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With Whom You Stand harshgoel2k@rediffmail.


With Whom You Stand?

This powerful question that will change the way mankind think and will lead to stop the bloodshed.

Take a deep breath, with an open mind, think

In case required, whom you support, you have two options to choose
1. our fellow human
2. !"#

$o ifs and buts, no conditions, $eed %ust a straight answer, think all the factors
Take a minute and take a deep breath, before making a hasty decision.

&hy you need to give preference to !"# rather human.
&hom you know better' (ellow )uman or !"#.
&hy you want to go to heaven at the sake of killing your fellow humans.
#o you know heaven*!"# e+ist' but your fellow human are real.
&ho you have seen and talked' !od or fellow human.
&hom you afraid of' !"# or fellow human,
&hy you start hating the human if he didn,t believe in your !"#'
&hy you think your !"# is superior to his !"#'
&hy you want to establish your !"# kingdom over all )umans' &ho asked you' &hy' &hat his -!"#.
With Whom You Stand

&hy you want everyone to believe in what you believe as !"#'
&hy you spread propaganda with other humans to convert in believe in what you believe'
&hy you act as puppet in )and of !"# to hate your own human beings'
&hy you act as puppet in )and of some people in the name !"# to hate your own human beings'
&hen even those people never seen the !"#'
If the !"# %ust talk about loves and %ust loves why daily there is thousands of killing, conversions,
preaching and so many things, other than love as well etc. why can,t be it %ust simply love '

Think why'
Think why'

Take your time.

/nd ultimately you will found that, $o matter what is the religion, caste, creed, language, reason,
country of a )uman being, you will found him same as you rather than any other alien entity or !"#.

(ellow human will look alike you more than any alien or outsider or !"#.
/nd you will 0upport him rather than !"#.
/nd this will lead to a peaceful earth, where everyone leaves peacefully. This will stop blood shed
/nd a few handful people who %ust divide human and make living on donation and charity without any
hard work as common man, need to work like a common man.
/nd )uman start loving human as human rather than as believers.

0upport human rather than !od or the so call follower of !"# no matter what it takes.
1et,s all human 0tand as one humanity