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Paolo Cozzi

Lesley University
Ecomp 6106

Day 5

Essential Question
How are cultural and language expressions important when going to a Hispanic market?

Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework. August, 1999
4.1 Language
4.2 Culture
5.2 Lifelong Learner

Learning Target(s)

Students learn, compare and create their own expressions useful for a Hispanic

Technology Integration
Prezi: Presentation on Spanish food expressions.
Microsoft word (Thesaurus)
Google presentation with a colorful poster displaying one created expression.
Google translator

Description of Teaching Strategy/Learning Activity
After learning useful expressions that can be used at a market, and recording a
commercial for a product, students will be using a thesaurus and an online
translating service, to construct their own expressions.

Materials and URLs
2. Microsoft word
4. Google school accounts
Google translate
Classroom Implementation Procedures
1. Do now: Read the essential question and write a quick reflection on the
half piece of paper the teacher hands out as you come in.
1. Students throw their piece of paper to a classmate and catch theirs.
2. Each student opens their reflection.
3. Volunteers share out the reflection they read and tell the class if
they agree.
2. Students participate in an oral drill. Through a call-and-response activity,
the teacher will browse the Prezi and repeat the Spanish word in each
slide. The class, listens while watching the screen, and repeats. This
second time, they will do the drill with a music beat in the background.
3. After the review, students will write down three expressions from the
Prezi presentation.
4. Students will sign out a laptop form the cart and open word.
5. Students will type in the translated expressions and look for synonyms on
the programs thesaurus.
6. As they find words, they will include these in the word document.
7. After trying out each of the 3 expressions, students will formulate an
expression of their own.
8. Students will access their Google accounts and open up a Google
9. On the slide they will include the expression as well as two images of the
food they want to display.
10. Students will share this with the teacher.

Evidence of Learning to be collected
Google presentation slide: A made up Spanish expression
Word doc (screenshot) with documented use of thesaurus.

Assessment Procedures
Checklist for Google presentation
Checklist for Word doc

Students on an IEP with accommodations will be allowed to choose any
medium to present their work.

Sample word worksheet:

Sample Google slide: