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Soibah K.


To obtain a staff nurse position with your facility. Highly skilled professional with 4 years of
experience in nursing (started off as L!" #$% ho&e health care% LT'% and has worked
with both pediatrics and adults clients. ()& always seeking new ways to educate &yself on
present and future nursing trends.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Frostburg University
*+* ,idlothian $d -rostburg% ,. /*01/
/+*12 3ugust /+*4
Associate Degree in nursing/Hagerston !o""unity !ollege
**4++ $obinwood .r Hagerstown% ,. /*44/
5raduated with an 3ssociate .egree in !ursing
#icense $ractical Nursing/A"erican %nt& %nstitute of Health
6+* S Highland St% 3rlington% 73 ///+4
5raduated January /++6
!linical E'(erience
(7 certified% /+*+2current
Honor Student at -rostburg State #ni8ersity
'$ certified% /+*/2'urrent
!(H $esearch certified% /+*/2current
9&ployee of the year /+**
$egional e&ployee of the year /+**
)avenood #utheran *illage+ Hagerston+ ,aryland- )N Su(ervisor
Job .escription
$esponsible for planning% organi:ing% and directing all operations of the
assigned facility. ro8ides nursing care through assess&ent%
i&ple&entations% and e8aluation of the plan of care. ro&otes and restores
patients; health by de8eloping day2to2day &anage&ent and long2ter&
planning of the patient care area< directing and de8eloping staff<
collaborating with physicians and &ultidisciplinary professional staffs<
pro8iding physical and psychological support for patients% fa&ilies% and staff.
,a'i" Healthcare Services+ Frederic.+ ,aryland-Ho"e health nurse /001-
Job .escription
Speciali:ed with &echanical 8ents and tracheosto&y care. 5astrosto&y
tubes=,ickey buttons care=treat&ents% 8est therapy% suctioning% nebuli:er
treat&ents% feeding pu&ps% straight=foley catheteri:ation% wound 8ac% ,3'9%
,etrofanoff% &edication ad&inistration% physical assess&ent skills% sei:ure
precautions=inter8entions% patients=fa&ily education. 'o&puter skilled and &anaged
hea8y daily patient work 8olu&e including long distance co&&uting to &ultiple
,eritus ,edical !enter+ Hagerston+ ,aryland- !are ,anage"ent De(t& /022-
Dece"ber /023&
Job .escription
*4++ -enwick Ln. Sil8er Spring
,aryland% /+6*+
#tili:ation $e8iewerA erfor&s independent re8iew for retrospecti8e &edical
necessity with concentration on prudent standards of best practice and clinical
decision sets. !otify patients=fa&ily=healthcare tea& of co&&unity resources that are
a8ailable to help if patient is in need. (nfor&ed physicians of &edications that can be
prescribed for patients at a lower cost. (nterBual trained.
CCC3lso did ost discharge -ollow2up phone calls=Telephone triageA ,anaged the
8olu&e of indirect patient care process to clients recei8ing outbound telephone
custo&er ser8ice calls ensuring all calls are accurately docu&ented and
appropriately referred client co&plaints to the correct source. -ollow2up with labs%
radiology reports etc. and ensure patients were sent ho&e on the right course of
antibiotics or notified physicians that patient(s" needs to be on antibiotic.
North Ha"(ton ,anor Nursing ho"e+ Frederic.+ ,aryland- /020-/022
Job .escription
$esponsible for D thirty bed patient care unit. Eorked as a charge nurse duties
includes but not li&ited to &edication ad&inistration% physical assess&ent% 8ital
signs% fall pre8ention assess&ents% Fbser8e% e8aluate% record and report
sy&pto&s% reactions and progress of residents% &onitored work perfor&ance of
!ursing 3ssistants and 'ertified ,edicine 3ides% ad&issions=discharges% goals=plan
of care i&ple&entation% and docu&entation. 3lso worked as a wound care
nurse....(ncludes wound assess&ent=treat&ent (including treat&ent for Stage (7
wounds% necrotic=bone exposed wounds"% plan of care and co&&unicated with
physicians=health care tea& on patients) progress= treat&ent plans.
*olunteer Activities articipated in Hagerstown 'o&&unity 'ollege health roGect 2/+*1.
%nterests 3ssisting=caring for the elderly% and tra8eling !ursing.

)eferences Fn $eBuest