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MyDesiredWorkCultureValues: Entrepreneurial mindset, make money meeting a need, collaboration,
ongoing learning, provide high challenge and high support. Committed Action as an operating principle that
consists of (1) making clear requests; (2) giving a committed response (yes, no, counter-offer); honoring ones
word. Accountability which is recognized when in a trustworthy culture. Alignment between values, words and
actions. My job-your job-our job is to create the future = individual accountability and collective accountability
through collaboration.

MyOperationalPrinciplesandValues:Having freedom within the framework, test decisions against core priorities
and marginal reaction, test and refine decisions, mindfulness, kindness, results oriented, dynamic - evolving
and regenerative practices and outlooks, driven, competence, accountability, making a difference, daily
practice of integrity, clarity, flexibility, resourceful, proactive, courageous. Honoring ones work and word
through Committed action by keeping my word e,g, do what I promise, in the timeframe I said I would. Holistic
lense and framework for decision making.

ComputerSkills: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, GIS, Ecotect, Sketchup, Climate Consultant, BEopt, PV
Watts, Revit, HEED, Solar Modeling Software, energy modeling software, online presentations, HTML and Basic
Coding, as well as many digital platforms.

OtherSkills: Sustainable/environmental design, Graphic Design, Marketing, LEED, Research, Entrepreneurship,
Sustainable Development, Environmental Graphics, Urban Design, Project Management, Social Media
Marketing, Strategy, Environmental Planning, Environmental Consulting, Land Use Planning, Site Planning,
Community Engagement, Solar Energy, Business Development, Website Development, Customer Service,
Holistic Management Principles, Triple Bottom Line, GIS Cartography & Analysis, Lifestyle Design, Permaculture
Design, Living Walls, Green Roofs, Professional Writing, Living Architecture, natural building techniques, Green
Building Consultant, Ecological Design, Written & Oral Presentation Skills, Sustainability Coordinator,
Presentation Design, Multidisciplinary Design, Sales Support, Sales Operations, Sustainability Manager, Social
Media Strategist, smart growth development, Food Policy, EIA, EIS, sustainable building design/efficiency,
monitoring, managing a budget, permaculture, managing an office and people, interior design, business plans,
landscape design, green roofs and urban planning, holistic education practices, program management and
curriculum development.


I consider myself a Neo-futuristic urbanist and designer. I believe in cities driven by eco-sustainability, ethical
values and implementing new materials and technologies to provide a better quality of life. Knowing that I am
contributing to something greater than myself and making a positive impact is a strong motivational force for
everything I do. I am stimulating, resourceful and creative. I believe in an Ecomorphic design ideology. The term
Ecomorphic describes buildings that mimic natural systems and reconnect people to [the spirit of] nature.
Similar to the spirit of a place, "genius loci." Honor the complexity of the natural world & embrace living in
harmony with the environment through Holistic Management. Holistic |ho

listik| adjective, chiefly Philosophy:

Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by
reference to the whole.


July 2013 - present
Boulder, CO
The Savory Institute promotes large-scale restoration of the worlds grasslands through holistic management.
Executive Assistant to the Founder- Allan Savory, CEO and COO/CFO, as well as other members of the team
Communications/Design/Writing/Website/Customer Service:
Writing and editing e-newsletters and emails, technical documentation and training manuals. Editing
of materials for clear communication
Discover, learn and teach the most efficient and effective use of technology options
Programs: Constant Contact, Shopify, Fetch, Umbraco, Webex, Eventbrite
Manage the general email mailbox
Manage volunteer and internships lists and initial correspondence
Assisted with marketing efforts including event planning, handling information requests, coordinating
calendar and travel, preparing meeting agendas & taking meeting notes
Management/Develop Processes/Event Planning/Office Tasks:
Managing daily tasks, organizing and executing projects, screening in-coming calls, emails and
business inquiries with a high level of discretion, experience and skill
Managed and helped plan, organize and execute an international conference in London with 300+
Management of executives calendar including logistics for special events, travel arrangements and
itineraries, travel coordination, meeting planning, processed and submitted expenses for executives
Prepared meeting agendas, spreadsheets and graphic presentations of data, documents and business
presentations. Expense reports and budgets; arranging meetings, travel and general correspondence
Conducted day to day office management exercising frequent independent judgment and initiative
with excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Experienced event planner for large sales meetings. Planning involved choosing facility, hotel
accommodations, transportation, catering, team building exercise, audio/video equipment and dining
reservations off site
Other Independent Projects
Space planning and office interior design and maintenance/upkeep
Create and issue donation tax letters and manage donations

January 2013 - June 2013 (6 months)
Boulder, CO
Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. dba Lighthouse Solar and Lumos Solar. In this role I focused on sales, 3D modeling,
design, marketing, financial reports and preparing incentive reports for clients.
In sales I gained experience in: project bidding; use BlueBook - an online Building and Construction
Network and Bidding tool; put together Xcel spreadsheets of projects and [potential] clients database;
work with and support regional sales team; as well as organize, find and fulfill RFPs; find and contact
project leads for sales team.
In my role with 3D Modeling, Design and Marketing I gained experience in: design marketing initiative
for Lumos (solar manufacture) for Dwell and the Dwell on Design trade show; design and update spec
sheets, cut sheets and marketing tools for Lumos Products; build project specific Sketchup Models and

figure out possible energy production through Solar panels; model Solar Panel projects in Sketchup to
bid on projects; graphic design and marketing material design that is sent out to clients by multiple
platforms such as: print, website, e-newsletter, powerpoint; create and put together marketing material
to sales team to give to clients and in use in projects; edit photos and branding photos for marketing
materials; organize library of projects and photos in logical order for access and marketing; create a
user guide to help navigate server and find projects and photos create photovoltaic panel layouts;
assist project team during planning, estimating and design; analyzes architectural/engineering plans,
construction contract specifications and codes to determine project requirements; participates in
pre-bid reviews, sales and operations; project lead and manage Lighthouse relationship with Electric
Vehicle Charging Stations; work as a Solar Sales Advisor.
I used my Japanese language skills to: translate emails and other communication messages between
English and Japanese for business; translate and design Japanese specific marketing materials
(powerpoints) for the international Japanese client and business partner.
Some Financial and Incentives experience: calculate, populate and create rebate budgets; cash flow
calculator; utility savings calculator on excel (Rate Change Calculator); use Excel to create graphs for
client to showcase savings with Solar.

January 2013 - April 2013 (4 months)
Boulder, CO

October 2012 - April 2013 (7 months)

February 2013
Boulder, CO

April 2012 - October 2012 (7 months)
Denver, CO

June 2012 - August 2012 (3 months)
Denver, CO
July 2013

May 2011 - May 2012
Boulder, CO

January 2012 - April 2012 (4 months)
Denver, CO

2009-2013 UniversityofColorado,Boulder

2014 SavoryInstitute:HolisticManagementProfessionalCourses:

2012 GreenRoofDesign101:IntroductoryCourse

2007-2009 EdinaHighSchool,Edina,MN

2005-2007 AspenHighSchool,Aspen,CO

Designers without Boundaries May 2012
The Community Service Award is awarded to a student who is nominated and voted by their peers or faculty. Its
recipient does outstanding work in Community Service through engagement and volunteering.

AmeriCorps May 2011
Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. Members must serve the full ten months and complete 450 hours (over 12
consecutive months) of community service.

August 2010
Mark Murphy Foundation provided the scholarship in hand with an Internship with the CCCD- The Colorado
Center for Community Development in Grand Junction, CO.

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