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Alpha State Five Star Award Newsletter

DKG Vision Statement: Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide
Envisioning the Future
and Celebrating the Past
Observance of Founders Day &
Eta Zetas 51st Birthday
Presenter: President Nancy Newton,
Texas State Organization
Date: May 19, 2014
Time: 5:15 p.m. Eat & Socialize
6:15 p.m. Meeting
Location: On the Border
3130 Knox Street
Dallas, Texas 75205
Inspiration/Meditation: Linda Wood
Hostesses: Aundrea Wright Young, Melanie
Moseley, Tobizena Williams
Facilitators: Carolyn Lipton, Debbie Duke,
Cynthia DeVies, Elizabeth Taheri
Volume 50, Issue 7 Eta Zeta, Chapter 174, Dallas, Dallas County, Area IX, Texas State Organization, Texas
April/May 2014 The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Eta Zeta Press wants to know.We are looking
forward to hearing from you!
Contact: Aundrea Wright Young,
Communications Chair
By Mail: 4625 Hazelhurst Lane
Dallas, Texas 75227
By Email:
By Phone: 214-827-2395
Please submit information for publication by July 31st.
Evelyns Expressions

When I joined Eta Zeta
Chapter in 1994 I never dreamed
of becoming the president. Now I
am writing my last Evelyns Expressions, preparing
to preside over my last chapter meeting, May 19, 2014,
and getting ready to pass on the torch June 31, 2014. I
will always cherish the memories of our 50

Anniversary Celebration. It has been a great experience.
Thank you very much.
The Dallas County Coordinating Council
Spring Luncheon was lovely. Sharon Kraus, TSO
Music Chairman, played beautifully as usual and
Aundrea Wright Young was presented a Cora
McFarland Scholarship. Other members in attendance
were Mary Bixler, Heather Hawthorne, Beverly
Leonard, Norma Matthews, Seretha Merchant,
Mary Claire Welch and yours truly.
Thanks to all committee chairmen. I have one
final reminder for you and future chairmen. Remember,
you do not have to have all face to face meetings. A
committee chair can always get a teleconference dial-in
number at www.Free Conference or you may
use the chapter number. Always keep in touch with
your committee members and allow them to work. Prior
to your first teleconference meeting, be sure to review
teleconference etiquette. In my opinion, committees are
the heartbeat of the chapter.
Thanks to chapter officers. You have been very
supportive. Thanks a million. Hang on just a little

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Eta Zeta Chapter Programs for
Expand the Vision:
Educate, Inspire, Encourage

August 19

September 23

Program: Community College Connection
Time: 5:15 PM Eat and Socialize 6:15 PM -Meeting
Location: Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75218
Hostesses: Elizabeth Taheri, Judy Bryant

