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Unit 5 Test

Answer these questions:

1) Which animal is small, lives near water and can jump? A
!) Which animal is lon", hasn#t "ot le"s and has "ot scales? A
$) Which animal is %rown, can &' and has reall' "ood e'esi"ht? A
() Which animal has "ot %i" ears, a lon" trun) and lives in A*rica and Asia? A
5) Which animal lives in cold waters, is "re' and eats +sh? A
6) Which animal lives in rivers li)e river ,ile and is ver' dan"erous? A
7) Which animal hunts mice? An
8) Which animal can chan"e its colour? A
9) Which animal lives in the A*rican rivers, is ver' %i" and has "ot small ears and a short tail? A

Answer these questions:

10) Which animal has "ot hair? A
11) Which animal has "ot ei"ht le"s and catches insects? A
12) Which animal is the %i""est mammal in the sea? A
13) Which animal is %i", with %rown *ur and eats *ruit, hone' and +sh? A
14) Which animal lives in the savannah and eats meat? A
15) Which animal is the most dan"erous +sh in the sea? A
16) Which animal has "ot colour*ul *eathers and is ver' nois'? A
17) Which small animal &ies and ma)es hone'? A
18) Which %i" cat has "ot 'ellow *ur and %lac) stripes? A
-omplete these sentences usin" the ri"ht ver%:
1) .on)e's *rom tree to tree to catch *ruit
2) -heetahs can ver' *ast
3) /rcas in the sea
4) Whales their calves *rom dan"erous animals
5) 0alcons alwa's *or animals to attac) *rom the s)'
6) ,o, elephants don#t other animals to eat
7) 1har)s seals %ut the' sometimes sur*ers2
8) -hameleons their colour
9) 3mpalas o*ten *rom lions %ecause the' can run reall' *ast
10) 4a"uars are ver' sh' The' alwa's *rom humans
.a)e sentences in the present continuous *orm usin" the correct *orm o* one o* these ver%s:
ma)e run hide loo) sleep watch eat swim &' revise practise
1) 3 can#t "o out now 3 *or m' 5n"lish test
2) What plants .......................the panda %ear *or? 6e wants to +nd some %am%oo
$) 7oo)2 That dolphin ver' *ast
() ,o, that *ro" a +sh2 3t#s a &'2
5) What are 'ou doin"? We 3talian with our *riend 7uca
8) /h, no2 A shar) some sur*ers2
9) What +lm 'our cousin at the moment?
:) ,o, Tim his %ed ri"ht now
;) 1shh2 The %a%'
1<) 6e'2 7oo)2 That ra%%it *rom the *o= under a plant2
11) /wls over the "arden? ,o, the' onl' &' at ni"ht2
Unit 5 Test
-omplete the sentences with the present continuous *orm o* the ver%s
7isten 6ave 5at -hase ,ot do 6ave 7oo) *or
1) 7oo)2 That lion an impala2
!) >i"ht now, 3 a shower
$) Those %ees some pollen in the &owers
() We some delicious %ur"ers now
5) .' sister some cereal *or %rea)*ast at the moment
8) What 'ou at?
9) Who 'ou to?
,ot &' -han"e -atch 6ide *rom ?rotect swim
1) 1sshhh2 We our cousin ?aul
!) 7oo)2 That mother duc) her duc)lin"s *rom that *o=
$) ,o, /wls now 3t#s da'time
() Wow2 There is a spider in our )itchen 3t some &ies in its we%
5) a whale near us now?
8) The chameleon its colour at the moment
6unt ,ot eat 1leep .a)e ,ot watch @o
1) >i"ht now, 3 a +lm on TA 3t is a documentar' a%out the savannah
!) We to school %' %us toda'
$) Tina her %ed now
() Those seals +sh at the moment2
5) 3t#s three o#cloc) in the a*ternoon That owl ri"ht now
8) There is a wol*2 3t some deer2
Write questions usin" present continuous:
1) Bour *riend C sleep C ?
!) Wh' C the dolphins C escapeC ?
$) Which animal C hunt C now C ?
() the ti"er C clim%C a treeC ?
5) Who C protect C those sealsC at the momentC?
8) What C that *o= C eat C ?
9) Where C squirrels C hide C?
:) Bou C reviseC *or 'our e=amsC ?
Unit 5 Test
;) ?olar %ears C %ecome C e=tinctC ?
Write questions usin" present simple:
1) 6ow o*ten C %ears C hi%ernateC ?
