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Course Outline

Freshman American Literature

Mrs. Trainor

Course Description
This year-long, foundation course builds skills important for success in reading and writing. You will learn
to organize, develop and revise your ideas in fiction and nonfiction.
Texts and Materials
Tentative Texts: The Pearl, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
The Crucible, and various short stories and poems
All texts will be checked out from the Pius XI bookstore during class time.
Materials: Spiral notebook (dedicated only to this course) or binder with loose leaf paper and tabs, pack
of post-it notes, pen, flash drive, assignment book, folder
Course Goals and Objectives
The student will be able to analyze literary elements from the texts by evaluating, examining, and
The student will be able to understand the power and the beauty of the written word and examine the
authors craft.
The student will be able to communicate their ideas clearly through literary analysis, narrative, and
research writing, while developing their own style and voice.
The student will be able to produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization,
and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
The student will be able to develop an understanding of themselves and the world through purposeful,
analytical reading and through sharing their experiences.
The student will be able to master the technical skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
The student will be able to discern multiple perspectives and interpretations of a text.
The student will be able to determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words
and phrases by using context clues, analyzing meaningful word parts, and consulting general and
specialized reference materials, as appropriate.

Students will be assessed in multiple ways.
1. Reading Checks/Quizzes- With each novel study, students will be expected to be prepared for
class be completing nightly reading. Reading checks/quizzes will be given on a regular basis to assess
2. Tests- There will be a summative test for each novel unit.
3. Essays and Research Project- Students will be writing multiple essays and responses throughout
the course. Rubrics and guidelines will be provided. A research project will also be completed.
4. Writing Conferences- Students will be expected to write multiple drafts of their major writing
pieces. They are to be prepared for student/teacher writing conferences.
Methods of Instruction
Throughout the course of the semester, students will be participating in a variety of activities.
1. Small and large group discussions: Participation in daily discussions is vital to the course.
2. Note taking from teacher PowerPoints or handouts
3. Individual activities such as writing, analysis, and research
4. Group activities such as writing and analysis
Course Outline
Unit One: The American Short Story
Unit Two: The American Dream
Unit Three: Human Nature
Unit Three: Themes in Literature and Todays Society
Unit Five: Conflict

Grading Scale
A- 90 92.99 A 93 98.99 A+ 99 - 100
B- 80 82.99 B 83 87.99 B+ 88 89.99
C- 70 72.99 C 73 77.99 C+ 78 79.99
D- 60 62.99 D 63 67.99 D+ 68 69.99
F 50 59.99
Grading Policies
Each student is expected to be prepared for daily class assignments, tests and quizzes, and writing
assessments. Students will be graded on their daily homework, participation in small and large group
activities, oral and written work, and tests and quizzes.
For major writing assignments, students will be accountable for each part of the writing process
(brainstorming, rough draft, final draft).

Class Information
If a student is absent, they are expected to turn in the previous nights homework upon their return.
They will have one day for each day absent to make up work they missed. It is the students
responsibility to find out from the teacher what homework they missed and to get any notes from
another student.
If a student forgets their homework or has an incomplete assignment, they are still responsible for
turning it in late. Late assignments will be deducted a point for each day late. Major papers and projects
will have a letter grade deducted for each day late.
I am here to help you. If your missing or late assignments are building up, please see me. If you are
having issues completing an assignment or project, come talk to be as soon as you can. I cannot problem
solve with you the day before or on the due date.