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Curriculum Vitae

Adv.Simi Pillay-van Graan

Biographical Details
Name : Adv. Simi Pillay-van Graan
Residential Address : Pretoria
Telephone : 0!""#$#" % &ell'
%0((' $0)() % *or+ '

Date o, Birth : ) (#)!
Age : /! 0ears
Nationality : A,rican
Race1Gender : 2ndian 3emale
4arital Stat.s : 4arried
Drivers 5icense : &ode 06 (##0
*oodh.rst Secondary School %3.ll 4atric.lation 78emption (##'
Sym9ols attained in 4atric.lation 0ear
:istory A
4athematics B
7nglish B
A,ri+aans &
Physical Science &
Biology D
Tertiary 7d.cation
;niversity o, Natal6 D.r9an6 (##$
;niversity o, Natal6 D.r9an6 (##"
;niversity o, A,rica6 !0(0
Dissertation: <Enhancing Integrity Management and its visibility
within the DPCI (Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation), with
the aim of securing public satisfaction in a democratic outh
School ,or 5egal Practice6 (##=
;niversity o, Natal6 D.r9an
Advocates Admission6 (###
S.preme &o.rt6 Pietermarit>9.rg
4icroso,t Pro@ect 4anagement6 !00"
4icroso,t Aisio6 !00"

Personal Strengths
I am a highly-qualified Executive offering close to 20 years experience in addressing
law-enforcement in the country. I am results-focused and an effective leader with proven
ability to turnaround unsuccessful initiatives such as ellphone !heft and "on-#errous
!heft into initiatives that are today owned and sustained effectively by $overnment.
%eing a legal expert& one is trained to pro-actively identify and resolve problems after
viewing it from all angles. ombined with a good business sense& is a powerful tool to
succeed as a successful and effective hief Executive 'fficer in any environment.
(nderstanding situations through careful analysis and research are critical to my
decision ma)ing s)ills. *ome of my other strengths include+
In-depth ,nowledge of the riminal -ustice *ystem across all relevant
government .epartments/
*trategy .evelopment& 0ision and 1ission 2lanning
2olicy and 2rocedure .evelopment
3egal Expert
3eadership .evelopment
,nowledge and application of good corporate governance within any organisation
4is) 1anagement
#orensic Investigations
orporate crimes investigations
2ro5ect 1anagement
2rogram 1anagement
*cenario 2lanning
1ar)eting the organi6ation and its products effectively
Environmental 7nalysis
Extrovert 2ersonality
reative and innovative thin)er
*elf- motivated and energetic
#inancial 2lanning
*ta)eholder 1anagement
*trategic 2artnerships
hange 1anagement
7mployment 78perience
(. National Prosec.ting A.thority %(##= B !00('
2rosecuted many high profile cases& mostly of a syndicate nature& with a 89:
conviction rate. Identified by the then 7ttorney $eneral& !im 1c"ally as
competent to prosecute in the ;igh ourt after only 5ust 9 months in the employ
of the "27.
P.9lic Prosec.tor
.istrict court
4egional ourt
;igh ourt
ontrol 2rosecutor <,wa-.u)u6a cluster=
%rief overview of the requirements of this position and the experience gained as
2ublic 2rosecutor in the "27+
3itigation < *exual 'ffences ourt& hildrens ourt& 'rgani6ed
rime& Inquests& 1urder and 4obbery& 1aintenance=
Investigation and litigation of high level corporate crime cases
!raining of 2rosecutors and 2olice
In-depth )nowledge of the riminal -ustice *ystem and its
operational challenges. *olution design and implementation to
address such challenges to ensure that courts were running
effectively and efficiently.
.oc)et inspections
rime scene inspection
ourt 1anagement
2roviding leadership and strategic management to all prosecutors
who reported to me.
*trategic 2lanning& implementation and monitoring
3egal advice on riminal 2rocedure 7ct& other pieces of
legislation/ on crime operations& asset forfeiture& organi6ed crime
syndicates& etc
*peciali6ed interviewing s)ills& especially when cases involved
small children and the elderly.
*trategic management and planning led to successful
prosecutions and a reduction in court rolls by >0: within ? wee)s
of roll out of plan& whilst occupying the position of ontrol
1onitoring court rolls and prosecutor performance.
