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Cultural Diversity in Nursing

The Jewish culture is one that many people may not know much about and therefore have to do research
in regards to how to give the best care for a person who identifies with this culture. The Jewish culture is
defined by their belief in the Torah and abiding by the rules and laws set forth in it. Jewish people can be
found worldwide and in every city in America, however, geographically, Israel is often thought of as a
predominately Jewish area. In America, most Jews speak English but often intertwine Yiddish words.
Faith is of great importance to the Jewish people. The Torah provides laws by which the Jewish people
are to live their lives in order to please God. It includes strict dietary laws so it is of great importance that
healthcare workers check with a Jewish patient to see what he or she can or cannot eat. Food items must
be kosher, which means that the item conforms to Jewish dietary laws. The Jewish community typically
looks positively on health care and taking care of themselves. When doing an assessment of a person that
identifies with the Jewish culture, it would be most important to take time to talk to them about their
dietary needs as well as any medications that contain any unclean products.