!) A chameleon C chan"e C colour C ?
$) When C an owl C hunt *or miceC?
() Wolves C sleep C at ni"htC ?
5) Who C she C phone C a*ter school C ?
8) What C he C usuall' C have C *or dinner C ?
9) Wh' C 'ou C "o C to school C on *ootC ever' da'C?
:) Where C a %lue whale C live C ?
-orrect the *ollowin" sentences:
1) A deer has "ot the ears small
!) The'#re tails are short
$) 0ro"s usuall' are jumpin" *rom roc) to roc)
() What are 'ou do now?
5) Which animals ti"ers hunt?
8) When is a seal sleep?
9) 3t has "ot *ur "re' and %rown
:) .' %irthda' is on the one o* 4anuar'
;) At the moment, humans destro'in" the AmaDon rain*orest
1<) Where does *alcons "o in winter?
11) .' *riends don#t o*ten cele%ratin" 1t ?atric)#s Ea'
1!) -arnival is on winter
Unit 5 Test
-omplete the sentences usin" the present simple or present continuous *orm o* the *ollowin" ver%s :
not "o catch not stud' wal) listen
"et up hunt protect read chec)
1) 3 an interestin" article ri"ht now 3t#s a%out nature
!) We our do" in the par) ever' da'
$) An owl mice and small insects at ni"ht
() .others alwa's their %a%ies *rom dan"ers
5) 1am 1cience at the moment2 6e#s pla'in" computer "ames2
8) 6ow o*ten 'ou 'our eFmails?
9) What time he at the wee)ends?
:) ,o, we to school %' train toda'
;) 3 a word in m' dictionar' now %ecause 3 don#t )now its meanin"
1<) 1arah#s cousin alwa's to 5n"lish music on the radio
11) 6umans are ver' dan"erous %ecause the' man' diGerent animals, li)e
elephants, ti"ers, l'n=es, etc
A wol* is %i""er than a do" %ut a %rown %ear is %i""er than it There are wolves in 5urope 3n 1pain
there are wolves onl' in the mountains o* Asturias and 7eHn There are also wolves in America and in
Asia The' have "ot "re' *ur, a point' nose and ver' sharp teeth
Wolves are carnivore and the' catch other animals to eat, li)e %oars or deer When the' can#t +nd a
wild animal to catch, the' usuall' )ill sheep or cows The' alwa's hunt in pac)s and the' share their
*ood The' can hunt in the da'time or at ni"ht %ut the' don#t usuall' attac) humans 3n *act, when the'
smell humans, the' o*ten hide *rom them or escape
Wolves are ver' intelli"ent and their senses o* smell and si"ht are e=cellent The' can run ver' *ast
and the' can swim too %ut the' don#t love water The' can live *or si=teen 'ears in the wild The' usuall'
have *rom three to si= %a%ies, called cu%s, ever' two 'ears
6umans hunt wolves %ecause wolves )ill their cattle or %ecause the' want their *ur >i"ht now, wolves
in 1pain are in dan"er o* e=tinction There are some natural reserves where people can#t )ill them li)e
-a%arceno, in -anta%ria Twent'Ftwo wolves are livin" there now At the moment, there is a "roup o*
people there The' are ta)in" photos o* a wol* and her cu%s The *our wol* cu%s are pla'in" with their
mum The rest o* the pac) is sleepin" %ehind some roc)s

What animal is %i""er than a wol*? Which animal is smaller?
What does a wol* loo) li)e?
Unit 5 Test
Where do wolves live in the planet?
What animals do the' )ill?
Wh' do the' )ill those animals?
Wh' aren#t wolves dan"erous *or humans?
6ow man' wolves are there in -a%arceno now?
What are visitors doin"?
What are the wolves doin" now?
Eescri%e an animal:
a) Where does it live?
%) What does it loo) li)e? 3s it %i" C small Cheav' C li"ht?
c) What has it "ot? I*ur, scales, *eathers, win"s, le"s, ears, %ea), trun),etc)
d) What does it eat? Eoes it hunt other animals? Eoes it hide *rom other animals?Eoes it chan"e its
e) What can it do? -an it swim C runC &'C clim%? Eoes it li)e swimmin" C pla'in" Csleepin"?
*) 3s it domesticatedCnois'C intelli"entC dan"erousC %eauti*ulC *unn'?
") Eo 'ou li)e it? Wh'?