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The biological/geological processes of the Earth have been

creating fossil fuels over the last millions of years. During that
time, this process has been removing carbon from the
atmosphere, which has been a great service to life because it has
made possible the development of a climate that is appropriately
warm/cold for life to ourish.
In just the last century and a half, people have been burning
large quantities of fossil fuels, because they are very useful. This
has created a huge problem, because burning fossil fuels puts the
carbon, which was stored in the earth, back into the atmosphere.
Doing that, in fact, ruins the climate--via the greenhouse effect.
Ruins the climate for the life that is on Earth. For human life.
Will humankind make the changes that are needed in its
ways of living rapidly enough to be able to continue the existence
of human civilization? How catastrophic will human induced
climate change actually be?
These questions we are answering, by foolishly continuing to
use fossil fuels the way we have been. Or by wisely curtailing
their use drastically, and developing alternate energy--
Humankind, do you want to live? Do you want to know
harmony? Do you want to know love?
Then make big changes! Leave most of the fossil fuels IN