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Romao English 9 Syllabus

English 9
Mrs. Romao/Room C101

Course Description
Welcome to English 9. The focus of this course is to increase students understanding of our
common humanity through literature and to develop reading, writing and speaking skills. The
Common Core Standards are utilized and all components of Language Arts are emphasized in
this class:
Classic Literature and informational text
Evidence based thinking, writing, speaking, and study skills
Elements of story and fiction (plot, character, point of view, setting, mood, authors
purpose, theme, symbolism, argument, persuasion, poetry, voice, style, etc.)
Composition (sentences, paragraphs, essays, research)
Grammar and Usage (parts of speech, sentences, phrases, clauses, punctuation)
Word Study (spelling and vocabulary)
Communication Skills (verbal and written)

I am dedicated to fostering learning, critical thinking skills, and encouraging each student to
become the very best you can be. Its going to be an exciting year and I look forward to getting
to know each of you. I am here to help you and welcome questions or concerns. You may
contact me through email, my website, or make arrangements to meet for extra help or
conversation before or after class.

Semester Grading:
Coursework is weighted as follows:

Assessments (Tests and Projects) 40%
Quizzes 20%
Class work 20%
Homework 20%

Access to grade information is available via the Home Access Center. Grades will be posted
regularly in the classroom. The Christina School District letter grade conversion policy is as

90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
59% or lower = F

Romao English 9 Syllabus

Students are expected to adhere to the Christina School District Student Manual, which
will be effective starting on the first day of school.
Class rules are posted and students are expected to adhere to them.
All Newark High School rules and procedures are expected to be followed.

Students are required to have:
1 inch three ring binder (which will be kept in class),
A spiral bound notebook or composition book (which will be kept in class)
Sharpened pencils, pens, lined paper
A folder for homework and assignments to be transported to and from school.

Make-Up Work
When a student is absent excused it is his/her responsibility to see me to receive all missed
work. Due dates will be based on the Newark High School excused absence make-up policy.

Extra Help
Always come to me if you need extra help. Please do not be afraid to ask questions. This class is
meant to be a safe place for everyone, where there are NO dumb questions or comments. No
human being can understand or absorb everything immediately. Lets work together to learn as
much as we can. (That includes meI learn new things from you every day!)

Enter the classroom using good manners (quietly, walking, hands to self, get materials
and be seated).
If you have homework due, hand it in.
Be in your assigned seat, quiet, materials (binders, pencils sharpened, etc.) ready when
the bell rings.
When you are seated, begin the stinger.
Look at the board for the daily agenda and assignments, so you know what to expect for
the day.
Put your name on all papers. If I dont know a paper belongs to you, and I cannot record
it as your paper, that paper will receive a zero.

Parents/Guardians/Students: I will post assignments and class/school information on my
website: Please feel free to contact me through the website, email me at or via telephone at 302-631-4700 ext. 14477, with any
questions, comments or concerns.

Romao English 9 Syllabus

Please sign and return at the next class:

I have read and understand the class expectations for the English 9 Course.

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