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Last Writing Assignment

I was not always the glorious outcrop you see, human. Far before your time, I was born
in a secret canyon far below the sea. I was weak, embryonic, far offshore most of the
time; the only redeeming factor being my very low potential energy as a fairly deepwater
continental shelf environment. So I bided my time for 200 million years, the dregs of the
ocean slowly sifting and accumulating far below the waves, bloated by the countless
calciferous skeletons of your pathetically mortal ancestors. At at least one juncture the
sea fell around me; I hid my nakedness with a thin veneer of sand before the sea returned
to wash over me. The Mesozoic was a foul time. I was assaulted by a visitor from the
land of the setting sun (your present direction, human). I felt my spine crumple and fold,
my layers rending, striking and slipping to be finally thrust back upon themselves in the
most uncomfortable state of repose. For perhaps half again the span of my life I abided
in this terribly undignified state, until during the Tertiary or late Mesozoic I felt a terrific
pulling from my East and West, as well as a slight fizzing beneath me. Intrusions of
Quartz Monzonite, Granodiorite and Rhyolite repeatedly violated my lithology. The
bubbling soon grew to a furious boil as tension built and built and built until Ahh! – the
sweet release of major North-South trending normal faulting and a warm, basaltic
outflow upon my surface. Exhausted, I let myself slide into a vegetative state,
isostatically re-equilibrating, my deceptively malleable body reworking itself as my
peaks slowly sank and crumbled, my valleys filling in with alluvium and fanglomerate.