October 28

November 25

January 27

February 24

March 24

April 5

May 19

June 19-21

Program: Getting to Know You/ Salad Supper Reverie
Time: 6:00 PM Eat, Socialize, Meeting
Location: St. Luke United Methodist Church
5710 R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75223
Hostesses: Executive Board and Carolyn Lipton
Program: Partner Up: The World is Our Frontier
Time: 5:15 PM Eat and Socialize 6:15 PM- Meeting
Location: Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75218
Hostesses: Mary Bixler, Jeannie Morrison, Elia Pardo
Program: Expand the Vision: Welcome New Eta Zeta Roses
Time: 5:15 PM Eat and Socialize 6:15- Meeting
Location: Casa Cavazos
5409 N. Jim Miller Road, Ste. 239 Dallas, Texas 75227
Hostesses: Leigh Taylor, Yvonne Manuel, Patricia Webb,
Jean Stoner, Sandra Woodruff
Program: Our Heritage: Steps Through Time
Time: 5:15 PM Socialize 6:00 PM -Meeting
Location: Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 N. Buckner Blvd. , Dallas, Texas 75218
Hostesses: Kathryn Hons, Sandra McMillen, Jane Walker
Program: The Look of Success: Centsless Shopping
Time: 5:15 PM Eat and Socialize 6:15- Meeting
Location: Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 N. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75218
Hostesses: Joanne Szalay, Kendra Perkins, Elaine Thomas
Dallas County Coordinating
Council Luncheon
Brookhaven Country Club
85th Texas State Organization
Elegante Hotel in Lubbock, Texas
Program: Envisioning the Future and Celebrating Our Past
Time: 6:00 PM Eat,and Socialize 6:15- Meeting
Location: On the Border
3130 Knox Street, Dallas, Texas 75205
Hostesses: Aundrea Wright Young, Melanie Moseley,
Tobizena Williams
Program: Education...Whats Working, Whats Not
Time: 5:15 PM Eat and Socialize 6:15- Meeting
Location: Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75218
Hostesses: Ida Durham LaTonya Hadnot
Delta Kappa Gamma promotes professional and
personal growth of women educators and excellence
in education.
Get ready, get ready, get ready, as the
Reverend T. D. Jakes says. Lets get ready to go to the
Texas State Organization Convention in Lubbock, Texas.
We are going to learn, learn, learn and have fun, fun, and
more fun. We are going to meet other Delta Kappa Gamma
members from all over the state and renew acquaintances
from previous years. I am excited and want you to share in
my excitement. Get Ready!
As you know, the May 19 meeting will be held at
On the Border, 3130 Knox Street. In order to expedite
time, I will email the menu to you so that you will be
prepared to order as soon as you are seated. Since this is my
last meeting in which to preside, I want all of you to attend
if possible. Our Texas State Organization President, Nancy
Newton, will be our speaker. Isnt that great? We will have
the installation of officers, presentation of the Chapter
Achievement Award and perfect attendance certificates and
I have one last request. I declared the week of
April 28-May 2, Eta Zeta Early Career Mentoring
Week. I want every member to encourage an early career
teacher by calling, visiting, writing a note and so forth.
Upon completion, send me an email saying done. Thanks
to members who are mentoring continuously. We have two
early career teachers in our chapter. They are Diana
Gonzalez and Heather Hawthorne.
Finally, always be mindful of our sisters needing
and remember, I will always love you.

Forward Moving Ever,

Evelyn Hamilton
Eta Zeta Chapter President

Shall we Sell Umbrellas?
Why not???
Our umbrella sales helped our chapter
to fund Grants-in-Aid to deserving students. The
Executive Board is seeking to find a new and
improved version of an umbrella to carry the DKG
logo! If so, our convention sales will be scheduled
soon. Volunteer to help out at the TSO Convention!


Eta Zeta Birthday
April Birthdays
Bettye Cooke April 9
Johnnie Cunningham April 13
Judy Bryant April 15
Sue Laird April 25
Anna Ruth Penn April 27
May Birthdays
Jane Walker May 2
Lisa Bagley May 3
Dr, Selma Hughes May 3
Aundrea Young May 20
Karen Hickman May 21
June Birthdays
Marca Lee Bircher June 8
Carolyn Lipton June 6
Diana Gonzalez June 11
Mary Florence June 23
July Birthdays
Tobizena Williams July 1
Elia Pardo July 3
Ida Durham July 4
Bradley Sue Howell July 15
Mary Bixler July 23

A Delta Kappa Gamma
As women, and particularly as
female professionals, we are often
subject to messages that, either subtly
or overtly, tell us we arent enough. Messages
that tell us were not smart enough or educated
enoughwere not young enough or old enough
we havent been teaching long enough, we dont
have enough experience in administration, and even
that we dont care enough. However, one of the
blessings about belonging to an organization like
Delta Kappa Gamma is the reinforcement that you
ARE enoughyouand your accomplishments
are worthy. Does that mean that we rest on our
laurels? Does that mean we stop striving to
achieve? Certainly not! But just the reinforcement
and recognition of our own worthour own sense
that we are enoughcan be a powerful beacon
when the going gets tough, as it often can in the
field of education.
The fact that each of us is sitting here today
means that our accomplishments, public and private,
large and small, havent gone unnoticedthat
others recognize the sacrifice each of us has made to
further the field of education and professional status
for women educators. And that, my sisters, is most
definitely ENOUGH!
Thank you.
Lisa Bagley
Eta Zeta Chapter
Initiated 2013
Web Watcher Scavenger Hunt
Answer three of the four questions correctly first
and win a treasure box at the Eta Zeta meeting!
1) What is the destination for DKG Road
Scholars in October?
2) Where and when is the TSO Convention to
be held?
3) What is the topic of the Techno-Tip for
4) Who is our Area 9 Coordinator?
Dont sign up to
sing with Sharon!
The Texas State Organization Choir is forming. The
songs have been chosen. We have the best chapter
harmony in the state! Join your voices with
Sharons leadership!
Sign up on your Registration Form.
Eta Zeta is so proud of
Sharon Kraus,
TSO Music Chair!

