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Lesson Plan

Date: 03/11/09 Level: 7th grade.

Skill: Listening

Expected outcomes:
- To introduce the new unit “Everyone can save the planet, let’s do it”
- To use previous knowledge to predict content
- To understand a video about global warming.
Time Comments
3 min - The teacher whites on the board the date
- The teacher writes on the board the goals
of the lesson.
- Role calling
Core of the class
Pre-stage 2 min - The teacher introduces the new unit
to their students making them guessing
about the name and the picture on the ppt.
10 min - The teacher shows some pictures of
different places to their students.
- The teacher asks their students if the
pictures are different or similar. How do
they look?
- The teacher elicits from the students
the words “dirty” and “clean” to classify
While-stage the pictures.
- The teacher introduces the word
“polluted” and “pollution” instead of dirty.
5 min - The students classify the pictures
into polluted or non-polluted environments.
- The students see the slide with the
name “global warming”
Post-stage - The teacher asks their students what
they know about global warming, what it is
3 min - The students see the video from
youtube broadcasted by national
geographic called “Global Warming 101”
- The teacher asks their students if
they like they understood the video.
Closing 10 min -The teacher asks their students what is
global warming, and how we contribute to
this problem.
-The students answer the questions and give
their opinions about the topic of global
-The teacher shows a summary of the global
warming effect on earth.
4 min - The teacher draws their students’ attention
to the structure of the sentences.
- The teacher asks their students if they
know the tense of the sentences.
-The teacher introduces briefly the present
continuous to their students asking them
how to do it.
3 min - The students watch a video called “a
global warming animation”
5 min -The students write sentences about what is
the main character doing in the video.