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In sociology, articulation labels the process by which particular classes appropriate cultural

forms and practices for their own use. The term appears to have originated from the work of
Antonio Gramsci, specifically from his conception of superstructure. Chantal Mouffe, tuart
!all, and others have adopted or used it.
In this theory, cultural forms and practices %Antonio Gramsci&s superstructure and 'ichard
Middleton&s instance or level of practice( have relative autonomy) socio*economic structures of
power do not determine them, but rather they relate to them. +The theory of articulation
recogni,es the comple-ity of cultural fields. It preserves a relative autonomy for cultural and
ideological elements ... but also insists that those combinatory patterns that are actually
constructed do mediate deep, ob.ective patterns in the socio*economic formation, and that the
mediation takes place in struggle/ the classes fight to articulate together constituents of the
cultural repe"r$toire in particular ways so that they are organi,ed in terms of principles or sets of
values determined by the position and interests of