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The most widely known and played game in the country is "Patintero." Patintero is
played outdoors . Due to its popularity a set of official rules was established.
The equipment needed are chalk or paint, scoreboard, whistle, stop watch and powder.
The players are divided into two teams equal number, namely the runners and the taggers.
A team is composed of 5 players and a coach. The official of the game is the scorer,
timekeeper, and 5 linesmen. The objective of a team is to accumulate as many points by
passing the lines without being tagged. A defensive team is called line guard while an
offensive team is called the passer.

1. Each team is composed of 4 players.
2. Winning the toss entitles the players on that team to be runners. The taggers stand
1,2,3, and 4. Number 1 can go anywhere to tag the runners.
3. Taggers 2,3, and 4 tag the runners as they cross the lines or as they get near them.
4. As soon as one of the runners crosses line 4, he returns to line 2 and call out "Tubig!" a
point scored in favor of his team.
5. The runners must score a clean pass within 2 minutes, otherwise, a turnover will be
6. In tagging, the taggers must have both feet on the line.
7. If a runner is tagged while crossing a line or while trying to cross, the teams exchange
8. The team with the highest point after 3 turnovers wins the game.
9. If after 3 turnovers and nobody has been declared as winner, 2 turnovers will be added
to the game for a total of 5..

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