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Day 3
Essential Question
What can the products of a country, tell me about their culture?

Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework. August, 1999
4.1 Language
4.2 Culture
5.2 Lifelong Learner

Learning Target(s)
Students learn about traditional Hispanic products.

Technology Integration
PPT presentation on Hispanic products
Chrome book cart: Giving access to the Hispanic online market
Weebly site.

Description of Teaching Strategy/Learning Activity
Students will explore an online Hispanic market store and complete a Web-quest
that will direct them towards some of the more traditional products. They will
then create a Google presentation of their findings which will be posted on the
class site.

Materials and URLs
2. Power point
3. Amigo foods Hispanic market online
4. Google school accounts
5. Chrome book cart
6. Eno board

Classroom Implementation Procedures
1. Do now: Read the essential question and go up to the board, take a marker
and add a thought to the essential question bubble in silence.
2. Teacher takes of points for students who do not share. (
1. -2pt on the class participation-Day 3 column in ASPEN grade
3. Students watch a short presentation on some of the traditional dishes from
around the Hispanic world .
4. Students sign out a Chrome book and access the Weebly class page.
5. In their groups, students complete a webquest on their Google drive, and
share it with the teacher when finished.
6. Students gather information about one Hispanic countries traditional
dishes and put together a Google presentation with the information.

Evidence of Learning to be collected
Completed webquest
Google presentation

Assessment Procedures
Checklist for the presentation
Graded webquest

Sample presentation slide