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Room 2200
Math 1

Welcome to Selma High School! I hope you are ready for a great year!

Contacting Me:
You can contact me these two main ways:
1. E-mail. or
My e-mail gets forwarded directly to my phone, which I am usually never without. So,
this is probably the best way to contact me since I can respond anytime day or night.

2. Work Phone. 559-898-6550 Ext. 42200
You can call and talk to me if you didnt hear enough of my voice during the day.

Classroom Rules:
I have four rules that cover just about everything.
Be Kind This is the most important rule. Treat others with respect.
Be Prepared This means you come to class ready to work with all your materials,
homework completed, ready for pop quizzes and questions, etc.
Be Aware This means you need to understand what is happening around you, pay
attention in class, follow directions, dont pull out your cell phone, music player, or make
up, etc.
Dont Distract This means you do not break the first three rules for everyone else by
talking to other people, getting up without raising your hand, etc.

If these rules are broken, then proper consequences will be initiated (warning, step, Saturday
school, and so forth.)

Course Description:
Math 1 will assist students in comprehending the symbolic reasoning and calculations
with symbols used in Algebra. It will help develop an understanding of the symbolic
language of mathematics and the sciences, which are used in a wide variety of problem-
solving situations. Geometric properties and congruence in addition to Probability and
Statistics concepts such as interpreting data will also be taught. This course will focus on
the new Math 1 California Common Core Standards and eight Mathematical Principals.
It is the students responsibility to provide the following materials:
o Lined paper
o Pencils
o Pens, for correcting work
o Highlighter
o Dry Erase Marker
97-100 A+
93-96 A
92-90 A-
87- 89 B+
83-86 B
80- 82 B-
77-79 C+
73-76 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
63-66 D
60-62 D-
0-59 F

Things that affect your grade:
Homework (15%)
o Each assignment is part of a packet and due the following day unless otherwise
noted. Homework will be checked at the beginning of class, receiving a stamp for
o If work is not completed, students can still turn in the assignment for full points
as part of the packet.
Timeliness of Work (5%)
o Students will receive points based on whether the homework assignment was
completed on time. Each stamp is worth one point. Failure to complete
homework on time results in the loss of a stamp, but can still be turned in as part
of the packet for full homework credit.
Class work, Notes, Participation (20%)
o This includes any structures performed in class. If you are absent, you will need
to make up the work during lunch or after school. Projects may also be included
in this section.
o Points are awarded for the technical components of the class. You are responsible
for keeping good quality notes, completing warm ups, and regularly participating
during discussions.
Quizzes (10%)
o Quizzes will come frequently, but are used mainly to assess your current level.
That means, dont freak out about a quiz! They can be given on any day at any
time, so be ready.
Unit Tests / Final Exam (35% / 15%)
o Unit tests will be given at the end of each unit to assess your understanding of the
concepts. If you are absent the day of the test, please make it up ASAP!
o A final exam will be given at the end of each semester. This test will be a
cumulative exam covering all material taught during the semester.

Assertive Discipline
I comply with the schools 6 step process. Steps will be given for breaking any of the class rules.
Step: Verbal Warning
Step: Student/ Teacher Conference & Parent Contact
Step: Student/ Teacher Conference & Parent Contact
Step: Learning Director Conference & Parent Contact
Step: Assistant Principal/Parent Contact and Saturday School
Step: Referral to Assistant Principal and removal from class
Severe behavior infractions may skip the step process and result in an automatic

Important Class Information
Class Building and Team Building
o We, as a class, are a community. Be sure to respect each other and this
classroom. There will be structures designed to build our class community and
allow us to have a great year.
Homework Heroes!
o If you complete every homework assignment on time (that is, you receive a
stamp for each assignment), you are considered a homework hero! You will be
eligible in a random drawing to win fabulous prizes!
Homework and Test Bonanza!
o The homework and test bonanza happens every day (except Tuesdays) after
school and at lunch. Students who are missing unit tests, quizzes, or assignments
from homework packets will be expected to come during this time to complete
those assignments. Failure to report will result in steps.

Classroom Procedures
At the beginning of the period, please sit in your assigned seat with your calendar,
warm up or homework discussion sheet, and homework (if assigned) before the bell
If you are tardy, please write your name on the board in the back of the class.
When having to leave the room for any reason (bathroom, nurse, office) please sign
your name, the date, the reason for leaving, and your time out on the clipboard in the
back of the class. Take the giant protractor with you. Upon returning, please sign your
time in.
Each student will receive three restroom passes per semester. You will receive five extra
credit points for each unused restroom pass at the end of each semester.
If you are absent, check the calendar on my website and the absent file by the back
computer. If you missed a quiz or test, you will need to make it up during Homework and
Test Bonanza.
After being graded, all work will be filed into folders in the back of the room. Please pick
up all work from those files every couple weeks. Hold on to the files incase of a
discrepancy in your grade.
Remember, I dismiss you, not the bell. I will offer words of wisdom, and then release

Social Media:
Website (you can type this) (or this)
The website is your number one resource for what is happening in this class. All assignments
will be posted, as well as class announcements, best week ever information, class pictures, and
even links to games. Be sure to bookmark this!
o Become a fan of my page and receive updates on assignments, tests, and some
fun information. This is a great resource that is easy to check.
Twitter (@mrfreds2200)
o My twitter feed is linked directly with my instagram, so most of my tweets will
come from there. I do use twitter to tweet reminders of sporting events and
missing assignments.
Instagram (@mrfreds2200)
o Every day a picture will be posted depicting the content and language objectives
and the homework given (#fredscolo). I will also post pictures of bulletin boards,
homework heroes, and even my tie of the day!
Remind 101
o Remind 101 is a free service that allows teachers to send texts or e-mails to
students and parents without ever having to exchange phone numbers or e-mail
addresses. The information stays confidential for both parties and will never be
given out.
o Send a text to (424) 835-7592 with the message @mrfredsm1 or send a blank e-
mail to

Remember, the expectation I hold for you are extremely high. Whether or not you think you are
good at math, I expect you to reach those expectations. Believe in yourself as I believe in you.
We are in for a great year!

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PERIOD _______________
We have read this syllabus and understand it. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact me at 898-6550 extension 42200 or by email at

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