Sharon Kraus
I have taught forty-three years
plus three years as a substitute. While
substituting, I was a permanent sub
making it a total of forty-six years I
have served as a teacher/counselor.
I have taught junior high, middle school, and high
school Choir, Reading, Algebra, Geometry, Math Models,
Consumer Math, Texas History, English 1, 2, 3 and
Humanities, General Music, and Physical Science. (I
subbed in Homemaking, Latin, Band, Orchestra, Choir,
Art as well as Math, English, History and Science.)
I taught at Hood Junior High, Sequoyah Middle
School, Pearl C. Anderson Elementary/Intermediate
School, Rylie Middle School, Fred Florence Middle
School, Seagoville High School, W.W. Samuell High
School, and finished out my Career as a Counselor at
Bryan Adams High School for 13 years.
Travel is the word I think of as I think of
retirement. (I really want to get more involved with the
Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theater
Awards program judging shows.)

Robin Gattis

I have taught thirty-four
years at Seagoville Elementary in the Dallas Independent
School District. The majority of those years were spent in
Kindergarten with five years spent in third grade. The one
word that comes to mind is to "relax" (at least for 1 day) :-)
Eta Zeta Chapter wishes all of our retiring
members the best in their retirement. We know that each is
already planning their next activities because that is who
they are. We would like to note that travel, volunteering,
and yes, rest and relaxation, are activities. Freedom to
choose what you want to do next is a wonderful option for
these gifted ladies. We know they will do great things
because that is who they are.

Eta Zeta Chapter members Mary Bixler, Linda
Wood, Sharon Kraus, and Robin Gattis have made the
decision to retire from Dallas Independent School District.
We would like to honor them for their contribution to
education and wish them well in their next endeavors.
Lets hear from them!
Mary Bixler
I have taught thirty-nine years:
twenty-eight years in Dallas ISD. Twenty-
two years have been at Harry Stone
Montessori, three years were at Amelia Earhart in West
Dallas, and three years were at Birdie Alexander in Oak
Cliff. I taught eleven years in private Montessori schools.
Six years were spent at St. James Montessori and five
years were spent at Dallas Montessori Academy.
I have taught children ages two to twelve, though
not all at once or in the same classroom. For my twenty-
two years at Harry Stone, I have taught in a multi-age
(first to third grade) self-contained Montessori class,
teaching all subjects: Language, Math, Reading, Science,
and Social Studies.
Travel is the word I think of for retirement
because I will go to Lubbock for the State Convention in
June, Atlanta in July and August to be with my daughter
Shelley, future grandson and his dad Charles,.I will
possibly travel to Nepal in October with my childhood
friend ,Sara, and probably back to Atlanta again later.
I plan to continue training teachers in Montessori,
which is much less time consuming that teaching 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd graders every day.
Linda Wood
I am retiring after forty-
three years in education. One year was
spent substituting and eleven years were
spent teaching Kindergarten, first, and
second grade in New Jersey. I moved to Dallas in 1983
and taught first grade for eight years. I then became a
librarian and have been in that position for twenty-three
years. I've worked in five schools - two in New Jersey and
three in Dallas. The word that comes to mind is free.
is in the Air
Suggested Retirement Activities: Sleep, pleasure
reading, sleep, yoga, movies, sleep, lunch longer than
thirty minutes with friends, travel to far away places,
writing the great American novel, sleep, visiting
family you have not seen for decades, swimming, get the idea. A Retiree


Indianapolis Awaits
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
International Convention
July 28-August 1, 2014 in Indianapolis
Registration deadline: June 28, 2014
Convention Hotel: J.W. Marriott Hotel
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Convention will convene in Indianapolis with
eighteen member countries and eighty state
organizations being represented. For more
information please go to . If you
are considering attending, please let Evelyn
Hamilton know.

Eta Zeta Chapter
2014-2016 Officers
Sandra Foster Brown
1st Vice President:
Mary Bixler
2nd Vice President:
Ida Durham
Recording Secretary:
Ona Calvo
Corresponding Secretary:
Aundrea Wright Young
Leigh Taylor
Past President:
Evelyn Hamilton
Judy Bryant
Eta Zeta Chapter proudly presents:
Where Would You Like to Serve
Eta Zeta Chapter?
Eta Zeta Chapter committees will be
forming in the upcoming month. President Evelyn
Hamilton has sent two documents by email to help
you understand the committee structure in our
Society. There is one document entitled, Society
Functions Needed at the Chapter Level and then
another entitled, TSO StructureA Guide for
Chapter Committees. Please read over the two
documents to determine where you think your talents
would serve Eta Zeta Chapter the best. Incoming
Chapter President Sandra Foster Brown will be
working to make committee assignments and she
will welcome your requests. While committee
assignments will be made to balance participation, it
will be helpful to share your preferences.
Thank you to all Eta Zeta members for the
work you have done this past biennium!
Eta Zeta 2012-2014
Executive Board, thank you for your
leadership, time, talents, humor,
efficiency, and love!
Eveyn Hamilton, Sandra Foster Brown,
Karen Hickman, Aundrea Wright Young,
Mary Claire Welch, Debbie Duke,
Joanne Szalay, Barbara Stoddard


Eta Zeta Chapter Represented at
DCCC Spring Luncheon
Everywhere you looked were Delta Kappa
Gamma members you knew. The Dallas County
Coordinating Council Spring Luncheon was held at
Brookhaven Country Club on April 5th, 2014. The
theme of the luncheon was Reflections of Delta Kappa
Gamma and there were nine members of Eta Zeta
Chapter in attendance. Those members in attendance
were Sharon Kraus, Evelyn Hamilton, Mary Claire
Welch, Mary Bixler, Norma Matthews, Aundrea
Wright Young, Beverly Leonard, Seretha Merchant,
and Heather Hawthorne. President Nancy Newton
honored us with a pose for a chapter picture as our
favorite Eta Zeta TSO Music Chair, Sharon Kraus,
provided accompaniment for the occasion.
Many of our chapter members were recognized
at the luncheon for their work in the Society. Our
Chapter President, Evelyn Hamilton, was recognized
for her leadership. Sharon Kraus was recognized for
her position at the state level as Music Chair. Cynthia
DeVies, Mary Claire Welch, and Melanie Moseley
were recognized for serving on state committees.
Aundrea Wright Young was honored with a
scholarship from Cora McFarland Scholarship
Committee. Kendall Hasse, one of our past members
who has recently transferred to another chapter near her
home, was awarded a Cora McFarland scholarship also.
President Nancy Newton delivered a keynote
speech entitled, Where Do We Go from Here?. In her
address, she noted the accomplishments and activities of
each of the chapters. She offered praise to our chapter
for its efforts to mentor early educators and to volunteer
in the schools as a means of our support..
The DCCC Spring Luncheon, as always,
provided a wonderful occasion for us to reflect upon the
years activities in our chapter, in our Area 9, at the state
level, and as an international Society. It also gave our
new members an opportunity to see what Delta Kappa
Gamma looks like beyond our chapter. We are so glad
our new initiates, Beverly Leonard, Heather
Hawthorne, and Seretha Merchant, were able to join
us to see some Reflections of Delta Kappa Gamma,
our honor Society of professional women educators.

(R to L) President Evelyn Hamilton, Mary Claire Welch, Mary Bixler,
Norma Mathews, Beverly Leonard, TSO President Nancy Newton,
Heather Hawthorne, Seretha Merchant, and Aundrea Wright Young.
Sharon Kraus provides
accompaniment for
DCCC Luncheon.
Aundrea Wright Young was awarded a
Cora McFarland Scholarship.
Eta Zeta Chapter Awards from Texas State
Organization for 2013-2014... So Far
Annie Award
Five Star Newsletter
Exemplary Yearbook
Early Bird Award
Chapter President
Evelyn Hamilton was
recognized for her
outstanding work as
Eta Zeta Chapter


Eta Zeta Spotlight
Bonnie Jean Stoner
We would like to turn our Eta Zeta
Chapter spotlight on one of our newer members, Bonnie
Jean Stoner. She is often called Jean; however, she
has been known to respond when the name Bonnie
Jean is used. We are happy to have her in our chapter
and will refer to her by whatever name she wants to be
called. We will refer to her in this instance as Jean. Jean
brings energy, wisdom, and an enthusiasm for
volunteering to help struggling readers to our chapter.
Her involvement in other community groups enhances
her viewpoint and understanding of leadership.
Jean is, what you may refer to as, a reluctant
educator. It was her mothers dream for Jean to become
a teacher. Jeans response was, No, never! Born in
Chicago, Illinois, Jeans family moved to Dallas when
she was in elementary school. She attended Lipscomb
Elementary, J.L. Long Middle School, and began her
high school years at Woodrow Wilson High School
when PopAshburn was serving as principal. To her
disappointment, her family moved to Columbus, Ohio
before she could graduate from Woodrow. She
graduated from North High School in Columbus, Ohio
and can proudly claim that she was a North Polar Bear.
All the publications for the high school made use of the
root word polar to align with the concept of being
from North High School. The Polarius and the
Polarian were two of the publications marking the
history of Jeans attendance in a high school north of
the borders of Texas.
Jeans education in Ohio was furthered when
she enrolled in Ohio State University. While her mother
was certain she was majoring in the much longed for
topic of education, Jean was taking a variety of courses
leading to a Liberal Arts degree. While taking an
Educational Psychology course to further the illusion of
her pursuit of a degree in education, Jean commented,
I hated it. Before receiving her college degree, Jean
fell in love, married her sweetheart and began to have
children. Within two years of her wedding Jean and her
husband moved to Texas. Jean and her husband had two
children, Scott and Todd. Any reluctance her husband
had about moving to Texas faded upon experiencing
life in Texas.
Jeans first job was working with Kindergarten
age children in a daycare in Dallas, Texas. When the
daycare owner offered her a job of directing the daycare
for $1.99 per hour, she declined the job and went back to
school at East Texas State University at Commerce to earn
a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.
The effectiveness of her work with the children at the
daycare center landed her a job at Hotchkiss as an teacher
assistant. Two years later she taught at Dunbar Elementary
to work in a federally funded program position serving
four year olds. When the funding changes occurred, she
moved to R.C. Buckner in Pleasant Grove where she
taught Kindergarten and first grade for twenty years. Jean
served as an educator in a computer lab for two years at
Anderson Elementary, opened the library at Cuellar
Elementary where she remained for four years gaining
certification from North Texas University to continue her
work in the library. Jean retired from the DISD after
twenty eight years in education. She returned to teach
Kindergarten at Hexter Elementary for one additional
Today, Jean has a Masters degree of Liberal Arts
earned from Southern Methodist University. She has a son
living in Spring, Texas and another in Carrollton, Texas.
Each are married and her grandchildren enhance her life.
Jean enjoys travel and theatre. She will be serving as Co-
President of the Dallas Theater Center during the
upcoming year. She has been involved in the Old Lake
Highlands Neighborhood Association, the Mystery Book
Club and the Theatre Center Book Club.
Jean was invited into membership in Delta Kappa
Gamma by her former colleague and friend, Joanne
Szalay. It was the influence of Delta Kappa Gamma on
world education that interested Jean. When asked to
become involved in Eta Zeta Chapter, she saw it as an
opportunity to participate in helping to further literacy.
Giving to the Rainbow Room and volunteering at Hexter
Elementary to help struggling readers are favorite Eta Zeta
Chapter activities. While Jean may have been a reluctant
educator, an educator she has become.. a gifted one.
With respect and love,
Eta Zeta Chapter

