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I believe that every child is unique and should be treated as such. Children should not be
compared to one another or stereotyped. Every child should be guided, cherished, and educated
based on where they are developmentally. A childs growth, development, and learning are
significantly influenced by their caregivers and surroundings. Urie Brofenbrenners Ecological
Systems Theory supports this belief. Brofenbrenner believed that a childs development was
impacted by a variety of elements that he broke down into what he called systems, the most
influential system being the microsystem. This system consists of those closest to a child such as
family, school, and the neighborhood. Each system builds upon the other and eventually shapes
who this child becomes. Knowing how influential these factors are I believe it is crucial that we
strive to give every child the best environment possible. We must recognize that children are
affected directly and indirectly not only by what we say and do, but how they see us interact with
and treat others. Parents, caregivers, and the community need to work together to ensure that
children have all the tools necessary to grow and develop.
Knowing that all children develop differently, I also recognize that some children are
developmentally delayed and or may have special needs. It is important to embrace and accept
the child for where they are at. As an early childhood educator it is my job to support both child
and family through what can be a difficult time. It is my goal to provide the family with
resources and information that will not only give them help but support from others in similar
situations. I believe in inclusion of children with special needs. It is my job to adapt and or
modify both my curriculum and environment to allow a child with varying abilities the
opportunity to participate and achieve in my classroom. I will also role model a positive,
tolerant, and accepting attitude for the rest of the class to follow.
I believe children learn best through play. In my classroom I believe in nurturing and
teaching the whole child. The environment is set up so children can develop cognitively,
socially, emotionally, physically, and linguistically. I believe in a play based curriculum that is
influenced by development as well as childrens interests. My curriculum is emergent allowing
for modifications based on the children. The classroom is set up in various centers where
children have choices. The materials in these centers promote a variety of skills including critical
thinking, independence, motor skills, and social interactions. Children feel safe to explore. They
are given uninterrupted play time to make their own choices. This allows children to focus on
their own interests and learn in a manner best for them. My environment is developmentally
appropriate and sensitive to cultural differences. Diversity is embraced. In a play based
curriculum children have the freedom to explore and embrace not only their culture but others as
well. There is a balance of spontaneous, guided, and teacher directed play throughout the day.
My main job is to act as a facilitator, guiding children as needed knowing when to lend a hand,
ask a question, or back away and allow a child to succeed independently.
I believe above all that children are our greatest gift and should be treated as such. All those
who have the privilege of being a part of their development should recognize the great
responsibility they have been given. Their future, as well as our own is literally in our hands. I
intend to make that future a bright one!