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Paths & Their Meanings

Number Number
Tarot Card Meaning
0 0 O 1st
The Fool
Awareness, pure potential, spirituality, the world of
emanation, the traveller on the journey.
1 1 I 2nd
Intention, pay attention, independence,
individuality, beginning, aggressive, ego, masculine
energy, physical, sensory individual.
2 2 II 3rd
The High
Belief, knowing, wisdom, intuition, balance,
harmony, calm, gentle, strong feminine energy,
conscious self, emotional, feeling individual,
3 3 III 4th
Nature, earth mother, fertile, creative,
understanding, imagination, thinking, intellectual
individual, inventive.
4 4 IV 5th
Built environment, logic, physical boundaries, rules,
laws, controlling, stable, physical, sensory world,
practical, structured, builder.
5 5 V 6th
Compassion, principles, values, traditions, teaching,
spiritual faith, freedom vs. discipline, emotional,
feeling world, cares for others, intuitive insights.
6 6 VI 7th
The Lovers
Listen to your conscience, family, relationships,
harmony in the home and socially, thinking,
intellectual world. Home bodies. The family is very
7 7 VII 8th
The Chariot
Willpower, inspired, philosophical, experiential
learning and application, receptive to divine
influence and will, physical, sensory universal,
architect, organised. These people will be tested as
to how they apply and impose their will upon
8 8 VIII 9th
Unfailingly just, fair thinking, empathy, organiser,
advocate, protector, emotional energy at a
universal level. These people are very good
organisers and manage their finances efficiently.
They are very fair and balanced in their
relationships and in the way that they treat others.
Very good carers and advocates.
9 9 IX 10th
The Hermit
Illumination, know yourself, mentor, shine your
light for others, show the way, learned individual,
humanitarian, high level of thinking, intellectual
ability at the universal level. These people are
introspective and concerned with inner
development of the s elf and overcoming the ego.

Paths & Their Meanings
Tarot Card Meaning
10 0 X 11th
The Wheel of
Internal review, retrospection, reflection,
weighing up, determining the future direction,
preparing for the return journey, what's next?
11 1 XI 12th
Endurance, gentle persuasive persistence,
assertiveness, strong passive feminine energy,
conscious self controlling the demanding ego,
physical control, individuality. People on this path
will have their personal strength challenged. It
seems at times it can be too much but somehow
they find the inner depths of strength.
12 2 XII 13th
The Hanged
Analysis, change your thinking, see things a
different way, turn things upside down,
comprehending, understanding, emotional
individual, intuition.
13 3 XIII 14th
Changing behaviour, letting go, release, liberation
from physical boundaries, change in such a way
that the world will not be the same again, mental
processes untethered on the individual level.
14 4 XIV 15th
Middle path, everything in moderation, find a
blend, verify, check, practical choices, physical,
logical, balance in the world. These people often
find they are swamped. There is a lot going on
and they have to steer a steady ship.
Understanding the concept of equanimity is
important to every path but very much more so
for this path.
15 5 XV 16th
The Devil
There is a lot of negativity associated with this
card. Willing bondage to the physical world
through the emotions, complete addiction,
completely voluntary, lack of principles, poor
values, chained to the world. The positive
approach is that these people acutely understand
the ways of the world. They know how to sidestep
the Devil and his ways and maintain a straight
16 6 XVI 17th
The Lightning
Struck Tower
Awaken to our true being, breaking down of false
beliefs, relationships and structures, mental
breakdown and rebuilding, reestablishing
harmony, destructive, clearing the ground for
rebuilding. These people experience some of the
most destructice events but most learn to accept
and cope. What doesnt kill them makes them

Paths & Their Meanings
Number Number
Tarot Card Meaning
17 7 XVII 18th
The Star
Hope, fame, your star is shining but starlight is
dimmer than moonlight and dimmer again than
sunlight, awakening of self realisation, presenting on
the world stage - experience, reflection, star quality,
physical sensing, practical application and
explanation of thought and emotion. These people
strive to make the world a better place for others.
18 8 XVIII 19th
The Moon
Deception, romance, imagination, fears, do not
believe, lack of confidence, understanding &
acknowledging our shadow side and bringing into the
light but dimmer than sunlight, be careful, madness,
obsessive-compulsive, intuitive, emotion rules. These
people make exceptional counsellors as they relate
through their own path and experiences.
19 9 XIX 20th
The Sun
Soul consciousness, individuated being, fun, nothing
to hide, self-actualisation, fulfillment, being, example
by own actions, purity of thought, intellectual
universal thought. You need to want it very badly.
You will be tested as this is the culmination of all the
lessons. Hang in their - you will make it. Learn to
accept what comes at you and smile and shine no
matter what.
20 0 XX 21st
Rebirth, consideration of needs at rebirth, judgment,
new you, rejuvenation, fulfilled potential and the
judgment and preparation for next life
21 1 XXI 22nd
The World
God Consciousness, actual existence, the world,
happening now, all, everything