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8th Grade Science Syllabus

Mr. Althouse
This class has been designed to provide a challenging, exciting, self-propelled
atmosphere to where these students will discover science in a hands-on, inquiry
based approach.
Class Format
Students will be asked to work cooperatively and individually. In order to keep
organized in science, students are asked to have a folder just for science class,
kept in their binder/trapper keeper for returned work and handouts.
Course of Study
The students will be studying a variety of science topics guided by the district
learning targets and based on the state and national standards. Time will be
dedicated to the study of safety, measurement, scientific investigation,
technology, physical science, life science, and earth science.
Digital Classroom
Students will use the class website to access
class calendars, review work and videos, class notes, important online links, and
science related information. This site will extend the science classroom outside of
the school day, and it will be used to provide resources outside of school.
Use of School & Personal Technology In The Classroom
We will be using a variety of technology tools to help foster a learning
environment that reflects 21st century learning and ideas. Students are always
permitted to have their cell phones or other personal electronic devices in class
to use for educational purposes only.
Homework is to be used as a means to practice what was taught in class each
day; please see a teacher during class or study center for questions about any
homework assignments. Required homework can be assigned at the teachers
discretion. Homework will not be part of a students calculated class grade.
Grades will be given according to whether the student has mastered the
according science standards for each concept. High expectations will be held for
each student to not only perform well according to state standards, but to show
progress throughout the year and to process their own learning and challenge
themselves. Although, the teacher will grade and provide feedback on all class
work, only assessments that demonstrate a students knowledge of the science
standards will be calculated into a final class grade. Class work, and homework
will not be calculated into a final class grade.
Students may always re-take final assessments to better their grade. Students
will be required to engage in intense re-teaching and re-learning before
completing a re-take.
If you are absent from class visit the class website, progress book, or see Mr.
Althouse to find the assignment and corresponding notes. This is your
responsibility. Though you will be missed, I will not come find you. Progress
book is always available to you, and I am always available for help.
What are the students Rights and Responsibilities in our classrooms?
It is your right and privilege to learn without distractions. No one has the right to
violate another persons right to learn, and such violations will not be tolerated.
Please show respect and consideration to others.
What are the teachers Rights and Responsibilities in our classrooms?
It is my job to teach. No one has the right to violate my right to do my job. Please
do not interrupt my work.
Out of respect for you, I will do everything that I can to uphold and protect your
rights. It is your room and your class, and the behavior of each person will shape
the type of learning that occurs. Everyone in the class, not just the teacher, must
be responsible for upholding these rights.
Classroom Expectations
Come prepared for class
1. Students are expected to come to class on time and be in their
assigned seat when the bell rings. School attendance and tardy
rules always apply.
2. Look at the days agenda and learning objectives
3. All notes, assignments, and classroom activities should be put in
your science folder.
4. If time is given at the end of class then it is expected that you review
notes, assignments, or see Mr. Althouse if you have questions about
5. Healthy food and drink will be permitted in class (with teacher
6. Students should come to class well rested and ready to learn every
Do nothing to interfere with the learning of others.
7. Talk at proper times and in proper ways.
8. Be calm and focused in class. No horseplay.
9. Stay on task without disturbing or distracting others.
10. Respect other peoples opinions and differences.
11. Contribute your fair share when working in groups.
12. All student conduct policys apply.
Do nothing that interferes with your own learning.
13. Respectful treatment of all class members and your teacher is
essential to a positive learning environment.
14. Positively participate in all classroom activities.
15. Complete all assignments on time.
16. Actively listen when the teacher or a classmate is speaking.
Contact Information:
(614) 760 - 6262
If at any time you need help, have a question, or would just like to talk - my door
is open. Im very much looking forward to our time together.