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424 Sand Creek Rd. Apt 214 Adam H. Turchioe aturchioe@albany.

Albany, NY 12205 630-337-1999/


Honors American Meteorological Society (AMS): Energy Committee: 2012-present
AMS Energy Committee: Education Subcommittee Chair 2013-present
AMS Student Conference Planning Committee: 2012-present
AMS National Member: 2009-present
3x Northern Illinois University Deans list: Spring10, Spring11, Fall11

Past Work Chesapeake Energy May-Aug 2012, 2013
Experience Energy and Agricultural Meteorology Intern
Assisted the three-member weather department team in Chicago, IL conducting global energy
weather forecasting for Chesapeake Energy and aided the consulting business tailored to
agribusiness firms. As an intern, responsible for:
Weather/Climate Interface Research: Conducted research on current and past global
circulation and teleconnection patterns to promote increased forecasting skill for near-term
to long-term weather prediction
Assist in Daily Operations: Helped write daily weather wires to be distributed to
agribusiness firms and a twice-weekly energy weather wire. Topics included
temperature/precipitation forecast summaries, past weather write-ups, hazardous weather
outlooks, extreme weather and its impact on agriculture or energy, tropical outlooks, and a
special historical perspective on early frost/freeze events issued to agribusiness clients
Research Specialist: In collaboration with State University of New York (SUNY) Albany,
conducted research relevant to Chesapeake Energy and the University. Topics included:
Impact on global circulations due to loss of sea-ice, changes of worldwide snowcover
extent and its use as a predictor, and connections between Arctic and Tropics
Quality Control: Assisted weather department team by running forecast verifications and
identifying biases in previous forecasts to improve current forecasting skill

State University of New York at Albany Aug 2012-Jun 2014
Teaching Assistant and Researcher
Worked as a teaching assistant while working on research towards Masters Thesis
Teaching Assistant: Assist faculty throughout the course of the semester by attending
lecture, grading homework and exams, holding weekly office hours for students, and
proctoring exams. Classes TAd for include: Natural Disasters, Energy Environment &
Climate Change, and Introduction to Environmental Science
Researcher: Perform research geared towards Masters Thesis, expected August 2014.
Work includes looking at frequency/intensity of Arctic cyclones, changes in climate
variables within Arctic (precipitable water, geopotential heights, jet stream strength, etc.),
October Eurasian snowcover extent as a wintertime predictor, and blocking regimes in

WGN-TV Jan-May 2011
Weather Production Intern
Weather Assistant: Aided Tom Skilling in his daily on-air weather forecasts and
newspaper publications. Responsibilities included: Collecting statistics on weather
warnings/advisories, gaining a historical perspective of current weather forecasts,
summarizing extreme weather across the U.S., and monitoring severe weather in the
Graphics Assistant: Produced graphics used for daily weather forecast. Worked on a strict
deadline to get forecast to newspaper production facility on time

424 Sand Creek Rd. Apt 214 Adam H. Turchioe
Albany, NY 12205 630-337-1999/


Education State University of New York at Albany - Albany, NY 2012-2014(expected)
Masters of Science, Atmospheric Sciences
Concentration: High-latitude synoptic/dynamic weather and mid-latitude connections
Thesis: A Comprehensive Climatology of the Arctic and Changes within Climatology
Cumulative GPA 3.1/4.0

Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 2009-2012
Bachelors of Science, Meteorology
Cumulative GPA 3.6/4.0, In Major GPA 3.7/4.0

Seminar 39
Northeastern Storm Conference Mar 2014
Presentations Turchioe, A.H., Bosart, L.F., 2014: An Analysis of Arctic Climate and the Intense Arctic Cyclone of Early
August 2012. 39
Northeastern Storm Conference, Rutland, VT 7-9 Mar 2014

Annual AMS Annual Meeting Feb 2014
Turchioe, A.H., Bosart, L.F., 2014: An Analysis of the Intense Arctic Cyclone of Early August 2012:
Analysis of a Rare Event. 94
AMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA 2-6 Feb 2014

Cyclone Workshop Sep 2013
Turchioe, A.H., Bosart, L.F., 2013: An Analysis of the Intense Arctic Cyclone of August 2012. 16
Workshop, St. Adele, QC, Canada 22-27 Sep 2013

AMS Conf. on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography Sep 2013
Bosart, L.F., Turchioe A.H. 2013: A Synoptic-Dynamic Analysis of the Intense Arctic Cyclone of Early
August 2012. 12
AMS Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanology, Seattle, WA 29 Apr-01 May

Special Skills NCAR Command Language (NCL)
Ability to write code and develop models for immense variety of atmospheric variables. Used to further
improve forecast ability, gain a historical perspective on current atmospheric setup, develop forecast
models for a plethora of energy and agricultural purposes, and use for case studies of historical events
Microsoft Office
Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Aids in research, presentations, and
Allows flexibility when working on several computers with a variety of programs between different
operating systems
Can use HTML to design basic website designs and programs
Understands the importance of excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Very dedicated
worker with a passion for meteorology. Team worker, can work effectively as group leader or in support

References Dr. Lance Bosart, Distinguished Professor Synoptic/Dynamic Meteorology, Albany, NY
Mr. Jon Davis, Meteorologist, Meteorology Team Lead, Earthrisk Technologies, Chicago, IL
Mr. Mark Russo, Meteorologist, Senior Weather Analyst, Earthrisk Technologies, Chicago, IL
Mr. Josh Darr, Meteorologist, Vice President Catastrophe Risk Management Services, Chicago, IL
Dr. David Changnon, Professor Climatology MET Undergraduate Coordinator, DeKalb, IL