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Day 1 For Gods blessing Pray that God will bless

Craig & Abby in their ministry responsibilities, in all of their

relationships, and in their appointments.

Day 2 For Likeness to Jesus Pray that Craig & Abby
will imitate Christ in everything they do. May the world see
Jesus in them.

Day 3 For Gods Work in Them Pray that God will
continue to complete the work He started in them until the day
of Jesus Christ.

Day 4 For Gods Anointing Pray that they will live and
walk in the Spirit.

Day 5 For Wisdom Pray that God will give Craig &
Abby supernatural wisdom in redemptive conversations
outside of the classroom with students.

Day 6 For Discernment Pray that Craig & Abby will
have a discerning mind to prioritize what is most important and
be guarded against the tyranny of the urgent.

Day 7 For Time Alone with God Pray that God will
grant Craig & Abby the time, desire and place to pray,
meditate, study and spend with Him.

Day 8 For Craig & Abbys Families Pray that Craig &
Abby and their families will have good communication and will
continue to encourage each other to good works.

Day 9 For Their Health Pray that Craig & Abby will
have healthy bodies, sound minds, and sensitive spirits.

Day 10 For Insight in Study Pray that God will give
Craig & Abby rich study time in the Word.

Day 11 For Craig & Abbys Teaching Pray that Craig &
Abby will model Jesus Christ through their teaching in the

Day 12 For Gods Provision Pray that God will supply
all of Craig & Abbys needs and that they will find His grace
sufficient for every situation they face.

Day 13 For Gods Protection and Safety Pray that no
weapon formed against Craig & Abby will prosper and that they
will put on the whole armor of God.

Day 14 For Boldness Pray that Craig & Abby will boldly
proclaim the truths of the Scriptures in Bible studies and
personal witness.

Day 15 For Humility Pray that God will keep Craig &
Abby humble and that they will boast only in the cross of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

Day 16 For Purity and Integrity Pray that God will
keep Craig & Abby holy in every area of their lives and keep
their eyes on Him. Pray that they will run the race with
discipline, so they will not be disqualified.

Day 17 For Fellow Teachers Pray that God will guide
them and give them the most exciting days of ministry as He
adds to the groups of believers those who are being saved.

Day 18 For Craig & Abbys marriage Pray that Craig &
Abbys marriage would reflect the gospel.

Day 19 For Guidance Pray that Craig & Abby will trust
God with all their heart and not lean on their own

Day 20 For their Relationships with Fellow Teachers
Pray that God would bless their interactions that they will be
a witness to the students of biblical, godly relationships.

Day 21 For Encouragement Pray that Craig & Abby will
not grow weary while doing good. Pray that they will not lose

Day 22 For Grace Pray that God will supply what is
lacking and that Craig & Abby will always find their sufficiency
in Christ.

Day 23 For Confidence Pray that Craig & Abby will fear
no man and that they will stand strong in faith.

Day 24 For Rest Pray that Craig & Abby will rest in God,
finding rest for their body and soul in the midst of a hectic

Day 25 For Endurance Pray that Craig & Abby will fight
the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith. Pray they will
look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Day 26 For Steadfastness Pray that Craig & Abby will
be steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in Gods work.

Day 27 For Gods Glory Pray that Craig & Abby will do
all things with excellence to the glory of God.

Day 28 For Strength Pray that God will renew Craig &
Abbys strength.

Day 29 For Reassurance Pray that God will remind
Craig & Abby that nothing can separate them from His love
through Christ.

Day 30 For School Administrators Pray that the
administrators and other teachers who do not yet know the
Lord will trust Him.

Day 31 Open the Window Pray that God will use His
Word to continue opening hearts to the truth of the Gospel.
Prayer Partner Guide Craig & Abby Brunson

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