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Pre-Service Teacher Copy

Lesson Plan (Micro Lesson)

Designing an Energy Efficient House

Year Level(s): Cert. II Visual Arts & Tech Dwg Learning Area/ACARA Focus: Design &

Date/Time: 26.8.14 (1:151:35pm) Lesson Focus: House Design -
Energy Efficient Products

Background Information:

The class consists of mainly a young group of adult students studying a certificate course in
Certificate II Visual Arts and Technical Drawing. The classroom is based upon the campus adult
ethos where the students are expected to be responsible for their own learning and completion of
set work tasks under the supervision of the classroom teacher.

The students have knowledge of 2D and 3D drawing design using Archi-CAD computerized

Teaching/Learning Purpose(s) (written in terms of outcomes):

At the conclusion of the lesson the students should be able to:

Demonstrate knowledge and appropriate skills in identifying environmentally friendly
products required to design an energy efficient house.


Copy worksheet provided by Mentor Teacher Building a 6 Star Energy Efficient
Investigate and have available a list of websites for investigation by the students so that
they can investigate appropriate products needed for an energy efficient house. Provide an
information sheet of websites that the students can investigate independently.

Learning Experiences:

1. How will I engage the learners?
Introduction (5 minutes):

Advise students that the lesson will involve an investigation about what products
are required to build an energy efficient house. Advise students that these items
are important to think about at the initial design phase because extra cost outlay
may need to be considered.

2. Student tasks and activities (what will the students do to achieve the lesson purpose(s)?
Activity (10 minutes):

Students to investigate independently their chosen website on the list provided to

3. Conclusion (how do you summarize the learning and relate it to the lesson purpose(s)?
Conclusion (5 minutes):

Re-group and use questioning techniques to discuss with the students the
information they have located on products that can be used to build an energy
efficient house.

Assessment and evaluation: (How do you know the students have achieved the learning

When students are able to recall information about energy efficient products available
subsequent to investigating websites on the information sheet provided.

Evaluate your own performance

I presented a micro lesson on Energy Efficient Products to a class of nine young and mature
aged adults. I endeavoured to consider the adult ethos of the senior campus when delivering the
micro lesson. I believe I accomplished this by structuring the lesson informally. This was
achieved by the students remaining at the seats and conducting the investigation task I had set for
them at a casual pace. In my endeavour to create a relaxed learning environment conducive to
adult learning I neglected to be conscious of my physical positioning whilst speaking to the
students. In future I will need to be mindful of facing all of the students when delivering a lesson.

When delivering the lesson I was enthusiastic in my attempt to apply appropriate questioning
techniques after the investigation stage. I was pleased that two of the students were keen to share
their investigation findings with the other students however a majority of students were reluctant
to do so. In later discussion with the Mentor Teacher, it was revealed that the matter of
questioning had been an area of concern with various students at the school. It was an area staff
had noticed that students were reluctant to participate in. It was suggested that the use of 1:1
questioning may be more successful. Using this technique of questioning would involve
individually questioning the students rather than in a group setting.