!. A,rican Police Service
Specialist 5egal ?,,icer6 ?rgani>ed &rime %( o, (( appointed in the
*upervision of all organi6ed crime operations and investigations. !his
included tendering advice on all applications made to the office of the
.irector of 2ublic 2rosecutions in respect of undercover operations
<section 2@2a of the criminal procedure act @A& of A8BB=& interception and
surveillance& search and sei6ures& schedule @ and 9 bail applications&
extraditions& international contracts& forfeiture of assets& more especially
on preservation orders& issuing of section @A notices in terms of the
prevention of organi6ed crime act& confiscation orders& court procedures
in relation to these applications& and what is required for a successful
application& etc
*trategic decision ma)ing to ensure that all organised crime doc)ets
where court ready and would lead to successful prosecutions.
'ne of the )ey requirements of this position was to have )nowledge of
legislation <especially the riminal 2rocedure 7ct @A of A8BB& and the
2revention of 'rganised rime 7ct= and case law& and the ability to
correctly& and legally interpret these sources of information to ensure that
they are correctly implemented by the specialised units within the 2olice.
4elationship building and *ta)eholder management& especially in respect
to other government organisations <7sset #orfeiture (nit& "27&
orrectional *ervices& *74*& etc=
Improved the s)ills of detectives by adequately training them to carry out
their functions effectively& efficiently& and confidently.
$. B.siness Against &rime SA
National Pro@ect 4anager
ell 2hone %lac)listing <(, adopted *outh 7frican 1odel ?
months later=
"on-#errous 1etal !heft
Electricity !heft
!ransnet *atellite 2olice *tations/ etc
Export ontrol and 4egulations <International !rade 7dministration
yber rime
%rief overview of the requirements of this position and the experience gained as
"ational 2ro5ect 1anager+
*ound )nowledge of the riminal -ustice *ystem
*ound 3egal ,nowledge
!rusted insider and trusted partner of government
Environmental 7nalysis and 4esearch
7lignment of %7*7 0ision to pro5ect design and implementation
2ro5ect design <national=
2ro5ect implementation <national and provincial=
2ro5ect management
Innovative and creative thin)er
,nowledge of ,ingA& ,ing 2& and ,ing ?
;uman resource management <pro5ect teams& and participating
sta)eholders from business and government=
Ensured timeous delivery of identified deliverables in each pro5ect.
Cuantifiable impact of the defined activities
*ubmitted quality and timeous monthly and quarterly reports on
Effective management of pro5ect ris)s
*ound conflict management
1aintained sound %7*7 2rovincial alignment.
%udget plan and forecasting
Ensured that costs are limited to approved budget
Ensured a positive cash flow at all times
2rovided value add to the strategic and operational development
of the pro5ect
Engagement with *7. countries and police chiefs
Engagement with international sta)eholders
Identification and analysis of international best
1onitoring and Evaluation
*ecretariat functions
Strategy 78ec.tive
!his position entailed the following functions and experience gained in
this environment+
,ey role player in the design of %7*7 %usiness 2lan and
implementation strategy.
*trategic *upport to the E'
!rusted insider and trusted partner of government
Excellent sta)eholder relationships with both government and
%usiness sta)eholders.
1ade recommendations on the #unding *trategy
1ar)eting and ommunications
*ta)eholder 4eports
External and Internal environmental analysis <including global
economic analysis to gain an understanding of factors affecting
*outh 7frican businesses profit margins as business funds
ompliance and 4is) 1anagement <internally and externally=/
*ta)eholder 1anagement <$ovt. and %usiness sector
#acilitation and program design for all organi6ational strategy
4esearch and advice on business related challenges/
ompiling reports and conducting research on various scenarios
lin)ed to organi6ational re-structuring <scenario planning=/
2rovide legal advice to the E' and on matters referred from the
2rovide management advice in respect to organi6ational value
chain <operations=& processes& systems& and structure/
#inancial analysis and funding/
.onor management strategy/
ompetitor analysis and strategy formulation/
1anagement of provincial %7 offices& etc.<2ro5ect related=
2rogram 1anagement of pro5ects identified in 1'( between
*72* and %7*7 <pro5ects relate to change management
processes within *72* dealing with governance& leadership&
processes& systems& and management& as well as priority pro5ects
identified by the *72*=
1ember of EE' < F> yrs=
7ppointed by the %7*7 %oard as a full member of the following
%oard *ub-ommittees+
*trategy %oard *ub-ommittee
#unding %oard *ub-ommittee
1ar)eting and %randing %oard *ub-ommittee
hange 1anagement processes
Engagement with international sta)eholders
Input into draft legislation placed before 2arliament when
approached by relevant government departments to do so.
