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o Maintain All the specification & requirements of Valve Manufacturing Process as

per ISO and API

o Performance Test like Chemical, Physical, Impact, MPT, UT, Radio Grapy etc
o Auto Plan for Production, Jobwork , Raw Material , Brought Out parts
o Maintain History & Traceability of Each & Every Valves & its Parts
o Maintain Approve Price list of Each and every parts supplier wise
o pending Purchase Order (Partywise/Order wise/Item Wise)
o Control Minimum and Maximum Level Of Inventory
o Increase Efficiency in Effective Inventory Management
o Pending Sales Order ( partywise/ O.A.wise/Item Wise )
o Maintains Manufacturing Process of Each parts.
o Price Comparison Chart, Control Inventory
o show you Inventory level at Process wise
o Maintain History Of Pattern & Inventory
o In-Coming Materials Rework Reports
o In Process Material Inspection Reports
o In-coming Material Rejection Reports
o Test Certificate Management System
o Calibration & Maintenances Alerts
o Document warehousing system
o Cutting Down operating Cost
o In-House Rejection Analysis
o In-House Rework Analysis