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2.2 Sapt Vargaj Bal (Maximum: 45*7 = 315 virupas = 5.

25 rupas)
Rasi, Hora, Dreshkan, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dwadashamsa and Trimsamsa constitute the Sapta varga. The
strength of the planets in these seven divisional charts based on their placements in moolatrikona, own
sign, friendly sign etc. constitute the sapta vara bala. The method of their calculation is as follows!
"n the following rasis, the planets gets the corresponding #irupa of strength. $lthough maharishi gave the
strength in terms of the avasthas they are place in, he gave the association of these avasthas with the
placement of the planets in different rasis in the following chapter on the avasthas %&h '(). The friend*s,
neutral and enemical signs are based on the compound relationship and hence the term, great friend and
great enemy has been used in this conte+t.
,oolatrikona Sign- '( #irupas
Swakshetra %Svasth) - ./ #irupas
0reat 1riend*s Sign %2ramudit) - 3/ #irupas
1riendly Sign %Shant) - 4( #irupas
Neutral Sign %Din) - 4/ #irupas
"nimical Sign %Duhkhit) - /' #irupas
0reat 5nemy*s sign %6hal) - /3 #irupas
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