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Information Packet

Please save this for future reference.

Working together to make the best possible experience for your child;
Working together equals success.

This is an information packet explaining procedures that affect students in our classroom. If
you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email. My hours are 7:30-4:30.

Email address:;
Phone number: w (972)272-8095
Star Folder

What is a S.T.A.R. Folder?
A S.T.A.R. folder is a folder, which houses EVERYTHING the students and parents need to keep
up with what is going on at school. No more wrinkled papers in the bottom of book bags. No
more lost notes, newsletters or calendars. No more searching the house to find paper to write
the teacher a note. Everything is in one place!

Why is it important to have? This folder helps students establish good organizational skills in
their first years of school skills that can carry on throughout their time in school.

S.T.A.R. Folder is an acronym for
Students Taking Awesome Responsibility

The S.T.A.R. Folder has several pockets. When you open the Folder you will see a pocket for
important papers or notes from the school. Any papers in this pocket will help you keep in
touch with school announcements or activities. There will be a pocket for papers we have
completed and need to STAY AT HOME. The other side is for homework/notes that need to be
completed/read and then you will BRING BACK TO SCHOOL. You will also have a pocket for the
monthly calendar/newsletter and one for the weekly agenda.

S.T.A.R. Folder Dos
*Take care of you S.T.A.R. Folder; it will be used all year!
*Clean out the Keep at Home side and share these papers with your parents every evening.
*Complete or read the things in the Bring Back to School side and put them back in your S.T.A.R.
Folder to return to school the next day.
*Take your S.T.A.R. Folder to your parents everyday-they will be so proud of your new responsibility!
S.T.A.R. Folder Dont(s)
Dont make any marks or drawings in or on your S.T.A.R. Folder.
Dont leave your S.T.A.R. Folder at home, in the car or bus, or at relatives.
Dont put any papers in you S.T.A.R. Folder that do not belong.


We will be discussing our classroom expectations. They will be posted in the classroom. A
Parent Copy is inside this packet.

I will be focusing more on positive behavior. Students will be rewarded daily with stickers and
praises. A Student who shows star behavior throughout the week will be commended at the
end of the week with a prize, treat, special activity, or extra playtime.

For low level non threatening behavior, students will be given an opportunity to correct
behavior by going to a safe spot. Details about our Safe Spot are inside this packet. If a
student has been excessively disruptive, unwilling, or troubling you will be asked to speak to
your child about the behavior. This behavior will be noted on your childs calendar inside their
S.T.A.R. folder.


Homework is an important part of your childs performance at school. I assign homework to
reinforce a skill that has been taught, or to complete an assignment that was left incomplete. It
is very important that students hear adults read stories to them. Please set aside 10 minutes
daily for reading. You will find tips for reading and writing in the back of packet. I generally do
not assign homework on Wednesday; however in the case of a short week of school, be
prepared for changes to homework.


Attending school is a must when it comes to effectively learning.
In order for our students to be successful, they must be in attendance daily. Please arrive to
school on time. Arriving late may cause interruptions in your childs learning and the learning
of others.

Parent Conference

Parent conferences may be scheduled by both teacher and parent. I am available most
afternoons given a days notice. You are welcomed to contact me for urgent matters using my
email address.

Change of Clothes/Shoe laces

We know that accidents do happen. I am requesting that students have a change of clothes
available at school just in case an accident occurs. Please be mindful about long shoe laces.
Although I would love for every shoe to be lace free, I know that it is impossible. Please double


Birthdays are very exciting days for our students, therefore a student may celebrate by sharing
a treat or party if you wish. This is completely optional. Parents should let me know in advance
if they will be sharing a treat or having a party. The suggested time for Birthday Parties is
during our 2
snack time.

Field Trips

We will be leaving school occasionally for off campus learning experiences.
A notice will be sent out prior to trip. A flyer will also be posted before the field trip.
Parents are encouraged to join us. It really makes your child proud to have someone
there to support them.


