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Talent for Future – Workflow Diagram

The details of the

candidates are
selects stored in the
candidates from database.

This UserId and

HR sends TFF Password is used by
URL, User Id &
the candidates to
login to the TFF site

Candidate HR sends the exact date on

confirms the which the candidates would
Declines the Offer have to join Cognizant.
DateOfBirth and
This information can be
Email id viewed by the candidate
whenever he logs in to the
TFF site.
HR sends Date
of Joining

Candidate Candidate
Candidate Defers
Declines the Confirms the
the Date of Joining
Offer Joining Date

Candidate Enters
the E-On Board
Details The candidate can defer
the date of joining to a
later date.

HR Activity

Student Activity
After Send TFF URL :

Student’s Home page :

When they click the here link:

I, Me, Myself Page:
When they click the For Certifications Click here link :

After student confirmed the Email id and DOB their home page:

After Date Intimation : Student Home page:

When they click the here link:
After students confirmed their offer Home page:

E- On Board Page1:

Page 2:

Page 3:
Page 4:

Page 5: