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11-12 Argumentative Unit 3 Plan

Unit: David Foster Wallaces prose other than fiction

Unit Description: tudents !ill !rite an argumentative s"nthesis essa"#
$ength: % !ee&s
- Nonfiction always has a perspective; it is not an indisputable delivery
of facts.

- Effective communicators thoughtfully manipulate language to convey
the appropriate message for the specific audience and purpose.
'ssential (uestions - How do you cope while maturing?
- How does the mode of communication alter the effectiveness of the
)ommon )ore

*eading: $iterature
))#*$#11-12#1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support
analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the
text including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain.
))#*$#11-12#2: !etermine two or more themes or central ideas of a text
and analy"e their development over the course of the text including how they
interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an
ob#ective summary of the text.
))#*$#11-12#+: !etermine the meaning of words and phrases as they are
used in the text including figurative and connotative meanings; analy"e the
impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone including words with
multiple meanings or language that is particularly fresh engaging or beautiful.
$%nclude &ha'espeare as well as other authors.(
))#*$#11-12#,: )naly"e a case in which grasping a point of view re*uires
distinguishing what is directly stated in a text from what is really meant $e.g.
satire sarcasm irony or understatement(.
))#*$#11-12#-: )naly"e multiple interpretations of a story drama or poem
$e.g. recorded or live production of a play or recorded novel or poetry(
evaluating how each version interprets the source text.
))#*$#11-12#1.: +y the end of grade ,- read and comprehend literature
including stories dramas and poems at the high end of the grades ,,-CC.
text complexity band independently and proficiently.
))#W#11-12#1: /rite arguments to support claims in an analysis of
substantive topics or texts using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient
))#W#11-12#+: 0roduce clear and coherent writing in which the
development organi"ation and style are appropriate to tas' purpose and
audience. $1rade-specific expectations for writing types are defined in
standards ,-2 above.(
))#W#11-12#%: !evelop and strengthen writing as needed by planning
revising editing rewriting or trying a new approach focusing on addressing
what is most significant for a specific purpose and audience. $Editing for
conventions should demonstrate command of 3anguage standards ,-2 up to
and including grades ,,-,- here.(
))#W#11-12#-: Conduct short as well as more sustained research pro#ects to
answer a *uestion $including a self-generated *uestion( or solve a problem;
narrow or broaden the in*uiry when appropriate; synthesi"e multiple sources on
the sub#ect demonstrating understanding of the sub#ect under investigation.
))#W#11-12#/: 1ather relevant information from multiple authoritative print
and digital sources using advanced searches effectively; assess the strengths
and limitations of each source in terms of the tas' purpose and audience;
integrate information into the text selectively to maintain the flow of ideas
avoiding plagiarism and overreliance on any one source and following a
standard format for citation.
))#W#11-12#0: !raw evidence from literary or informational texts to support
analysis reflection and research.
))#W#11-12#1.: /rite routinely over extended time frames $time for
research reflection and revision( and shorter time frames $a single sitting or a
day or two( for a range of tas's purposes and audiences.
pea&ing and $istening
))#$#11-12#1: %nitiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative
discussions $one-on-one in groups and teacher-led( with diverse partners on
grades ,,-,- topics texts and issues building on others4 ideas and expressing
their own clearly and persuasively.
))#$#11-12#3: Evaluate a spea'er4s point of view reasoning and use of
evidence and rhetoric assessing the stance premises lin's among ideas word
choice points of emphasis and tone used.
))#$#11-12#,: )dapt speech to a variety of contexts and tas's
demonstrating a command of formal English when indicated or appropriate.
$&ee grades ,,-,- 3anguage standards , and 2 here for specific expectations.(
)onventions of tandard 'nglish
))#$#11-12#1: !emonstrate command of the conventions of standard
English grammar and usage when writing or spea'ing.
))#$#11-12#2: !emonstrate command of the conventions of standard
English capitali"ation punctuation and spelling when writing.
))#$#11-12#%: !emonstrate understanding of figurative language word
relationships and nuances in word meanings.
))#$#11-12#,: )c*uire and use accurately general academic and domain-
specific words and phrases sufficient for reading writing spea'ing and
listening at the college and career readiness level; demonstrate independence
in gathering vocabulary 'nowledge when considering a word or phrase
important to comprehension or expression.
)ognitive &ills - )naly"e the effects of word choice on tone and meaning
- /rite for a specific audience and purpose
- Evaluate one5s own writing using a rubric
)ontent - /rite an argumentative synthesis essay
- )naly"e the use of sarcasm irony and satire
- 0resent an aspect of an argumentative synthesis essay
- Edit and revise drafts
1D2 Diagnostic
1F2 Formative
$!( 6 !iagnostic )ssessment7 )rgumentative 8n-!emand Essay $/ee' ,,(
$9( 6 /allace pastiche7 a criti*ue of a segment of our society $/ee' ,-(
$9( 6 0resentation and feedbac' on criti*ues $/ee' ,2(
$9( 6 &tyle analysis and comparison of media /allace and :obs $/ee' ,;(
$9( 6 Characteri"ation analysis of /allace in a variety of texts. $/ee' ,<(
$&=9( - /ho is !avid 9oster /allace? )rgumentative &ynthesis Essay7
&tudents will draw evidence from a variety of texts and media to write a profile
of !avid 9oster /allace. $/ee' ,>(
$&=9( - 1rade ,- )rgumentative 8n-!emand /riting )ssessment7 )naly"e the
characteri"ation of !avid 9oster /allace in an interview that the students have
not seen before. $/ee' ,>(
$&=9( 6 .eflection of )ssessment $/ee' ,>(

