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Science Project Scavenger Hunt: Due on Edmodo Monday, August 29, 2014

Use and to

find your answers. These are not in any order. Be sure you check the videos on both
sites and read all sections carefully.

1. What do all of the science fair boards on the site have in common?

2. What should you use to support or disprove a hypothesis you are making in

3. What was the real-world problem was Ann solving?

4. In what field of science would Anns solution be found?

5. What tools or materials did Ann use to design her solution?

6. What is the name of the site helps with creating a bibliography.

7. A recipe to a baker is similar to this to a scientist?

8. It is probably a good idea to have the background report finished by when?

9. What assumptions do people make about students who win science fairs?

10. True/False: The steps of scientific thinking have to go in a certain order. Explain
in one sentence from something you saw on the website.

11. Whats another word for the question in a science project?

12. How is life like a bicycle?

13. What does it mean to think like a scientist?

14. What is the big bold red heading read on the Weekly LifSci page?

15. List the two documents your parents need to have read by now?

16. Explain how are pinball machines, spiders and science connected to each other?

17. How can a person develop their hypothesis?

18. What was the independent variable in Jacks experiment?

19. You need to include these two details about materials.

20. What are the three main parts of the experiment design?