/. &hie, 78ec.tive ?,,icer6 B.siness Against &rime SA %!0(!-date'
7s E' of %7*7& I was afforded the opportunity to ma)e the organisation a
transformational one. .uring the last two years all government departments& at the
1inisterial and .$ level have formali6ed partnerships with %7*7. !he 2residency has
also become one of %7*7s )ey partners as a result of current leadership. I have
enabled %7*7 to become a )ey strategic partner within the 2residency& as a result of
which the former will now form part of the %usiness Dor) $roup in the office of the
The &7?6 is acco.nta9le to the Board o, B.siness Against &rime SA. Some o, the
+ey ,.nctions the ,olloCing:
G !he E' is a critical facilitator in ensuring that the organi6ational strategy is relevant
and appropriate for the environment in which it operates& and that the executive capacity
is able to implement the strategy.
G !he E' is also responsible for the effective management of the complex interface
between government and business <requiring a deep understanding of& and relationships
with& each domain= and the effective mobili6ation and management of business support
to prioriti6ed areas of engagement.
&ore ,.nctions and responsi9ilities o, the positionD
E 5eadership:
2rovide credible and ethical leadership relative to %7*7 staff& %7*7 structures and
the $overnment and %usiness sta)eholders.
E Strengthening the partnership 9etCeen Government and BA&SA:
!he unique partnership between $overnment and %7*7 to be deepened and
maintained. !his partnership to extend both the political and executive levels of
government& focused on& but not limited to& the -ustice& rime 2revention and *ecurity
luster .epartments. Dhilst the %7*7 %oard members could be called upon to assist
in this positioning& the %7*7 E' is expected to facilitate and enable such
E Strengthening the partnership 9etCeen Government and BA&SA:
1aintain& expand and deepen the partnership between the business community and
E S.staina9le ,.nding s.pport ,rom 9.siness ,or BA&SA:
!hree year funding support for %7*7 to be secured from the business sector. !his
requires that %7*7 is seen to be a value adding vehicle in the interface with
government& resulting in tangible impact on the capacity of government& and business& in
dealing with crime.
E BA&SA Governance:
%7*7 to be recogni6ed as a highly effective& output orientated and accountable
organi6ation. !he various structures& such as the %oard and its various sub committees
<of which there are six= are seen to be ma)ing a valuable contribution to the efforts of the
E Brand and 4edia management:
Effectively manage and promote the %7*7 brand and engage with the media
E Pro@ect delivery:
Ensure complete value add of %7*7 initiatives to national crime fighting landscape.
Effective delivery requires the close strategic and operatonal management of the core
resources and capabilities of %7*7 H including access to exceptional problem
identification& solution design& solution selling& pro5ect management systemic change
management& business transformation and performance measurement.
(. 78ec.tive Director- B.siness Against &rime SA Board
!. Non-78ec.tive Director-B.siness Against &rime *estern &ape Board
$. Non-78ec.tive Director- A,rican 2ns.rance &rime B.rea.
/. 78ec.tive Director - Strategy S.9-&ommittee o, BA&SA Board
". 78ec.tive Director - 3.ndraising S.9-&ommittee o, BA&SA Board
=. 78ec.tive Director - 4ar+eting and Branding S.9-&ommittee o, BA&SA
). National Anti-&orr.ption 3or.m &ommittee mem9er %representing
. National Non-3erro.s &rime &om9atting &ommittee mem9er
#. National &ell Phone The,t Steering &ommittee mem9er
(. 4r. Brand Pretori.s
Dep.ty &hairperson BA&SA Board
Director o, &ompanies
Retired &7? 4c&arthy 5imited
BA&SA Board 4em9er
!. Simon S.sman
&hairperson o, *oolCorths Board
$. -.dge Appie Steen+amp
Retired -.dge President B Northern &ape
/. Advocate *illie :o,meyer
:ead: Asset 3or, ;nit
Department o, -.stice and &orrectional Services
NB: &ontact details o, re,erences Cill 9e provided on reF.est.