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Lesson Plan

Year level 6 Learning area/ACARA focus English/Language

Date/Time Wed 20 Aug Lesson focus Spelling

Background Information

Students have already been placed into groups, done via diagnostic testing
at the beginning of the year, and again half way through the year.
Their spelling and dictation is done through the Smart Words program
There are differing abilities in the classroom, and Smart Words is a program
that uses differentiation to cater to these students

Teaching/Learning Purposes(s) (written in terms of outcomes):

Learning how to spell different words
Learning different sounds that are made by the phonemes
Able to think of a new word with the new phonemes
Able to separate the sounds of the letters they hear within the word
Being able to correctly write the dictation read out to them


Have photocopied the sheets that the 2 groups will use for their test
Have the dictation sentences that will be read out to the students
Have the list of the new words that the students will be spelling
Have the test sheets that they will use ready
Select the words that will be used for the test spelling
Know when and where the lesson will be conducted

Learning Experiences:
1. How will I engage the learners?

Get the students attention
Look at the students while talking to them
Speak clearly to the students

2. Student tasks and activities (what will the students do to achieve the lesson

Spell their test words on the test piece of paper
Do their dictation on the test piece of paper
Then using their Smart Words work books, they will need to underline the
sound in the word that the lesson is focused on
Be able to think of a new word using the sound students have just learnt
Also in their work books, they will need to spell the new words in the list in
the next 2 columns using the Look, Cover, Write, Check system
Lastly, they will write the word in the last column in their work books and
separate the words into the sounds that they hear

3. Conclusion (how do you summarise the learning and relate it to the lesson

In their test, students should be able to spell the words correctly
The dictation should be spelt correctly and also written in the order read to
New words spelt correctly if not the first time, but the second time
Students have correctly identified the phoneme that they are focused on
Students should be able to think of a word that uses the phoneme they have
just learnt
Students should correctly identify the letter sounds within the word

Assessment and evaluation: (How do you know the students have achieved the
learning purpose(s). Evaluate your own performance)

Students were able to complete their test words
Students were able to complete dictation
Students were able to correctly identify the phonemes in the new words
Students were able to spell the new words
Students could identify the correct sounds in The new words

I was a little nervous starting out on my small group lesson, especially after I had
misplaced the sheets I had prepared earlier. I felt a little flustered by that as
everything was organised the night before. However, my mentor teacher said I did
appear to be calm on the outside so I was pleased with that. I think had I been less
flustered I would have remembered some things I almost forgot.

All up the students were helpful answering any questions I gave them and also
were attentive to the small group lesson I was teaching.