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Living in America offers freedoms which

may be unheard of in your country:

Absolute freedom of speech
Freedom to peacefully protest
against things that are offensive
Absolute freedom of conscience
even the freedom to have no
Full enjoyment of civil rights-to a
much greater extent than in coun-
tries governed by Sharia Law
A government which is answer-
able and responsible to the will of
the citizens, not the other way
While living in America, you can:

Ask questions about Islam and
get truthful answers
Reflect on what your religious
faith means personally
Discuss things that cant be dis-
cussed in your own country
Make friends with unbelievers to
see if they truly are the vilest of
animals per Surah 8:55
Perhaps even visit a church with-
out being shamed or punished

Here are a few things you should ponder
about Islam:
1. If the Quran is truly the word of
Allah, why would asking questions
about it cause you to lose faith?
(See Surah 5:101-102).
2. If Allah leads people astray, is it
justice that Allah should then
punish them for that?
(See Surah 5:41, 7:155, 14:4,
16:53 and 6:149)
3. If Satan cannot harm anyone
except with Allahs permission,
doesnt that mean that all harm
that comes to a person is Allahs
will? (See Surah 58.10 )
4. If Jesus had no sin (See Surah
3:45-46 and Bukhari, Vol. 4, No.
641) and if Muhammad had many
sins (See Surah 47:19 and Bukhari
Vol. 8, Number 319), why is Mu-
hammad considered the good ex-
ample (Surah 33:21) and emu-
lated more than Jesus?
Things to ponder (cont)
5. If whoever associates anything with
Allah has devised a great sin (per
Surahs 4:48, 4:116, and 5:72) ,
shouldnt that also apply to Muham-
mad who is cited as a partner to Allah
sixty-four times in the Quran (and
mostly in the final Surahs that were
handed down)? See Surah 2:279,
3:32, 3:132, 4:13, 4:14. 4:69, 5:33,
8:1, 8:13, 8:20, 8:24, 8:27, 8:41,
8:46, 9:1, 9:3, 9:16, 9:29, 9:54, 9:59,
9:63, 9:71, 9:74, 9:80, 9:84, 9:90,
9:91, 9;94, 9:107, and so forth)
6. If Allah would kill Muhammad for
lying (Surah 69:44-46), is it possible
that Muhammad died so suddenly be-
cause of false revelations inserted into
the Quran? (Example: The Quran
states in Surah 9:111 that both the To-
rah and the Gospel tell their believers
to kill and be killed in order to get to
7. If Jesus is to return on Judgment Day
to judge mankind (per Surah 43:61
and Bukhari, Vol. 4, No. 657), wouldnt
it be better to follow the teachings of
Jesus rather than the teachings of
Muhammad and the Quran (which con-
tains no teachings of Jesus)?

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