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Sunset Middle School Choir Syllabus

2014-2015 School Year

Welcome back to school! I invite each of you (students, parents, and guardians) to be an active part of our choral music
program. Please read through this syllabus thoroughly. You can also find this document and more information on our
ebsite ! http" I am looking forard to orking ith all of you this year!
$usically yours
%&omaine 'nderson ( anderson)romaine* ( http"
Classroom Fees
We encourage parents to go to the +t. ,rain +chools ebsite ( and pay class fees online through the &ev-.rack
system. The fee for choir is $20 for all 7
and 8
grade students. There is no fee for 6
grade students. Please refer to the
fees document on the ebsite for additional information.
Performance Attire
We ant to dress our best henever e perform. /ur goal is to look (and sound) as one. Please use the folloing
guidelines and plan ahead!
Grades 6 and 7: 'll students enrolled in the year long choir classes ill receive a +unset $iddle +chool 0hoir polo shirt
that is theirs to keep. +tudents in the 1uarter class ill receive one as a loan. Parents ill need to provide students (male
and female) ith black slacks, black socks, and black dress shoes ith little-to-no heel. +hirts $2+. be tucked in and
saggy pants are a no-no (so please ear a belt). $ake sure accessories are tasteful and kept to a minimum.
Grade 8 Girls: White blouse, black slacks or skirt (knee length or longer), and black dress shoes.
Grade 8 o!s: White collared shirt, black dress pants, black socks and dress shoes. +tudents ill be loaned a green tie
and suspenders to complete the uniform. 0ost to replace a lost or damaged tie or suspenders is 345 for each article.
'll students" 6o 7eans, tennis shoes, flip flops, shorts, high heels, t-shirts, etc. 'gain, keep it classy#dressy and P8'6
Classroom "aterials
<ees go toards the purchase of the folloing materials. +tudents are re1uired to have the folloing materials in class
each day"
4-inch =-ring binder
6otebook paper
+tudents ill be responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged materials.
We are alays happy to accept donations. .he folloing items ould be greatly appreciated"
>o? of .issue
;ry-erase (:?po) markers
9and saniti@er
Aeneric cleaning supplies for the classroom
'dditional funds to assist students in purchasing
Classroom #$%ectations
4. <ollo all school rules.
B. <ollo directions the first time they are given
=. >e prepared for class. 't the start of class, you must be seated in your assigned seat ith your
music, binder, and pencil.
C. 'sk for permission before leaving your seat.
5. +tudents ho are late to class should bring a note. = une?cused tardies ill result in lunch detention.
D. &espect the rights of others. .easing and bullying ill not be tolerated in our classroom. Eeep hands,
feet, and blunt ob7ects to yourself.
F. 'bsolutely 6/ A2$, 0'6;Y, or <//; in the classroom. Water is the only drink permitted in class
and it must be in a clear, closeable container.
G. 2se appropriate and pleasant language hen communicating ith peers and adults. Inappropriate
verbal language, body language, or innuendo ill not be tolerated.
H. Please avoid earing strong fragrances (perfumes, colognes, etc.), as these may adversely affect people
ith allergies.
4I. 9ave a good attitude and alays be the best learner and singer possible.
.he +unset $iddle +chool +tudent 0ode of 0onduct as it relates to safety, respect, dress code, attendance, etc., ill be in
effect at all times - both in school and hen students are representing +$+ in the community.
#&aluation Procedures and #$%ectations
Your final grade ill be eighted as follos"
70' Assessments
0oncerts, combined rehearsals, theory#sight-singing 1ui@@es, various singing assessments (ma7or#minor scales, small
passages from music, etc.)
(0' )earning Acti&ities
Preparedness, daily sight-singing#dictation, theory orksheets
.he grading for this course is standards-based. In addition to the regular guided practice that ill be monitored on a
daily basis, students ill demonstrate their understanding by taking ritten tests, e?hibiting correct posture, performing
vocally, and evaluating their performances. Performance participation ill be counted as an assessment grade.
