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Gregory Taylor Sun

3924 13 Ave S.W. Calgary, Alberta T3C 0V4 (587) 434-1188
Have a Bachelor of Commerce degree specialized in service management, with exposure to service improvement
opportunities and solving problems through system perspectives (operations, human resources, marketing, and technology).
Able to think independently and quickly resolve problems, as demonstrated by supporting clients as an executive assistant for
Silver Lyon Ventures.
Passionate and hard worker that shows drive, presented when selling products door-to-door as a Vivint sales representative.
Effective communicator with strong leadership and organizational skills, displayed when assisting customer purchases as an
auto parts salesman at Contemporary Coachworks.
Excellent computer skills and applications related to MS Office.

Bachelor of Commerce September 2012 August 2014
Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria (Victoria, BC)
Specialization in Service Management
Achieved a GPA of 5.9 out of 8.0
Exchange Program September 2013 December 2013
Copenhagen School of Business (Copenhagen, DK)
University Transfer (Bachelor of Commerce) September 2010 April 2012
Camosun College (Victoria, BC)
Achieved a GPA of 8.2 out of 9.0

Skills & Experience
Communication & Organization Skills
Communicated effectively with others, in a work and team environment, as a bachelor of commerce student and as an auto
parts salesman while working with Contemporary Coachworks.
As an executive assistant, I often assessed and gave a broad range of administrative, financial, and technical support. I
communicated openly about conflicts and strategies to assist our team with daily tasks.
Leadership & Teamwork
Showed a positive attitude and took the lead when providing intelligent on-site customer service as an auto parts salesman
with Contemporary Coachworks.
Worked independently and as part of a team, multitasking and adapting working to customer demands, while being a sales
representative at Vivint.
Management Skills
Analyzed and identified situations, mobilized and managed requirements for resolution, and delivered a successful outcome
as an executive assistant with Silver Lyon Ventures.
Influenced others positively, motivating, and mobilizing teams to a successful outcome as a team member throughout my
previous employment and as a volunteer.

Work Experience
Executive Assistant
Silver Lyon Ventures, Calgary, AB May 2013 August 2013
Provided administrative support to the CEO and executive staff with minimum supervision
Gave a broad range of administrative, financial, and technical support
Researched and analyzed various businesses
Vivint Sales Representative
Vivint, Calgary, AB May 2012 August 2012
Sold home automation door-to-door
Commission pay and closed many sales throughout my employment
Auto Parts Salesman
Contemporary Coachworks, Calgary, AB May 2011 August 2011
Sold spare parts, replacement parts, accessories, and other equipment for cars, tucks, and SUVs.
Ordered parts from various dealerships and stored them in the stockroom.
Took inventory and entered all the parts into an inventory database through invoices.

Volunteer Experience
The World Partnership Walk May 26, 2014
Handed out food for participants
Cleaned the surrounding area
CFA society Victoria May 14, 2014
Front Desk Administrator
Collected payments
Camosun College Safe Walk Program, Victoria, BC September 2011 December 2011
Built relationships as a team player and escorted students to their vehicles.
Volunteered over thirty-two hours.

Camosun College Deans Honor Roll 2012 Fall Semester
Awarded to students who achieved a term GPA of 8.0 or higher out of 9.0

Bob Smith, Employer
Manager, Contemporary Coachworks
Calgary, AB
Telephone: (403) 250-1728