Morning and afternoon snacks are provided through the school however not every child wants
to participate in those snacks. Students may bring a healthy snack to eat during snack time. No
candy, gum, or sodas are allowed as a snack. Parents may volunteer to bring snacks as well.


Throughout the year our class will be doing different activities that may require a picture or
two. I will be asking for baby photos, family photos, and a current photo. I will also be taking
pictures of our class in action. With your permission I will be posting them on our web page. If
you have any questions or concerns about pictures, please feel free to contact me.


Students have the privilege to go to another teacher for what we call Special Classes. These
classes are Art, Speech, Spanish, Computer Lab, and P.E. Each day Students are taken to a
different Special class. Your childs behavior in those classes is expected to be the same as if
they were in their classroom with their teacher. If students behavior becomes a problem for
the Special teacher, that student will receive a note home indicating the behavior and the
results of the behavior. This note is to be signed by both student and parent and is to be
returned to school the next school day.

Grading Scale

We will be using a progress report this year. This progress report gives detailed information
about your childs learning. Students will be assessed to determine if they have mastered a
skill, if they are improving, or if they need more help.

Optional Supplies

The school provides the basic supplies for your child, however there are other supplies that we
use year round. It is completely optional and will be greatly appreciated if you choose to get
these supplies. Those supplies are baby wipes, Kleenex, dry eraser markers, stickers, treasure
box give-a-ways, and printing paper.

Classroom Expectations
Helping Hands
Teach me to use my
hands Lord, to help others and to do
my best work.
Listening Ears
Teach me to listen and
follow directions carefully.
Quiet Voices

Teach me to use the
right voice at the right time.
Looking Eyes

Teach me to use my
eyes to pay attention to my teacher
and my surroundings.
Walking Feet
Teach me to walk in
your word. Help me to use my feet
to walk when necessary, using my
soft feet.
Although these are listed as our classroom expectations students are also expected to
demonstrate these expectations in the hallway, cafeteria, Specials, or anywhere outside the
school. Please go over these expectations with your child.
Safe Spot

In the Safe Spot we are learning how to:
Identify our emotions
Gain control of our emotions
Reflect on how our actions affect others
Make good choices
8:00- 8:45
Morning Transition. Students say pledges; then have praise and
worship period, led by Prayer Leader. Calendar person changes
calendar. Students review days of week and months of the year. 100
days of school.
Bible Time. Teacher instructs Bible Lesson beginning with Bible
memory verse and then discuss story of the week. Students are
given corresponding bible worksheet activity to be completed.
*Students take restroom break and have a 5 minute snack time.
Restroom Break/Morning Snack/ Students are walked to cafeteria
where they have morning snack.
Instructional Time. Teacher begins instructional time. Reviewing
alphabets and numbers. Letter of the week, the letter sound and
how to write it. Teacher gives guided instructions on independent
Independent Work/Center Time students complete worksheets;
upon completion may have center time.
Students are walked to Specials: Monday Art, Tuesday Speech,
Wednesday Spanish, Thursday Stretch by Faith, Friday P.E.
Teacher picks up class from Special classes.
Students wash up for lunch. Teacher guide students through lunch
line and release students to lunch attendant.
Teacher picks up class from lunch attendant. Restroom/water break
Circle Time/ Story Time. Students prepare for Circle Time. Using
Scholastics Themed book students have oral language, phonological
awareness, and math/science/social studies discussion. Students are
read story and have a discussion/activity about book.

Restroom/Quiet Time. *Students prepare for quiet time. Restroom
break those who need to go. Preparation for end of day.
Students go wash up for afternoon snack. Afternoon snack is served
in the classroom or students are walked down to the cafeteria to be
served snack.
School is out. After school care begins at 3:30. Students go back to
class for art activity/center activity.
Outside recess if weather permits. Free center play if students are
not able to go outside. Students are delivered to after school teacher
on duty.

Tentative Schedule Subject to Change

Pre K4 2012-2013