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Grade Social Studies Guidelines
Geography and World Cultures
Ms. Chelsea Bradcovich

Hello 7
grade Students and Parents/Guardians!

Welcome, or welcome back, to Elkridge Landing Middle School. The 7

grade curriculum covers 2,500 years and spans across four continents. In general,
we first explore the geographical impact on ancient Greece, Rome, and the
Byzantine Empire. Second, we investigate how modern Europe evolved out of
Feudalism and nation building. Third, we examine the geographical influence
throughout the history of the Latin American region. Finally, we study the
development of physical and political boundaries of the United States and Canada.
Throughout the year we will integrate technology in our learning process through
the use of iPads and computers. I know this will be a great and successful year.
Below you will find my class guidelines and other pertinent information:

1. Materials
a. 1 inch binder
b. 4 tabs (Drills, Classwork, Homework, Test Review)
c. Loose leaf paper
d. Pens and pencils
e. Colored Pencils (optional)
f. Highlighter (optional)

2. Books
Each student will be given a World Cultures and Geography textbook.
This book will stay at home because there is a class set that students
will use while in school. The books are in good condition and the
Social Studies Department would like to keep them that way. Thank
you for your understanding.

3. Grading
a. Homework 10%
b. Drills/Classwork 30%
c. Quizzes/Tests 30%
d. Projects 30%
4. Homework
Homework is assigned most classes. It is the students responsibility
to write something in their Social Studies section of their agenda book
regardless if there is an assignment or not. If a homework assignment
is missed, it will be noted in the students assignment book.
Homework will also be posted on the class website for students that
were absent.

5. Quizzes and Tests
Quizzes and tests will be announced at least one week in advance
except for pop quizzes. Pop quizzes are short quizzes that relate to the prior
class or a recent homework assignment.

6. National History Day
GT classes will participate in a yearlong project regarding the topic
Leadership and Legacy in History. In general, it is a research project
requiring sources, citations, a thesis, and three proofs. Once the paper
portion of the project is completed, students will present their findings.
Students begin this project in October.

7. Absence from Class
The responsibility falls on the student when he/she misses a class.
Students will find their missing work and anything else handed out during
their absence in a folder in the front of the room. The student needs to
retrieve this information and complete it within the allotted time. The
student may also check the website for homework assignments.

8. Contact Information
If you have any questions, please email me at or call the school at 410-313-5040.

Please sign below to ensure that both parties understand all guidelines. This will be
kept in the students binder.

Student Signature: __________________________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________