If the student has an une?cused absence, they ill receive a @ero that day for the learning activity. <or e?cused absences,
make-up ork is available hen necessary.
*tudents are res%onsi+le for ma,ing u% missed -or,.
Concert Attendance
+tudents ill be e?pected to attend all choir performance. +tudents are to e?hibit mature, responsible, and respectful behavior at all
music department performance events. In the case of illness or emergency, a parent or guardian ill need to place a call or send a
note to $r. 'nderson in order to e?cuse the absence. 'll concerts are a culmination of many hours of hard ork and preparation. .o
miss such an event is like missing a cumulative assessment. .here is no ay to make up the ork in a live performance such as this.
's a result the students not only miss a eighty assessment, but they miss a uni1ue musical e?perience.
"ar, .our Calendars
+tudents must report to the choir room (0 minutes %rior to all concerts held at +unset. 'll students are re1uired to stay for the
entirety of the concert to receive full credit. 'll events are mandatory unless otherise noted.
/st 0uarter 1 20/2
Frida!3 4cto+er /0th
0olorado $iddle +chool 'll +tate 0hoir &egistration and
'udition ;eadline (optional for F
and G
grade ! go to for more info)
Tuesda!3 4cto+er /2th
0hoir 0oncert at +$+ (Aym) * Dpm
+,,+; 9onor 0hoir auditions for F
and G
grade choir
students ill take place at +$+ during the latter part of
/ctober at a time .>;.
2nd 0uarter 1 20/2
5ednesda!3 6ecem+er (rd
0hoir G &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5pm (0hoir &oom)
Thursda!3 6ecem+er 2th
0hoir D &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5pm (0hoir &oom)
"onda!3 6ecem+er 8th
0hoir F &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5pm (0hoir &oom)
Tuesda!3 6ecem+er 7th
0hoir 0oncert at +$+ (Aym) * Dpm
(rd 0uarter 1 20/2
Tuesda!3 8anuar! 27th
+,,+; 9onor 0hoir &ehearsal
D"=I-G"=Ipm at 'ltona $iddle +chool
(for auditioned Fth and Gth grade students /68Y)
Tuesda!3 Fe+ruar! (rd
+,,+; 9onor 0hoir at +kyline 9+
&ehearsal appro?. Gam-=pm, 0oncert at F"=Ipm
('88 are invited to attend the free concert)
Thursda!3 Fe+ruar! 9th: Frida!3 Fe+ruar! 6th
0olorado $+ 'll +tate 0hoir
0olorado 0onvention 0enter" .he >ell0o .heatre in ;enver
(.imes .>; - for auditioned F
and G
students only)
*aturda!3 Fe+ruar! 2/st
+,,+; $iddle +chool +olo and :nsemble at +$+
(.imes to be announced at a later date ! optional)
Thursda!3 "arch 9th
0hoir D &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
"onda!3 "arch 7th
0hoir G &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
Tuesda!3 "arch /0th
0hoir F &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
5ednesda!3 "arch //th
0hoir 0oncert at +$+ (Aym) * Dpm
2th 0uarter 1 20/2
"onda!3 "a! //th
Arade G 0hoir &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
Tuesda!3 "a! /2th
Arade F 0hoir &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
5ednesda!3 "a! /(th
Arade D 0hoir &ehearsal B"C5 ! ="C5 (0hoir &oom)
Thursda!3 "a! /2th
0hoir 0oncert at +$+ (Aym) * Dpm
Thursda!3 "a! 2/st
Fth and Gth Arade to :litch Aardens
Calendar is su+;ect to change. Please chec, for u%dates on the -e+site: htt%:<<sunsetmschoir.-ee+l!.com
=m%ortant note a+out the #litch Gardens tri%: .his trip is reserved solely for eligible F
and G
grade choir students. In order to
be eligible, students must have at least a > average in their elective classes and a 0 average in their core classes. +tudents must
have performed in '88 concerts and performances held throughout the year. +tudents must also e?hibit e?emplary behavior
throughout the school year. .his trip is a privilege, not a right. 'ny student ho does not meet these standards ill not be
permitted to go on this trip.