %atients e*es, a'so he'% set u% for
in=ections, get fi'es read* for the fo''owing da*s, and answer the
>ice"6resident of 4erris Student ,ursing 0ssociation/ 4a'' !123" 4a'' !124
4erris Student ,ursing 0ssociation Me)&er/ 4a'' !12!" Su))er !124
6resident of 0'%ha ?i 3e'ta Sororit*/ 4a'' !12!" 4a'' !123
0'%ha ?i 3e'ta Sororit* Me)&er/ 4a'' !119" S%ring !123
4irst 0id 86+90@3/ 0)erican 5eart 0ssociation
@A%ires/ 0ugust !12;
Sagina+ Career Comple,
41 hours co)%'eted in the c'assroo) assisting the teacher and students
(lpha -i 'elta
21 hours co)%'eted each se)ester
Ferris Student Nurse (ssociation
; hours co)%'eted each se)ester
*e)erences Teri Edic& *.N/ 0.S.N/ !.S.N
,ursing 7ccu%ations Instructor
Saginaw 8areers 8o)%'eA
(989 ;!9"3!74
(manda "anna *.N/ 0.S.N
8'inica' Instructor9 7%erating +oo) ,urse
Mecosta 8ount* Medica' 8enter
(!32 6!9" 6;3;
Tamara 1ac&son
8o''ege of @ngineering and Bechno'og*
4erris State :ni#ersit*
(!32 ;92" !891