4e5ts3*esources hort 4e5ts
- 3aura ?iller5s review of ) &upposedly 9un @hing %5ll Never !o )gain
- A@he 3ost Bears and 3ast !ays of !avid 9oster /allaceC by !avid 3ips'y
- Boutube clip of !avid 9oster /allace describing commercial literature and
reading 7
- &teve :obs5 commencement speech to &tanford $-GG< 6 both print and
- excerpts from Every 3ove &tory is a 1host &tory by !.@. ?ax
$ong 4e5t
- ) collection of prose other than fiction of !avid 9oster /allace; including
A@his is /aterC A&hipping 8ut7 8n the $nearly lethal( comforts of a luxury
cruiseC AE=,,7 @he Iiew from the ?idwestC A@ic'et to the 9airC AConsider the
3obsterC and A@ennis @rigonometry and @ornadoes7 ) ?idwestern +oyhoodC

$earning Activities Wee& 11 11131.-1131+2
,. &tudents will complete a reading=writing diagnostic assessment $A)re
the web filters at your school too restrictive?C(. $.3, .3- .3; .3>
.3,G /, /; /< /J /K /E 3, 3- 3< 3>(
-. &tudents will peer edit self-edit and revise the diagnostic. $.3, .3-
/; /< 3, 3-(
Wee& 12 11131--113212
,. &tudents will analy"e the diction purpose and theme of !avid 9oster
/allace5s A@ic'et to the 9airC and A&hipping 8ut7 8n the $nearly lethal(
comforts of a luxury cruiseC $.3, .3- .3; /,(
-. &tudents will write an argumentative essay that critici"es a segment of
our society. @his will be based off of their Ain the fieldC notes and serve
as a pastiche of /allace5s wor'. $/, /; /< /J(
2. &tudents will peer and self-edit these essays and revise for tas'
purpose and audience.$/, /; /< &3, 3, 3-(
Wee& 13 11132+-1132/2
,. &tudents will present essays and criti*ue each other based on a class-
created rubric. $.3< .3J /, /J &32(
Wee& 1+ 11231-123%2
,. &tudents will analy"e and evaluate /allace5s style and purpose in both
the written and audio versions of A@his is /ater.C $.3< .3J /, /J
-. &tudents will analy"e and evaluate &teve :obs5 style and purpose in
both the written and audio versions of his commencement speech to
&tanford. $.3, .3- /2 /; /< &32(.
Wee& 1% 1123/-123122
,. &tudents will analy"e /allace5s development of theme through his use
of words and structure in either AConsider the 3obsterC AE=,,7@he Iiew
from the ?idwestC or A@ennis @rigonometry and @ornadoes7 )
?idwestern +oyhoodC $.3- .3; /, /; 3<(
-. &tudents will a brief argumentative synthesis essay about a favorite
celebrity titled A/ho is LLLLL?C $/, /; /K /E 3< 3>(.
2. &tudents will analy"e the characteri"ation of /allace in a variety of
texts including two of the following7 3aura ?iller5s review of )
&upposedly 9un @hing %5ll Never !o )gain A@he 3ost Bears and 3ast
!ays of !avid 9oster /allaceC by !avid 3ips'y excerpts from Every
3ove &tory is a 1host &tory by !.@. ?ax and Bou@ube clips of various
/allace interviews. $.3, .3- .3; /, /J /K /E(.
Wee& 1, 11231%-123102
,. &tudents will write an argumentative synthesis essay of !avid 9oster
/allace answering the *uestion A/ho is !avid 9oster /allace?C
$.3, .3- .3; /, /; /< /J /K /E 3, 3-(.
-. &tudents will peer edit and revise their essays and self-edit and revise
their essays. $/; /< 3, 3- 3< 3>(
2. &tudents will complete the on-demand writing summative=formative
assessment. $.3, .3- .3; .3< /, /< /E 3, 3-(
;. &tudents will write a reflection that discusses their performance on the
assessment. $/, /; 3, 3- 32 3< 3>(


tandards: .3.,,-,-., .3.,,-,-.- .3.,,-,-.; .3.,,-,-.< /.,,-,-., /.,,-,-.;
/.,,-,-.< /.,,-,-.J /.,,-,-.K /.,,-,-.E 3.,,-,-., 3.,,-,-.- 3.,,-,-.< 3.,,-,-.>
$iterar" 4e5ts:
)n excerpt from Every 3ove &tory is a 1host &tory by !avid 9oster /allace
Description of 4as&s:

4as& 1: &tudents will read the excerpt from Every 3ove &tory is ) 1host &tory and
answer 0).CC-li'e *uestions that focus on ?ax5s use of setting tone dialogue
structure and characteri"ation.

4as& 2: &tudents will write an argumentative essay in which they evaluate the fairness of
?ax5s characteri"ation of /allace in the excerpt.
Directions for Administering Assessment:
,. @wo <G minute period assessment to complete @as' , and @as' - $/ee' ,>(

tudents !ith pecial 6eeds:

0rovide additional time to complete each step in the writing process $prewrite

tudent Directions:
4as& 1: .ead the excerpt from Every 3ove &tory is a 1host &tory and answer 0).CC-
li'e *uestions that focus on ?ax5s use of setting tone dialogue structure and

4as& 2: +efore reading this excerpt write down what aspects of !avid 9oster /allace5s
personality are present in the illustration. )fter reading this excerpt thin' about how ?ax
describes /allace in the excerpt. @hen in your essay argue whether or not the excerpt
coupled with the illustration provide a fair characteri"ation of /allace. ?a'e sure to
provide multiple pieces of evidence from the excerpt and the illustration to support your