Eta Zeta Takes on
Working? Whats Not?
with Vernell Gregg
By Mary Claire Welch
When the topic,
EducationWhat is working? What is not? is presented to a
speaker with the expectation that the presentation will take
approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, most speakers
would shy away. How could they hit the difficult issues or
allow a group the opportunity to weigh in on the discussion.
Vernell Gregg neither shied away from the difficult issues nor
avoided the participation by Eta Zeta members. A great
presenter, Vernell Gregg, faced the topic with enthusiasm,
knowledge and inspiration. She welcomed comments and
encouraged discussion of important issues between Eta Zeta
members. Her information reflected thought, research,
experience, and hope.
Vernell Gregg has many accomplishments. She has
spent 23 years in the classroom. She has worked in elementary
and middle schools, and has taught at the college level She
holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, a Master of
Arts in Professional Development, and is currently working
on a Doctorate in Family Studies. She is also a certified Family
Life Counselor. She has taught Gifted/Talented and Reading
courses at Texas Womans University. Among her many
accomplishments, she served on the Lewisville ISD School
Board for six years. Vernell is a member of Kappa Theta
Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. She has a working
knowledge of the educational world from many perspectives. It
was a pleasure to have her as a speaker.
Gregg reported that among the list of things that are
working are dedicated educators who continue to attempt to
provide the best for students success. She noted that many
educators have a passion and zeal to see students become
responsible and productive citizens. She reported that some of
the challenges even the most passionate educators have been
faced with are being embraced by professional organizations.
Those challenges are: Reduced class size, remedial help for at-
risk students, an increase in fine arts classes, an increase in the
number of career and technology centers, and more course
offerings that yield certifications for students to enter the
workforce upon graduation. Despite all challenges, Texas
Education Agency reports a steady increase in the graduation
Gregg shared some interesting information about
work done from 2006 to 2008 by thirty-five superintendents
across our state. The Public Education Visioning Institute
was a collaborative effort intended to identify principles that, if
embraced, would transform the education system. The
resulting document was Creating a New Vision for Public
Education in Texas. The educational leaders thought
students would need to develop knowledge, attitudes, skills,
creativity, and rigorous thinking to meet the challenges of the
future. The superintendents vision of future educational needs
was influenced by their anticipation of the changing landscape
of the digital social and economic environments we now see
redefining our lives daily. The six principles necessary for a
students success were a new digital learning environment,
new learning standards, assessments for learning,
accountability for learning, organizational transformation,
and a more balanced and reinvigorated state and local
partnership. Engaging more students was an additional goal.
When thinking of what is not working in education,
Vernell Gregg suggested two specific issues. She thought it
ineffective educationally to neglect the students in the lowest
socioeconomic schools. Her concern was that those students
who need the materials the most are the last to get them. She
also commented, Another thing that is not working well is
allowing politicians and businessmen and businesswomen to
make most of the decisions that relate to public education.
Topics that are emerging at this time are charter schools and
Home Rule District.
The course of how we have arrived at the current state
of education was reviewed by Vernell. It was a legislative
sequence and a legislative unfolding of the current state of our
educational environment. Vernell Greggs information made
us think. So how did we get here? I guess one could say, Law
by law. Maybe we should refocus and ask how education can
be effective. Could it be student by student? It would seem
only an educator who knows a student can truly answer that
question. How many educators are in the legislature? Delta
Kappa Gamma members find your voice. You know a lot of
students who need you.
VOTETEXAS.GOV Website an Online
Valuable Resource
Be a voter! Knowing when, where, and how
to vote can be a deterrent to educators participating in
the voting process. The VOTETEXAS.GOV website
contains valuable information to make the voting
process easier. This website is created by the Texas
Secretary of States office. Nandita Berry, appointee
of Governor Rick Perry, is currently serving in the
position. Election calendars, dates, procedures,
means of registration, and more are available on the
website. Go online and discover all you need to
know. Vote in the upcoming election on:
May 27, 2014

Paint the town
Red and Gold
Lubbock 2014
Your AC

I have a friend who is a vice principal in
Virginia. They have had many bad weather days this
year so her school year will not end until June 26. I
asked if she plans to decorate for Fourth of July!
Probably there will be fireworks celebrating the release
of the students to their parents, finally. Fortunately our
school year will end much sooner. Even members no
longer in the classroom can feel the collective sigh of
relief as another year closes.
Another year is closing for your chapter also.
June 30 will mark the end of one biennium and the
beginning of another. For most of the chapters the gavel
will pass to a new set of officers. (Do I hear
fireworks?!) They will be working over the summer so
that your chapter will be off to a great start in August/
It is hard for me to believe that the first year of
my biennium as your AC has also passed. Time really
does fly when you are having fun. As my final message
to you for the year I want to express my gratitude for the
many, many kindnesses I have experienced. You are
truly a wonderful group of people and I have learned so
much from you.
I wish all of you a very restful, fun, and
refreshing summer. I look forward to working with you
next year. Hopefully, I will get to see many of you in
Lubbock and/or Indianapolis.
And ladies, a very Happy Mothers Day to all of
you who have cared for another human being and
nourished them with love. May you always receive that
same blessing.
Take care of you,
Michelle Grandinetti
Area 9 Coordinator
Register Now for:
The 85th Annual
Texas Organization
June 19-21, 2014

First, REGISTER ONLINE or by mail. See Lone Star
News. Next, do you have a place to stay? If not, here are
some hotels where you can book a room.

