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Amy Tucker

10905 Dunaway Dr., Dallas, TX 75228

(H) (214) 455-6498 (E)
Flexible and organized professional with ten years of teaching experience, employing a broad
range of instructional strategies to engage all students and foster a fun and fascinating learning
environment. Encouraging and patient; effectively relates to students of diverse cultural backgrounds
and tailors teaching methods to suit their individual needs.

Skill Highlights
Technology integration Collaborative planning
Creative lesson planning Assessment strategies
Student motivation Use of manipulatives

Education and Credentials
2014 Pursuing Master of Library Science, University of North Texas
August 2014 completed 12 hours
2007 Mathematics/Science grades 4th-8th Certificate
2005 English as Second Language Certificate
2004 Texas Educator Certificate, grades 4th-8th
2004 Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of North Texas

06/2012 - 06/2014 7th grade ESL Science/ General Science Teacher, Sam Tasby Middle School
Taught classes of intermediate ESL and Beginner ESL students.
Developed science lessons based on English speaking and reading
Taught classes of 7th grade science. Included all students each class
regardless of language acquisition and individual learning abilities.
Developed lessons to accommodate a variety of needs.
05/2006 - 06/2012 6
Math/ Math Pre-AP Teacher, Sam Tasby Middle School
Taught 6 classes. Collaborated, planned lessons, assessed, profiled, tutored,
and managed classroom activities. Conducted small group and individual
classroom activities with students based on differentiated learning needs.
05/2004 - 06/2006 6th grade Math/Science Teacher, Herbert Marcus Elementary
Taught 2 classes of Math and Science. Planned lessons, assessed, profiled,
tutored, and managed classroom activities. Created an integrated
environment of math and science. Attended monthly district science

Professional Development Highlights
Member of American Association of School Libraries
Joined 2014
Member of Texas Library Association
Joined 2014
Member of American Libraries Association
Joined 2014
Member of Science Teachers Association of Texas
Attended CAST Regional Conference in Desoto, Texas, 2013
Member of the Middle School Aerospace Scholars
Attended NASAs John Space Center, Houston Texas, 2008 & 2011
Member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Attended NCTM Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, 2007