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Existentialism (/ z s t n () lz () m /)

is a term applied to the work of certain late
1th! and "#th!cent$r% philosophers who& despite profo$nd doctrinal di'erences&
shared the *elief that philosophical thinkin+ *e+ins with the h$man s$*,ect-not
merel% the thinkin+ s$*,ect& *$t the actin+& feelin+& h$man$al/
e2istentialism& the$al3s startin+ point is characterized *% what has *een
called 4the e2istential attit$de4& or a sense of disorientation and conf$sion in the
face of an apparentl% meanin+less or a*s$rd world/
6an% e2istentialists ha.e also
re+arded traditional s%stematic or academic philosophies& in *oth st%le and content&
as too a*stract and remote from concrete h$man e2perience/