MCM Elegante The Holiday Inn Hotel and Towers
is now MCM Elegante!! Directly across the street from
Lubbock Convention Center. This is the
Online Booking:

MCM Elegante--Reservations-- CAN call 8 a.m. to 6
p.m. directly to hotel for reservations.
Phone number is 806-763-1200.
Ask for DKG Rate!
Room rate is $95.00 King atrium suites $115 plus
taxes. The deadline for reservations is May 20.

Overton Hotel The Overton Hotel is only .9
miles from the Lubbock Convention Center, near Texas
Tech campus.
Online Booking:
Phone numbers are 806-776-7000 or 1-888-776-7001 for
ASK for DKG rate!
Room rate is $129. plus taxes
The deadline for reservations is May 19.
BOTH hotels and Convention Center
have FREE parking.

Time to Register for Area 9 Workshop!
Registration Due May 29, 2014
Cost: $12 per member
Date of Workshop: September 20, 2014
Send to: Debbie Duke
1181 W. Remington Place
Terrell, Texas 75160
Make your check out to:
Eta Zeta Chapter


Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Eta Zeta Chapter Meeting Minutes
Sharing our Vision, Strengthening our Society
Expand the Vision: Educate, Inspire, Encourage
Highland Park Cafeteria
March 24, 2014

Evelyn Hamilton

Call to Order
Evelyn Hamilton

Lisa Bagley
We Are Enough

Adoption of Agenda
The agenda was adopted by consensus.

Introduction of Speaker
Sandra Foster Brown
Program: EducationWhats Working-Whats Not: Fill the Gaps
Speaker: Vernell Gregg

Initiation Ceremony
Cynthia DeVies
New Members: Heather Hawthorne, Beverly Leonard, Seretha Merchant

Approval of Chapter Minutes
The minutes were approved with noted corrections.

Treasurers Report
Debbie Duke
The corrected Treasurers Report was distributed via email and will be filed for audit.

Joanne Szalay
March Birthdays were celebrated in song.


*Lisa Bagley was accepted as an AP (Advanced Placement) Reader for the month of June.
*DKG umbrellas are selling for $15.00 each.
*Beverly Leonard lost her brother. Please keep Beverly in your thoughts and prayers.

Mary Claire Welch
*Thanks to Leigh Taylor for Centless Shopping photos.
*Thanks to Sandra Foster Brown for Heritage Program photos.
*Thanks to Norma Matthews for Global Awareness column.
*Thanks to Sharon Kraus for advertisement for state convention.
*Thanks to Melanie Moseley, Cynthia DeVies, Mary Claire Welch, and Aundrea.
*Kudos to Patricia Webb on a successful 82
South Central Regional Conference in Dallas.

Mary Claire Welch

The following members will serve on the Nominating Committee:
Elementary Ida Durham
Secondary Lisa Bagley
Past Officer Debbie Duke
Management Susan Laird
Retired Cynthia DeVies
The proposed members of the Nominating Committee were accepted by acclamation.

Mary Bixler
*If you havent received your chapter yearbook, please see Mary Bixler.
*Mary Claire Welch mailed the yearbook to all reserve members.
*If you would like to order a magnetic nameplate, please see Mary Bixler.

Educational Excellence
Sandra Foster Brown
Programs and Service Projects Committee

*Thank you again for a successful Centsless Shopping event.
*Please remember to document your hours for the Mentoring Mint.
*Rainbow Room donation collected was $85.00.


Research Committee
Dr. Yvonne Manuel
An Overview of the History of Public Education in Texas

Jane Walker
*If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund started by Evelyn Hamilton, please let her
*The chapter will give $300.00 to a high school student pursuing a degree in education.

Bradley Sue Howell
Voting was held for the Chapter Achievement Award to be announced at the May meeting.

Seretha Merchant will assist in the fundraising for the sale of umbrellas at the Texas State
Organization Convention.

Presidents Report
Evelyn Hamilton
*Congratulations to our new members.
*Thanks go to Sandra McMillan for serving on the Cora MacFarland Committee.
*Tobienza Williams is still in the hospital.
*Thanks to those who participated in Dallas Reads at Hexter Elementary.
*Sandra Foster Brown and Evelyn Hamilton attended the Eta Eta Chapter Meeting.

Cynthia DeVies
Review of web Scavenger Hunt questions in the newsletter.

Delta Kappa Gamma Song

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.
Submitted by Aundrea Young, Recording Secretary